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I?m Michael; I?m 30 years old and live and work in the finance sector in New York. Shortly after I graduated from business school in the spring of 2004, I married my long-time girlfriend, Heather. Marriage wasn't an easy step for me to take. My hesitance had nothing to do with my wife, we had been very close for several years and, although she drives me crazy at times, I love her. The truth is, and I realize this is not very original, but I had trouble with marriage because I like the possibility of sexual variety that comes along with being single.

Although it had been years since I had slept with anyone but my wife, I didn't want to let go of the possibility that it could happen. There were still things I wanted to experience that my wife either couldn't, or was unwilling, to provide. Does that make me a dog? Maybe, but it's the truth. Anyway, one day I realized that I would have to get over my boyish fantasies at some point, and I got married.

A few weeks back, a close friend of mine from business school named Elliot came to town for an overnight visit. Elliot had moved away from New York shortly after our graduation and I was happy to see him because we always had a good time together. I became particularly excited about his visit, though, when I realized that he would be bringing his beautiful fiancée, Mischa, along with him.

Mischa is 26 years old, petite, uniquely beautiful and warm hearted. When I first met Mischa, I thought I understood her immediately. As time passed, and Mischa and I developed a closer friendship, I found that she was full of small, but very interesting surprises. For instance, Mischa has a small, sweet voice and innocence about her that I noticed immediately.

Over time I came to recognize that her innocence has a subtle sexual edge. At times, it has even been obvious that she is playing on her innocence. For example, often after I have made a playful sexual reference, she pretends not to understand while holding my gaze with a subtle flirtatious twinkle in her eye.

On a couple of drunken occasions, I have attempted to bring our flirtations to a slightly more serious level. I had never tried to kiss her or anything; after all she is the fiancée of a very close friend. But, I have tested the boundaries a little. Unfortunately, Mischa has invariably become shy when I have done this, as if she is covering up some deep part of herself that makes her uncomfortable when she looks at it too directly.

On several occasions, Elliot and Mischa have joined my wife and me for long nights of drinking, talking and laughing and the two of them have almost always spent the night in our guestroom. Doing so allows them to avoid driving home when they are tired and tipsy and it also allows the four of us to spend additional time together in the morning. This tradition was something I had come to enjoy greatly, so I was disappointed to learn that they had reserved a hotel room for the duration of their visit.

On the night of Elliot's and Mischa?s visit, a large group of our mutual friends got together at a local bar. My wife, Heather, was not able to join us because she had made plans weeks earlier to attend a concert with other friends. Everyone was getting along better than they had at any point in the past. Seeing old friends can often be that way. After some time apart, it's as if a new "honeymoon" period begins and you get a chance to see people you've known for years in a brand new light. Their comforting familiarity is somehow magically coupled with the excitement of exploring them for the first time, the best of both worlds.

I was as excitable and talkative as anyone there, I suppose. I floated from conversation to conversation and grew happier as the bar tab grew.

At some point later in the evening, just as one conversation was ending but before another could begin, Mischa approached quickly and sat down in front of me, turning her back to the rest of the room and effectively blocking me into a corner where I would be able to talk only to her. Of course, I didn't protest and I suddenly felt a pang of regret as I realized that she was one of the few people I had not spoken with all night.

She wasted no time beginning the conversation. We filled each other in on the mundane aspects of our lives: our jobs, careers, where we were living, and our short-term plans. As our simple conversation wandered on, I began to feel warm and sort of peaceful and I realized how deeply I had missed her. It was as if we were sitting completely alone, in our own little dream, in the midst of a loud and churning sea of familiar faces.

Several minutes later, our intimacy was interrupted when a mutual friend arrived and awkwardly pushed himself between us to say hello. Mischa welcomed him warmly and reached up to put her arm around his shoulder, but I sensed that she was as frustrated by his interruption as I was.

After about another hour of drinking and reminiscing, the bartender made his last call and people began to collect themselves to leave. At that point, Mischa approached me again and asked whether my wife, Heather, would be arriving at home soon and, if so, whether Mischa could come by to say hello. I took this opportunity to invite her and Elliot to stay in our guestroom, rather than at their hotel. That way, I explained, we could have a few more drinks while we waited for my wife to return home and we could spend some time together in the morning.

After some deliberation, Mischa and Elliot decided to accept my invitation. Because my wife had dropped me off on the way to meet her friends, it made sense for me to ride home with Mischa and Elliot. So, a few minutes later, the three of us left the bar and walked to Elliot's car.

