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My Dream- Drae on the Beach

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A flicker of light across my face caused me to awaken with a start. My mind was blank as I stared at shafts of sunlight flooding through the trees overhead. The blue sky against the green of the palm fronds was so saturated in color that I wondered if I had woken up at all. Gorgeous. Intense. Relaxing. Palms?

My head slowly swiveled toward the left as the sound that was filling my head made sense. A pristine white beach lay just yards away, the waves from a blue-green lagoon gently kissing the sand. The white of the sands, the blue of the sky, the warm breeze, the hypnotic motion of the water all had me convinced that my night of sleep was not over. It was too damn perfect.

I stretched lazily, like a cat lying in the bright sun on a cool day, and swung my legs over the side of the hammock. If this was a dream, waking up could wait. Beyond the lagoon, I could now see the larger waves of the sea breaking against a reef, just a hundred yards or so towards the east. I was guessing east, at least the sun was low on the horizon and I figured that it was morning, not evening. I worked my toes into the powder-soft sand and stood up, noticing for the first time that I was naked.

If this were one of my normal dreams, I would be naked and there would be a crowded street full of people turning to gawk at me. There was none of that awkwardness. It felt natural, good, normal, tanned. In fact, upon closer examination I realized that my rich tan was all over, and there were no lines.

A table with fresh tropical fruits was too my right, a cooler of beer and water beside it. If I had fallen asleep watching television, I was betting the beer was Corona, and that was the inspiration for this perfect setting. Yet in the commercials, there were always two chairs looking out at the ocean. Sure enough, there they were. Under the canopy of a large palm at the water's edge sat two white lounge chairs. On one a brightly colored cloth was dr*ped over an arm, the colors mirroring the blues and greens of my fantasy, with a splash of bright red that drew my eye as it fluttered in the soft tropical winds.

As I reached the chair and sat down, I fingered the soft cloth, half expecting it to fall into pixels of color as I touched the silken fabric. Instead I was rewarded with a flash of memory as I brought the colors to my face. A face. Blue eyes, A warm smile. Softness. Love.

I was day-dreaming inside a dream! The sun in my face, the breeze caressing the fabric in my hands, the sound of the waves teasing my ears?everything was perfect except the empty chair beside me. My eyes closed slowly and I let all this soak in. Could perfection lie in isolation?

For some reason my eyes popped open and I sat straight up in the chair. I had no idea what had caused me to startle, but as I scanned the beach I saw a set of footprints that came out of the trees to the south all the way to the water?s edge. My name! That is what got my attention! Someone called my name!

I rushed to the surf, wading out knee-deep in the warm waters, eagerly looking for evidence of whoever made the footprints. Scant seconds later, fifty feet in front of me, she appeared. Standing in neck-deep water she tossed her hair back, releasing a rainbow of water, and revealing her face. The face. The eyes. The smile.

It's like my feet sank into quicksand at that moment. I couldn't move. The soft skin of her shoulders broke the waters and I could see more of her with every step as she advanced toward me. I guess I was aware of more of her, but my eyes were locked into the deep blue of her eyes. Bold squared shoulders, beautiful breasts, slender waist, rounded hips, legs that seemed to carry her effortlessly through the water. What never changed was the smile. Warm, Inviting. Soft.

Soft came to my mind as I realized this gorgeous creature had reached me and brought my face down to hers for a long, soft kiss. Drae. The name crashed through the intense feelings that were flooding my brain, and I drew her wet, luscious body to mine and returned the passionate embrace. I thought the mental image I had drawn to this point was perfection, but the addition of the soft skin and warm, firm body next to mine took me to a new level.

She slid down to rest her head against my chest, then gently took my hand and led me out of the water. The waters of the sea were glistening on her in the early morning light like diamonds all across her skin. As the droplets reached the nipples of her ample breasts, they swayed gently with her walk and then fell to the sand below. I don't know when I let go of her hand, but I watched her get ahead of me and pull the silky cloth from my left hand. She gathered it around low her hips into a sarong and now the billowing fabric took on new life as it moved with her.

As we reached the hammock, she reached out for another sarong and wrapped it around my waist. She pulled me close as she tied the cloth in front and kissed me deeply once again. My hands went to the sides of her head as the kiss lengthened. Her dark nipples sank deeply into my chest and her breasts cushioned our embrace. Her hands dropped and I felt one caressing my manhood through the silk. Softness multiplied. Yet I didn't find myself aroused. It felt so natural, as if this is the way it has always been. Passion as the norm, not the exception.

Pulling from my embrace, she gathered two waters and a bowl of fresh fruit and set them between us as we settled into the lounge chairs. Sunglasses now obscured her eyes, but her smile was challenging the young sun as the brightest light in my perfect little world. Our hands intertwined, we lay there breathless, speechless in the perfection that existed in that moment.

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