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My Caribbean Cruise Adventure

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I had an opportunity this past Christmas break to take a Caribbean cruise, a specialty theme for those interested in ballroom dancing, with my brother. He had booked the cruise months in advance and had planned to take his fiancée, but she was unable to go due to work commitments. The first night out of port, I met a much younger guy named Ryan. Ryan was on the cruise with his parents. Ryan had an athletic body with the muscle definition of a body builder. He was dark skinned with black hair and beautiful eyes. I was flattered that he asked me to dance and wanted to spend the evening with me instead of one of the younger and single women.

After dancing for hours in one of the lounges, Ryan and I went to an outside deck at about 2:00 a.m. After kissing passionately and necking for about thirty minutes, Ryan said ?Let?s go to your cabin and make love.? Sadly, I had to respond, ?Sorry, I am sharing a cabin with my brother and he has retired for the night. How about your cabin??

?No way, I am staying with my parents.? Ryan responded back. ?Looks like we are out of luck, because I am not fucking out here in public view.? I said in return. Not to be detoured Ryan suggested, ?How about giving me a blow job??

Looking around and seeing no one on deck, I said, ?Okay, but just unzip your pants and pull out your cock. That way if we are interrupted, you can put it away quickly.? As Ryan undid his zipper, I went to my knees and reached in to pull out his cock. It was of average length, but was massive in thickness. In fact, the shaft was almost twice the diameter of the head. What I liked most about it was that it was hard as a rock. (Of course, most twenty-five year old guys are when aroused.) Smiling, I remarked, ?That?s what I like about young guys, they don?t need Viagra or such to get hard.? Ryan responded back, ?All I need is a sexy and hot woman such as you.?

I slowly feed his erection into my mouth. I started by sucking his cock head and gradually was able to take his full cock. My mouth was stretched fully to accept his shaft. As I attempted to deep throat him, I began to gag and had to withdraw his cock for a moment. I liked the fact that Ryan was not forcing my head with his hands. He let me have full control as he enjoyed the pleasures of my mouth and tongue. After about ten minutes of sucking his cock, Ryan exploded in my mouth. As his semen filled my mouth, I could feel his knees go limp. He collapsed onto a deck chair. I asked him, ?Are you okay?? He said, ?I think so. I almost blacked out. That was the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. I can?t believe how good your mouth felt around my cock.?

As we relaxed on the deck chair, I noticed a figure in the shadows of the deck. In fact, it must have a person smoking a cigarette; because I could see a glow. (Later on the cruise, I would find out that it was person and his name was Charlie, the saxophone player of the cruise orchestra.) I mentioned to Ryan, ?We may have been watched by someone on deck, because I believe I saw a lit cigarette.? Ryan smiled and said, ?Don?t worry it?s so dark that they couldn?t have seen much. Give me a taste of those lips with a kiss.? As we resumed kissing, Ryan got another erection. As I stroked his cock, he asked, ?If you don?t mind, I would like another blow job. But this time I am staying on this chair.?

I couldn?t believe that he had such a short recovery time. As I sucked his cock, Ryan played with my pussy and fingered my erect clit. I was tempted to ride his cock and questioned him, ?Do you want my mouth or my pussy?? Ryan said, ?Please, your mouth again tonight. Your mouth and pussy tomorrow night?? ?Okay a deal.? I said as I returned to sucking his beautiful erection. In no time Ryan had another massive orgasm. His semen filled my mouth and oozed out and down his cock. I licked him dry from head to balls. As he relaxed, I stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped him up. He walked me to my cabin and gave me a good night kiss.

I slowly opened the door and quietly got undressed for bed. My brother was fast asleep and actually snoring. I was so aroused that I retrieved my ?pocket rocket? form my cosmetics case. As I laid in bed, I buzzed my clit until waves of orgasms flowed over my body. I muffled my moans with the blanket. I couldn?t wait for tomorrow night and more fun with my young play mate.

In fact, I saw Ryan sooner than I expected. For the breakfast meal we were seated with Ryan and his parents. During the breakfast conversation, I discovered that I was ten years older than his mother. (I don?t want to brag, but I looked twenty years younger than her.) During the meal, Ryan was constantly smiling at me and making facial gestures and sucking with his mouth. I knew exactly what he was referring to. After breakfast we spent the day shopping and on the beach. That night we were together in the lounge dancing and drinking and flirting.

