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My 1st!! TV Cable Man

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My name is Sam, I am a 33 year old athetic with dark curly hair. I am 5'5, 135 (real weight, kinda muscular) played tennis in college and still play 2-3 times a week. My Husband and I have been kidding each other about trying something for a while, usually during sex, but we are very proper with great jobs in real life and so I never thought it would really happen, just something fun to talk about.

It was one of my tennis days so my husband scheduled our cable to be installed... I had totally forgotten when the doorbell rang, I answered the door in my tennis skirt and top. The Cable guy (Tom) was as suprized as I was, he was 27 and kinda cute!!! At this point I had still had no thoughts that anything would happen. I showed him where the 4 TV's were that needed to be set up and I told him I was going to do some work in my upstairs office and he could do that TV last but he had to hurry so I could get to my match at the club.

He came up to my office and started to work on my TV which is set high in front of my desk and for the first time I looked at him and had a rush of sexual thoughts. Oh my gosh what am I doing!!! I told myself and I got flustered as I tried to type. Over the top of my computer I had a perfect view of his ass (which was hot!!) and I could feel myself getting aroused, I even found myself grabbing my skirt and biting my lip at one point, What was going on??!?

He broke my trance by asking if I could give him a hand. I must have studdered a "yes" because he kinda laughed, wow this kid has a lot of confidence, I thought.

He was having trouble reaching a cord from a small ladder and asked if I could reach it if he fed it to me. I got up on the ladder and started to reach for it when I realize... holy shit... I have my tennis skirt on and he can look straight up it, at least I had spandex on under but the thought made me start to feel a twinge on my clit and my body felt numb. I extended my reach and he put his hand on my leg to make sure I didn't fall, what a rush!!! just his touch on my leg caused me to start getting wet.

I pulled the cord through and we awkwardly switched spots so he could finish, I got bold and put my hand on his leg so he wouln't fall. I clanced at the clock as he was finishing and told him I really had to go and he said he was slammed with work today too. As I walked him to the door he gave me his card and to make sure I call him if I had any problems, we both smiled not sure what to do and I just said thanks as he left.

That night I had the most incredible sex with my husband as I told him everything. When we were done he told me that if I get in that situation again that he wanted me to go for it! I was shocked but he said "what the heck, it is only sex... It will be a rush just don't let anyone find out, in fact, I dare you to do it!!!" My mind was on overload.

3 days later at work I got a text that said..

"Hey, this is Tom, just checking to make sure your cable is doing fine"

again a huge rush, Is this really happening?? My hands were shaking as I texted back...

"so far so good, how is your day?"

now I couldn't work wondering if he would text back...

my phone buzzed!!!!

"nobody as hot as the other day :)"

this kid has balls, so I decided to take a chance...

"Yeah, I like the way you had me get on the ladder so you could check me out :)"

He wrote "HA HA... g-strings should be part of the tennis outfit!!!"

I had work to do and so did he and the text messages slowed but when I got home I showed my husband and he was so hot and bothered that we had sex before dinner... When we were done my husband said "OK, the dare is in place, you have to do it" I said "how?" My husband went upstairs and undid the cable to the TV, he told me to text my guy and when he gets here to have a g-string on under my tennis skirt. I was so hot, I used my vibrator again that night!

The next day Texted Tom, "Hey do you have time to fix my TV?" and waited.

"I have a 2 hour lunch break! i will be at your place at noon"

OMG this is happening!! I texted back "OK"

He came up to my office and looked up "ahh, the cable is out" I said do you want me to get it? He said sure. I climbed two steps up the ladder and I heard him say "wow!"

I said 'so you like the g-string?"... "love it" as he felt up my leg. Continued up my leg to see if I would stop him, (no way I was going too)until he grabbed one of my ass cheeks and we both let out a moan. I came down the ladder and stood in front of him and pulled his pants down as I looked in his eyes. This was going to be my 1st new cock in 7 years! and it was gourgous, about 7" and thin, fitting his body, I went as slow as I could just taking it all the way in (barely) slowly taking it in and out. After only a minute I heard him say "oh shit"... mmmm "I am going to cum" SOOOHOTTT!! His body clenched and I knew I had him, he tried to pull away but I grabbed his hard ass and continued my pace until I felt his cock get even harder. I felt 2 hard spurts hit the back of my throat and I knew this was going to be tough to swallow it all (young guys!!) I kept going and about a second later after holding his breath he moaned and filled my mouth with the biggest load of male juice I can ever remember taking. I am not sure if it was the thrill of new cock or the rush of doing something so wicked but it tasted great and I felt like such a slut which turned me on to no end. In fact, it just made me want to totally lose myself in my sluttyness... so instead of swallowing it all, i looked up at him and played with it in my mouth, i have no idea why, I guess i was just lost in the passion.

He just laughed and told me how hot I was, He said he was sorry for cumming so fast but he had been jacking off thinking about me all week.

He said if I gave him a minute he would be ready to go again, my juices were dripping down my leg so I started to lightly finger myself, watching this got him hard again (young guys!! amazing) I really had to get back to work so I told him we would have to go fast. I put my hands on the desk and he knelt behind me to taste my juices, i buckled against his tongue and begged him to put it in. He slowly entered me from behind and in one stroke went slowly all the way to the base of his cock, he was about an inch longer than my husband and i let out a yelp when his cock hit me just a little deeper than I had had in years, he went slowly but there is no way I could hold out, neither could he because I was cumming all over his cock and moaning like it was the first time I had ever been taken from behind. He said he was going to cum again and he pulled out, I decided to do something I had never done..(what a slut!!) I took his cock with all my juices on it and put my mouth around it, sucking as fast and as hard as I could again taking in his beautiful cock. It took him longer to finish the 2nd time with about half as much cum but he paid me the ultimate compliment when he said "you are the hottest fucking chick I will ever be with!"

We laughed as we both left for work and I waved and said "thanks for the text message!" This event was a year ago, led us to joining this site and has made me quite the exhibitionist.

Hope to see you soon,


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