When we arrived at the car, Mischa insisted that I ride in the front seat with Elliot. She said that she had shorter legs and would be more comfortable in the back seat. I refused and assured her that I would be just fine. She was persistent, however, and soon was playfully wrestling me away from the door to the car's back seat. Being a gentleman, I allowed her to win the wrestling match. Not to be outdone, though, once she was in the backseat, I jumped in with her, leaving Elliot in the front seat alone.

Mischa laughed gleefully as I jumped into the backseat, pushing her into the seat behind Elliot, and Elliot didn't seem to mind, so I stayed where I was.

As Elliot began the short drive to my home, Mischa playfully threatened to tell my wife if I tried any "backseat funny business."

"What do you mean?" I asked, "Something like this?" And as I asked the question, I leaned toward Mischa in a silly and exaggerated fashion, pretending to take her into my arms.

"Oh, no!" Mischa screamed with feigned horror, leaning away from me and against the far door, "I'm being assaulted by a sexual madman!"

What happened next was so fleeting that I was not sure what to make of it at the time. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Mischa, nuzzling her lightheartedly. When I did this, I fully expected Mischa to push me away, but she didn't. Instead, she grasped the back of my left arm gently with her right hand and, giggling and squealing like a little girl, moved her head away from her shoulder slightly to allow me access to her neck.

I was so taken back by her openness to my advance that I moved away and looked at her quizzically. Her eyes were smiling and she had clearly had more to drink than I originally realized. I took a quick glance up at the rear view mirror and it appeared Elliot was preoccupied with the heavy bar traffic.

"Elliot," I said. "I think your fiancée is finally giving in to my advances."

"Congratulations," Elliot responded casually and with a brief smile into the mirror, "I'm proud of you."

I turned to Mischa and said, "I think Elliot just gave me backseat license to ravage you. What do you think?"

Wearing the same intoxicated smile, Mischa responded in a tone that was clearly intended to provoke me, "but I'll still tell your wife."

"That's a chance I'm willing to take," I said as I grasped the back of her head and playfully nuzzled into her neck again.

Just as she had before, Mischa gently held my left arm with her right hand and, though she was giggling and squealing as if she protested. She dropped her shoulder to allow me access to her neck as I growled as rasped like a crazed animal. This time, though, I didn't pull away. Instead, I moved up and down her neck with my nose and lips, not kissing her really, but making increasingly quieter animal sounds.

I gradually became swept up in the moment and began to focus on Mischa's sweet scent and found myself simply brushing my mouth and nose against her neck, smelling and feeling her neck between my slightly parted lips. She lay there very quietly against the door behind the driver's seat.

When I noticed that I was no longer making noises, I realized that Mischa must be realizing that I was interested in more than simple flirtations, and I began to pull away once again.

Then Mischa did something interesting. She brought her left hand to the back of my head and began stroking my hair very slightly as we lay close to one another.

Mischa and I only stayed in that position for a second or two before I moved away, fearing that Elliot would see us and become angry or uncomfortable. As I moved away, I noticed that Mischa's eyes were not glazed with drunkenness and they were no longer playful. She now wore a look of apprehension and slight confusion, but I was encouraged by the fact that she looked more excited than upset.

Nevertheless, I had other concerns. Although our ambiguous embrace lasted only seconds, I now had a full erection and, because of the way I was sitting in the back seat, I was sure Mischa would notice if she looked in that direction. I tried to shift, but I did not want to make my situation obvious by moving around too much.

"What happened, buddy?" Elliot asked, responding to the sudden quiet in the back seat. "Did she turn you down after all?"

I paused before answering and thought "Thank god, he is completely oblivious."

"Yeah," I responded finally, looking back at Elliot's eyes in the rearview mirror. "I guess her heart and her body belong to you alone."

"Your loss," Elliot said with a grin.

When we arrived at my house, we discovered that Heather was not home from her concert yet. So, we all decided to stay up and have a few drinks in the living room while we waited for her. Elliot suggested that we mix some shots. Mischa and I were not interested, choosing instead to have wine, but Elliot decided to mix shots for himself.

In fact, he decided to play a solo drinking game. He explained that he planned to mix and drink a different shot every ten minutes to determine whether his body could handle more shots than his brain knew how to make. After half an hour of good conversation, and three shots and two beers for Elliot, Heather arrived. Apparently she and her friends had done their share of drinking at the concert, and she announced that she had left her car in a parking garage near the concert venue because she didn't want to drive home. After making a few slurred remarks about the concert and expressing her distaste for a shirt that Elliot was wearing, Heather stumbled into our bedroom. I followed her and helped her undress and get under the covers.