When the lounge shut down for the night, a few couples including us stayed around the dance floor in the darkened room. Ryan and I retreated to the floor behind a low wall divider and hand rail. Ryan was extremely excited and began to passionately kiss me as his hands explored my body. While on my back, Ryan straddled my waist and unzipped his pants. He removed his erect cock and moved slowly to my face. He pinned my arms to the floor with his legs and slowly forced his massive member into my waiting mouth. It felt so nice and warm. I loved the fact that I had little control and was restrained.

As I sucked Ryan?s cock, my clit ached to be massaged. I requested, ?Ryan please finger my clit. I need an orgasm as badly as you!? Ryan reached back and pulled my thong to the side. His finger found my wet shaved pussy and erect clit. He expertly massaged my clit while I continued to suck his cock. As the first contractions of my orgasm began, Ryan exploded in my mouth. As I drank in his warm semen, the pleasure of my own orgasm kicked in. As my mouth swallowed his juice, I could feel a similar vaginal contraction in my pussy. It was an unbelievable feeling!

Ryan rolled to my side and whispered in my ear, ?Was that as good for you as me? I could feel your pussy spasms while my hand was over your clit.? I whispered back, ?Yes, but after you are recovered enough to have another erection; I need a good hard fucking with your cock!? With a soft laugh Ryan said, ?How about right now. Check out my cock.? Moving my hand down to his crotch, I was surprised to find a nice erection. (What did I previously say about young guys.)

I told Ryan, ?This time I want the control. I am going to ride your cock from the top. My clit is hard enough to be stimulated by your pelvic area. A vaginal orgasm after a clitoral orgasm will be the end to a perfect sexual evening.? With that comment I climbed upon Ryan?s beautiful erection and slowly took his fullness. I could hear faint voices around the lounge and knew other couples were enjoying the same pleasures as us.

I couldn?t believe how full I felt with Ryan?s cock in my stretched pussy. As I rode his cock, my clit was being stimulated by his body. With total control over my movements, I did anything that felt good. In a few minutes, I had a powerful orgasm. I lost count of the number of orgasmic waves. I collapsed upon Ryan as he passionately kissed and explored my mouth with his tongue. I felt like a limp noodle as Ryan rolled me over and fucked me missionary style. He pounded my shaved pussy as his massive balls slapped at my pussy lips. His body tensed as he deposited his semen deep in my vagina. In fact I could feel involuntary vaginal wall contractions. Exhausted we held each other for the next thirty minutes.

When I returned to my cabin, my brother was asleep. I noticed that my bed was not only turned down but included a rose, a chocolate, and a card. Not wanting to disturb my brother, I decided to read the card in the morning. Assuming the card was from Ryan, I took it and the rose with me to breakfast the next morning to thank him.

When my brother and I reached our table, Ryan was already there with his parents and another attractive young woman, Jennifer. (Jennifer was a young and single elementary teacher from central Illinois.) During the meal I mentioned finding the rose on my bed. Ryan said, ?It appears that you have a secret admirer.? Smiling I said, ?Yes, it?s probably from my husband. He always gets me roses for no special occasion or reason. I guess that I should read the card and find out.? As I read the card, I was shocked to see that it was not from either Ryan or my husband. (The card read: I enjoyed your extracurricular activities the other night on deck. I went out for a smoke and got quite a show. I play the saxophone in the orchestra and would love to get together with you tonight after we finish playing for the ball. If you are interested, meet me at the same deck and area at 12:15 a.m. I?ll keep my tuxedo on so that you will know me. Hope to see you. You are lovely! Oh, my name is Charlie.)

Blushing I said, ?Yes, it?s from my husband. He is so thoughtful and such a romantic. He must have tipped the cabin attendant to do this gesture.? Ryan?s mother piped in, ?Such a romantic. Hopefully, Ryan will meet the right girl and get married and treat her in such a manner.? Turning to Ryan she said, ?Speaking of the right girl, I have invited Jennifer to join us tonight at the captain?s table for dinner and dancing at the formal ball. Ryan, I expect you to escort Jennifer and show her a good time all night.? I felt disappointed at not being able to be with Ryan tonight, but then remembering Charlie?s invitation brought a smile to my face. It had to be faith allowing me this opportunity.

