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My Dream

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My dream

It was a very clear, cool night. The stars were shining so brightly in the sky that you could use them as a nightlight. You were in a tent in the middle of a beach. You looked out of the tent flaps and saw me walking along the beach, crying. Not being one for tears, you walked up to me and asked me why I was crying. You put your arm around me and told me that if I didn?t want to talk about it, it was ok as long as I knew that you were there if I ever needed or wanted to talk. We kept walking that way for a little distance and then I told you that I was just so overwhelmed with my life that I didn?t know which end was up. I felt like I was doing too much and that I was at my breaking point. You asked me if I wanted to sit down in your tent and talk it out. Of course, I agreed.

We went into the tent and sat down on your sleeping bag. You gave me one of your heartwarming speeches that really makes me feel better about myself?.telling me that although my life is stressful right now, it will get better. It just takes time. My kids don?t understand that everything I?m doing, I?m doing for them. We talked for hours and hours.

As time went on, you told me a lot of your past and how your family and friends really put you down. You showed me that my life wasn?t as bad as I thought and that it could be worse.

As we talked more into the wee hours of the morning, you held my hand and turned to kiss me. You said that you didn?t want to take advantage of my vulnerability but that you had never seen a more beautiful person in your life that wanted so much to be best person she could be and overcome so many obstacles. I looked up into your eyes and started to melt. You leaned over and took my chin in your hand and tilted my head up to kiss my lips gently. After your lips touched mine, you backed away and apologized for taking advantage of the situation. I told you that you hadn?t and you got this gleam of excitement in your eyes. You asked me if I was ok with everything because you really wanted to go further with our relationship but didn?t want to hurt me. I told you that I was ok and that I could never get as lucky as I had finding a friend like you.

You kissed me again and this time didn?t back away. Your arms went around me and held me so tightly. The kisses got hotter and hotter. At one point, we were both out of breath. We kissed some more and you told me that I made you feel like a teenager again.

You asked me if you could remove my clothing and make love to me because you wanted me in the worst way. I took your hands and led them to my silk blouse. You started at the bottom unbuttoning the buttons one by one and I started working from the top down. As soon as all the buttons were undone, you removed my blouse to expose my breasts. You gasped as you caressed them lightly, saying that you had never seen such beautiful breasts before in your life. I took your shirt and removed it and starting to kiss your chest. You moaned that you loved it when I kissed your chest because it made you feel like a man. I slowly moved around your nipples and could feel you getting an erection each time I kissed you. You pushed me gently back on the sleeping back and laid down beside me. You took my breasts and sucked each nipple and could feel that I was getting wetter and wetter.

I reached down to your shorts and started playing with your erection through the opening. You asked me if I wanted to feel you inside of me. I said yes but you told me that you would be inside of me when the time was right. You reached down to undo the button of my jeans but realized at that time I was wearing a skirt. You lifted the skirt a little bit to reveal that I wasn?t wearing anything underneath. You could feel the heat from my pussy and see the wetness dripping from it. While you took my nipples in your mouth, you reached down and covered my pussy with your hand, letting your fingers occasionally slip just inside my pussy lips. I moaned so quietly that you told me it was ok to let it out as this was your own personal beach and that nobody else would hear us.

I wanted to feel you inside me so much that I asked you to remove your shorts. You removed your hand from my pussy and stood up so that you straddled me with your legs. You removed your shorts and I could see that your cock was so erect that I couldn?t help but taking it in my hands and gently massaged it.

You got down on your knees so that you were still straddling my body and asked me again if I wanted it inside of me. I moaned breathlessly that I did and you told me to open my mouth. While I was a bit disappointed that you weren?t going to put it in my pussy, you explained that it wasn?t the right time yet for that. I opened my mouth and you lowered your cock into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around your waist and started playing with your ass. You loved the feel of my hands playing with your ass that you started playing with my nipples with one hand while reaching down to finger my pussy with the other.