"You are so beautiful, even when you're sloppy drunk." I told her as I pulled the blankets over her.

"Right now," she replied, laughing loudly "I don't care."

I began rubbing her stomach through the covers on the bed.

"No, Michael," she said firmly.

"No what?" I asked.

"No sex," she said, laughing again. "I'm too tired." "Go fuck Mischa. She looks like she's in the mood."

"Wow," I said, "you?re drunk."

"Yes, I'm drunk and I don't want sex," she replied. She then brought my hand to her mouth, kissed it and rolled over to fall asleep.

When I returned to the living room, Mischa was sitting alone on the couch and Elliot was laying on the ground with his head on a pillow watching an old movie on television. I picked up my wine glass, walked across the room to sit down next to Mischa and took a drink. I apologized for Heather's drunken antics and began watching the movie.

Very shortly, Elliot began to snore and Mischa giggled in response.

"He had two more shots while you were in the bedroom with Heather," she explained.

"That explains it," I said. "Would you like more wine?"

"I don't think so, but can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I said.

"Was Heather mad at me for some reason?" she asked.

"No, of course not, not at all," I responded, "why?"

"When you were talking to her, I heard her say my name. I didn't hear everything she said, but it sounded like she might be upset."

"No," I replied, laughing nervously, "she wasn't upset." "She was maybe a little rude, but not upset."

"Oh, okay," Mischa said. "But how did I come up?"

"Actually," I said slowly, "if you must know, she brought you up in the middle of refusing to have sex with me."

"Oh!" Mischa said, laughing loudly and suddenly, "and what do I have to do with that?"

"Nothing," I said. "I shouldn't have told you. She was just making a joke. She just said that she didn't want to have sex and recommended that I have sex with you instead."

"Oh my god! Me?" Mischa asked. After a pause, Mischa finally asked "and what did you say?" Her tone was flirtatious, but playfully stern at the same time. It conjured an image of Mischa standing over me with her hands on her hips.

"I told her that I tried my best in the back seat of the car, but that you threatened to tell her and pushed me away!"

"What?!" Mischa asked quietly but incredulously. "You told her about the back seat?"

"Why not?" I asked, calling her bluff.

"Well, I don't know. I guess I thought that was my ace in the hole. Now I have no good threats left to fend you off!"

At that point, I started to growl the way I had in the car and very slowly leaning toward Mischa with my arms slightly outstretched. I watched her very closely. The playful look in her eyes remained, though she was clearly more nervous now than she had been in the car. Her eyes moved back and forth between me and Elliot, who was still snoring on the floor. I couldn't tell if she was looking to him for help or to make sure he was still asleep.

I raised my arms higher and very slowly moved them behind her to place them on her upper back. As soon as my hands made contact, I pulled her forward quickly and pressed my face against her neck. She began giggling and squealing in mock protest, just as she had earlier, but now she was making the sounds much more quietly.

Her hands and arms were trapped between us and she reached up with her hands to wrap them around my neck. I kept growling and slowly began moving my nose and mouth up her neck to the area behind her ear. I kept making silly noises to maintain the ruse that this was all just a light-hearted game, and she continued to giggle and play along. Meanwhile, I had again developed a full erection, and I desperately wanted to move one of my hands around from her back to begin rubbing and playing with her tits. Thankfully, I was able to maintain control.

I then began nibbling the soft skin just under Mischa's ear as if I were a small animal. In response, she didn't exactly push me away, and she didn't totally stop giggling, but she leaned back slightly as if my changed approach maybe took her by surprise.

When she did this, I decided to push my luck a little, so I brought my hand to her shoulder and leaned forward in an effort to keep my mouth and lips where they were. Under the added weight, she slid slowly onto her back, and I slid along with her until she was laying flat on the couch and my upper body was covering hers. She began squealing and laughing harder at that point and she lifted one leg off the floor and onto the couch to brace her. As she did this, the full length of her thigh rubbed firmly and directly across my erection and I involuntarily moaned directly into her ear.

Suddenly it felt as though the entire world had stopped.