I went to the ball with my brother and danced with a variety of men. Unfortunately, there were three saxophone players, so I wasn?t sure which guy was Charlie. One was short, fat, and bald. The other was tall, thin, and ugly. The third was an attractive African-American with a shaved head. How I hoped that Charlie was the black guy. Throughout the night, I would smile at him; but he never seemed to notice me. In fact, I considered not rendezvousing with Charlie out of fear of being disappointed. But something in my spirit said to go for it and I did.

About an hour before the ball ended, I left my brother and returned to our cabin. In that time I took a shower and shaved my legs and pussy close and smooth. I reapplied my make up and redid my nail polish. I replaced my formal long dress with a short little black dress. I retained my silky black thigh high hose and three inch heels, but removed my thong. Looking in the mirror I had to admit that I looked good. I knew that my husband would want me to dress in a similar manner for him when I got home and told him all the intimate details of my sexual encounters. I was getting wet just thinking about the wild sex we would have at home. I was still hoping and praying that Charlie would not be the short guy or the tall guy.

At 12:15 a.m. I made my way to the meeting area. As I stepped onto the deck, I could see the silhouette of a man looking out over the deck rail. As I made my way toward him I said, ?Charlie?? With that he turned and I was relieved to see the black saxophone player. He was about six foot tall with a trim body. I continued my conversation by saying, ?I enjoyed the orchestra tonight. My brother commented upon how well you played for their ballroom dance routines.? Charlie smiled and said, ?Thank you. I noticed how you and your brother seemed to float across the floor.? I returned the complement by saying, ?My brother leads well, so it is easy to follow.? Boldly Charlie said, ?How about if I lead and you follow me to my cabin? Or would you prefer that I get a bottle of champagne that we can share under the full moon?? I responded, ?I would like to spend some time on deck in the moon light. If you don?t mind go get the champagne.?

Charlie returned with not only the bottle of champagne and two fluted glasses, but also an ice bucket. As he opened the bottle, the cork flew over the ship?s rail and into the water. Laughing we shared a toast to the evening and good times. Charlie was a good listener and easy to talk with. He was recently divorced and had two daughters and a son. He had decided upon working on the cruise ship while contemplating his future and before returning to the dating scene. I could sense the hurt in his heart and tried to comfort him. As I hugged him, I whispered in his ear, ?You can lead me to your cabin now. I want you to make love to me.? With the ice bucket in one hand and me in the other, Charlie led me to his cabin. He explained on the way that he had another band member for a roommate, but he was bunking with others for the night.

Upon entering the room, I noticed that music was playing and there was one light that dimly lit the room. Charlie took me in his arms and we began to dance slowly to the music. He twirled me around and remarked, ?This evening your dress was long and flowing and I only occasionally got a glimpse of you legs. But I like this little black dress better, because I can clearly see and appreciate how shapely your legs are. Do you exercise?? Nodding I said, ?Yes, I walk about four miles each day over a hilly lake road. In addition, I do specific exercises for the calves.?

As we danced Charlie and I embraced. His hands were on my ass cheeks as he pulled me against his body. I could feel his erection against my leg. I reached down and stroked his crotch. With the other hand I began to remove his jacket and threw it to the bed. Next I removed his tie and tuxedo shirt. His chest was smooth and muscular. I twisted and pinched his nipples. I used both hands to remove his belt and unzipped his trousers. He stepped out of the trousers and flipped them to the side. I pushed him to the bed and as he sat on the edge, I removed his shoes and socks. I pushed him back onto the bed and removed his shorts. Out sprang one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen in person or in porn. It was milk chocolate colored and uncircumcised. Even though it was not as thick as Ryan?s, it was a few inches longer. It curved up nicely toward his belly button. I rubbed the precum over his cock?s head and stroked his erection as my mouth engulfed it. I was unable to deep throat him, but Charlie didn?t seem to mind as he moaned in joy.

After several minutes of licking and sucking his erect member, my clit was itching so badly that I had to have some relief. I removed my dress and climbed over Charlie into the 69 position. His warm tongue licked my clit and sucked my labia. He would now and then lick up my pussy to my ass hole and suck it. At one point Charlie said, ?I just love that you are totally shaved and smooth. Yours is the most beautiful pussy at I have ever had. It?s like I have died and gone to heaven, but only better.? I was too busy sucking and playing with his scrotum to say anything in return.

