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My Fantasy Dream Lover Returns

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I awake to feel soft sensual kisses on my neck. This can't be real. I am home alone. Who is this that is so bold to be kissing me? I turn my head to get a look at the brazen man. It's so dark that I can't make him out. He whispers in my ear, 'Good morning my dream lover." " I have been waiting for you to join me again. " I look again and realize it's my Fantasy lover from the other night's dream. How can this be? How can he be here now with me in my bedroom?

He turns on the lamp next to my bed so I can take in his gorgeous well -chiseled body. He is so tan. He has several tattoos but that only adds to his attractiveness. I just want to run my hands all of that awesome body of his. I look up and see that he is looking longingly at my body as well. There is mutual desire building up between us. I beg him with my eyes to come take me to a place where our feelings can soar. He comes back to the bed and lays beside me. He looks into my face and stares so deeply into it like he is trying to memorize every detail of it. He takes my face into his hands and hungrily kisses me. I welcome his kisses. We let our tongues do the sensual dance of lovers. He grabs my hands and pulls them above my head and I am now at his mercy. I like that he is taking control. My pleasure is in his hands.

I am getting so wet just from being this near his taunt body. His sensual kisses have such an effect on me. I eagerly seek out his tongue and intertwine it with mine. He releases one of my hands to free his up to roam my body. He runs it down the side of my face then down my neck to my chest. He lightly roams across my breasts. He is careful not to graze my nipples just yet. His touch is setting my skin on fire. He moves down so he can take my nipple into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around it and then sucks on it. I let out a sigh. He really is getting my juices flowing now and my clit is starting to ache for his touch. I didn't have to wait much longer. I could feel his hands start roam again. His hands were making a blazing trail down one side and then the other. He made sure to miss the region that is so in need of his attention.

I have dreamed of this moment. To experience being with an older more experienced man. To have him bring me to a new level of sexual experience. The anticipation is almost too much. I so want to grab his hand and force him to rub my clit but I want to let him control the pleasure. He has me in a blissful torture in need of pure sexual release.

He can sense that I am getting frustrated so he relents and gets between my legs and looks up at me with a sly grin before he lavishes my pussy with his expert attention. He prys my legs open wider and opens my pussy up for him to gaze upon it before he lowers his tongue and runs it up and down my pussy stopping to dip into my hole. He then runs back up to my clit and flicks it with his tongue. He has my body on edge that I have the grabbed the sheets. He continues to manipulate my clit in his mouth alternating between sucking and licking it. I cant take much more of this. I can feel my orgasm getting closer to rapture. My moans are spurring him on. He starts plunging his fingers in and out as he tongues my pussy. That's all it took. I let out on last moan and then start to shudder in ecstasy. I pull him back up to me. I want to taste my juices on his lips. I force my tongue into his mouth and savor the taste of me on his tongue.

He rolls me over and tells me to get on my hands and knees. He slams it in me all the way. It felt so good to have him feel my pussy up. I need him to pound me good. He pulls almost all the way back out and then slams it back in. I turn to the side and tell him give it to me. I want it hard and deep and i want it now. He slaps my ass and gets to pounding me like I need it. I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his cock pounding my sloppy wet pussy. He must be enjoying it as well because I hear him groaning with each stroke. He grabs my hips to help him pull his cock deeper into me. I am pushing back against him. He speeds up and I can tell he is about to ready to cum. I urge him on telling him in my sexy southern voice to cum for me and with that he slams one last time into me releasing a massive load of cum.

We both lay down on the bed trying to catch out breath. I was still in awe from that amazing fucking that I just received from my dream fantasy lover. I turn to kiss him but the bed is empty. Had I just dreamed all of that? I couldn't have. It seemed so real. I can still feel my pussy throbbing like it had been fucked but he is nowhere in sight. I start to rub my clit and my pussy is soaked. That was one hell of a dream. If I am ever lucky enough to meet my dream lover in person, I am not going to let him go.

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