I was so wound up and asked you if I had permission to cum and you said that I couldn?t?not yet. I was so hot by now that my pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet. You started to make love to my mouth with your cock and I could feel you getting even harder than you already were. You told me that you didn?t want to cum yet and that you were going to pull your cock out of my mouth. I was disappointed because I loved the taste of your cock but I knew that we would never probably have another night like this for a long time. You took your cock out of my mouth and then moved so that you were laying down beside me again. You asked me to roll over on to my side so that my back was against your chest. I did as you asked and then you slid up next to me and I could feel your cock tease my ass because it was that stiff.

I wanted to feel that cock in my ass but you said it would happen in time. You took my hand and brought it around my back so that I could stroke your cock again. You reached around and spread my legs apart so that you had full access to my very wet pussy. The more you played with my pussy, the wetter I got. It was almost like we had our own little river right there inside your tent.

I rolled over onto my other side so that I was facing you again and whispered that I needed to feel you inside of me very very soon. You asked me how badly I needed you. I wasn?t sure if you wanted me to beg you or not so I just looked up into your eyes with a very puzzled look. You said that I didn?t have to beg but that if I wanted you as much as you wanted me, I?d have to remove my skirt entirely. Of course, you didn?t have to say that twice. I removed my skirt and went to slide back down on the sleeping bag beside you but you stopped me. You told me that I was to get on my hands and knees in front of you. As I knelt before you, you took your cock and gently teased my asshole. I was starting to get so aroused that I could feel my heart pounding. You took your fingers and got them wet from my pussy juices and then lubed up your cock and my asshole. I knew what was going to happen. You gently spread my ass cheeks apart exposing my hole for you. As you took your cock and gently entered my ass, I could feel your arms wrap around my waist. You played with my clit and told me that I should reach between my legs and touch your balls. It was so hot!!!!! The more you fucked my asshole, the more I wanted to cum. But you told me that I wasn?t allowed to cum yet. You didn?t want me to cum until you and I could cum at the same time. You asked me if I was ready for you to enter my pussy as you could feel my juices starting to run down the insides of your legs. I cried out that I was and you told me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. Before you entered me, you told me that you just had to taste some of my juices because there was so much there. You put your mouth against my pussy lips and slipped your tongue inside. You drank my juices as though they were a nice cold glass of tea on a hot summer?s day.

I ran my fingers through your hair and moaned that I needed to have your cock inside my pussy very soon or I was going to burst. You laughed and said that if you rushed things too quickly, I was going to become spoiled. I told you that the only way you could spoil me was to do this over and over again every night for the rest of our lives and that it wouldn?t be a bad thing at all.

You finally said that it was time for you to give me what you have wanted to give me all along. You took your fingers on one hand and spread my pussy lips apart. You took your other hand and inserted your cock into my pussy so that it just sunk in as deep as it would go. You were so hard that you were afraid you weren?t going to fit in completely. I took my legs and wrapped them around your waist and pulled your body even closer to me. It was like fireworks exploding on the 4th of July. You made love to me as though no other man ever had before. The more we moved together, the hotter it got. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me each time you went deeper and deeper. You asked me if I was ready to cum and said that it wouldn?t be much longer for you. I could feel you getting harder and harder and knew that within a few short minutes, we would both be experiencing the hottest moment in our relationship. You told me that at that point, you were beyond the point of no return because you were ready to cum inside my lovebox. I told you I was ready and with a few more thrusts, you and I both had the hottest orgasms in the history of mankind. We both let out screams that would have probably scared the nasty animal away.

After you finished depositing your cum inside my pussy, I could see that you and I were both physically drained. You looked as pale as a ghost so I helped you lay down beside me. I didn?t want you to get hurt by falling on me. As we both laid there, the sweat rolling off both our bodies, I couldn?t help but realizing that my feelings for you were stronger than they had ever been before. You had your eyes closed but you asked me if everything was ok. I said that it was and that I couldn?t believe how hot and passionate it was between us. I could hear you chuckle as you wrapped your legs between mine and put your arm across my body. You then told me that as far as you were concerned, I was never going to go anywhere again and that my place was by your side and in your bed for the rest of your life.

With that, we both fell asleep in each others arms as the sun started to shine through the flaps of the tent.

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