I was so aroused that I needed that milk chocolate cock in my pussy. I requested of Charlie, ?Fuck me doggy style and finger my clit. When you ejaculate, please do it on my ass and pussy.?

Getting on all fours, Charlie grabbed my hips and rammed his erection in my pussy. With one hand he was fingering my clit and with the other hand he was around my waist forcefully driving me into his erection. While pounding away at my pussy, I could sense an orgasm beginning as my nipples hardened and my toes curled. In the middle of my orgasm, Charlie pulled out and shot his load over my ass. I could feel his warm cum flow down over my pussy to my clit which he was still stimulating with his finger. I had one orgasm after another before collapsing onto the bed.

The next thing I remember was Charlie saying, ?Are you alright? Speak to me. Say something. Oh my God, I hope she is not dead.? Opening my eyes I questioned Charlie, ?What happened to me? How long have I been out?? Smiling Charlie said, ?I guess that you fainted. You were out only a few seconds. You scared the living daylights out of me. How was I going to explain this to your brother?? Taking a deep breath I remarked, ?That was remarkable sex. Charlie you are one great lover. Your ex-wife must be blind and dumb to have dumped you. Oh by the way, what time is it?? Charlie looked at his watch and said, ?About 5:00 a.m.?

?I better get dressed and back to my cabin before my brother wakes up and reports me missing. I?ll see again tonight, okay.? I said. A sadness came over Charlie as he said, ?No, you will be disembarking this afternoon. And we will be loading a new group of cruisers.?

Not wanting to leave Charlie I remarked, ?I?ll go to my cabin and leave a note for my brother telling him that I couldn?t sleep and went for an early walk and breakfast. Stay here and I?ll be right back.? After returning, Charlie and I fucked all morning. He fucked me in every possible position and on every piece of furniture. He even fucked me in the ass, which he said his wife would never allow him to do.

I left the ship that afternoon with a sore and tired pussy. Charlie promised to write and/or call, which he did. (I have good and bad news to report on Charlie. The good news is that he and his wife have reconciled and remarried. The bad news for me is that he wants to be faithful to her and not carry on any type of extramarital affair ? no correspondence at all.)

On the airplane flight to Atlanta, I had an opportunity to talk to Ryan. I asked him, ?How was your evening with Jennifer?? He replied, ?It was okay until I asked her for a blow job. She screamed and ran to her room. What a cold fish. How about you and me getting a hotel room during our lay over in Atlanta? I have about four hours before flying to California.? To Ryan?s surprise I said, ?Sorry, I have only two hours and what I need next is a man (not a mommy?s boy) with slow hands and slow love making skills. May be you could try a different line on Jennifer to bed her.?

Speaking of Jennifer, she and I were seated next to each other on the flight to St. Louis. I asked her the same question, ?How was your evening with Ryan?? Laughing she said, ?He expected me to jump into the sack with him immediately. And when I didn?t, he went on and on about how older women were better than my generation. And how they appreciated a young stud like him. And how they liked to give blow jobs. In fact, eventually he asked me for a blow job. I just laughed at him and walked away. I didn?t want to be another notch on his gun butt.? Laughing she continued, ?He may be right about a more mature lover. These young guys are just the ?bang and thank you? type of lovers. I may need a more mature guy to take his time and romance me to the bedroom. But how do I find such a guy?? Smiling I said, ?I know the perfect guy and I?ll be seeing him in St. Louis tonight. Give me your phone number or e-mail address and I?ll have him contact you. I?ll guarantee that he will fulfill your every need and more.?

Before landing in St. Louis, I had a proposition from our male flight attendant. He invited me to dinner and to stay in his motel room for the night. I was flattered, but had to decline. You see I was meeting my husband in St. Louis and had to full him in on the details about my adventures with Ryan and Charlie. But I did get the flight attendant?s telephone number and e-mail for a possible future encounter.

If you haven?t figured it out yet, the perfect guy for Jennifer is my husband. In fact, he did hook up with her and his story will appear shortly. I am confident that you will like my story better than his. Or I think so. I haven?t read his; but he did relate the details to me during a passionate love making session. Okay, his is not bad!

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