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My Boyfriend Is My Wing Man For Women

My dude and I went to the mall and on the way to the mall he played in my pussy. He had asked me to wear something sexy so I wore a nice cardigan sweater, a jean skirt(no panties) and a pair of suede boots. We get to the mall and decided that we was just going to look at at ass (by the way I am bisexual). So we are checking out ass and we stop in Victoria Secret where of course he bought me undies (gotta stay sexy ladies). We finish up at the mall and go to an adult store that has a back room where videos are playing. We just went in and peeped out the room they were showing gay porn I think. So we get back in his truck and he peeps out these two girls that that just left the store he was like baby I know you want to eat some pussy go holla at them. I was so shy. So we waited for them to pull off and followed them to mcdonalds. He pulls up beside them and says my baby is trying to holla at you all. THey went through drive through and we parked. As we were waiting on them he opened up my sweater and started playing with my titties. They pulled up beside us and he rolls the window down and was like hey my baby is trying to eat some pussy tonight. I was so shocked but yet so turned on that made my pussy so wet. We winded up not doing anything but the thought that he had done that turned me on. So as we got back on the free way to come home I stripped down to my boats in the front seat of his truck and he fingered me and played with my pussy. When we got back home we shed our clothes at the front door and went at it. He nutted so hard in me. This was truly an awesome experience for us and we hope to do it againg soon.

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