Needless to say, I was no longer making silly noises and she was no longer giggling. I couldn't move. I was tremendously embarrassed and, as the seconds slowly ticked by, it became apparent that we had reached the moment of truth. If we continued playing around at all now, even with growls and giggles, we would no longer be able to pretend that we were just flirting innocently. She now had to acknowledge, despite all the little games and pretension, that this was more than just flirtation for me and that, at the very least, my body was interested in much more.

With my mouth still open and pressing against Mischa's sweet skin, I lay completely still and waited for her reaction.

I could still hear Elliot's labored breathing rising from the floor and I knew that Heather was passed out in our room next door. For all intents and purposes, Mischa and I were alone and it seemed we were both silently weighing the same heavy decision. Suddenly, Mischa brought one of her hands to the back of my head and began stroking my hair as she had briefly in the car. I lifted myself slowly onto one elbow and our eyes met.

Although I had flirted mercilessly with Mischa in the past, and I had fantasized about fucking her on countless occasions, I had never tried anything. After all, I was married and she was the fiancée of a very close friend. But something about the look in her eye at that particular moment seemed to give me permission to want her and, maybe, just maybe, to take her. Her gaze was intense and stormy, but there was something more there too. A kind of resolve I had never seen in her before.

I made my decision. The combination of her beauty, her smell, her taste, and the surrender I could just barely see emanating from a deep place behind her eyes won out. I began to move deliberately toward her lips.

And then Mischa spoke.

"I think maybe we should get some sleep," she said, removing her hand from the back of my head and placing two fingers on my chin. I was stunned and, once again, completely embarrassed. What's worse, Mischa's eyes had changed. They were full of regret now, and some measure of longing, but I could see that she had made up her mind.

I sat up on the couch to let her move. She fixed her hair, straightened her clothes and stood up. She looked at Elliot asleep on the floor and stood quietly for at least ten seconds. She then took one step toward Elliot, stopped and looked back at me.

"Can we just sleep here for a while?" she asked, pointing to the couch. "I mean, just sleep?"

"Sure -- of course."

"I'll be right back," Mischa said, smiling shyly, and walked down the hall toward the bathroom.

I stood up and rushed to convert the futon couch we had been sitting on into a bed as quietly as possible. I grabbed pillows and two large blankets from the closet and dr*ped one blanket over Elliot and threw the other over the futon bed. I took particular notice of the fact that Elliot was still snoring loudly and did not even stir when I placed the blanket over him.

I stripped to my boxers and t-shirt and lay down under the blanket on the bed. A few minutes later, Mischa returned from the bathroom. She had changed into a t-shirt and a tight pair of pink sweat pants. She got into the bed and lay next to me. She took my arm and pulled it over her, tucking it under her right arm and holding my hand between her breasts. She moved back so our bodies were in contact all the way from our feet to our shoulders. I began to worry as my erection started to grow again, but I decided not to hide it. It was a good decision. Just as my erection grew large enough to begin pressing against Mischa's backside, she moved herself back and forth against it once or twice, nestling it between the cheeks of her ass.

"This is not a bad consolation prize," I thought. "If I can't have sex with her, at least I get to sleep next to her and I don't have to hide the fact that I'm hot for her anymore."

We drifted to sleep in that position.

Some time later, I woke again to the sound of Elliot's labored breathing. I felt Mischa next to me and moved my hand over the side of one of her breasts gently, being very careful not to wake her. I was overcome by my attraction to her. I moved away from her slowly and carefully and very slowly rolled her toward me just a bit so I could watch her beautiful face as she slept. Seeing her next to me, sleeping peacefully renewed my courage and I reached out and touched her cheek. As I did, she awoke with a start and closely studied my eyes.

Her reaction made it obvious that she could see what was on my mind and she immediately became nervous and shy. She opened her mouth and started to speak, but I shook my head from side to side indicating that I would not be dissuaded. I leaned forward and brought my lips close to her ear.

"I've made up my mind," I said, "you can relax. I am going to do what we both want me to do."

Her expression then changed dramatically. Not into an expression of fear or resistance, but of deep relief. It all became clear to me then. She wanted this, and maybe she had wanted it for a long time, but she couldn't allow herself to do it. I was going to have to take her.

I moved the blankets back with my hands and lifted her thin t-shirt. Mischa gasped and attempted to cover herself, but I took her hands firmly and lowered them to her sides. I lifted her shirt as high as I could and stared at her openly. Her breasts were beautiful, petite and well-proportioned and her stomach was cute and flat. She is smaller than my wife, and she looked incredibly feminine in the low light. Just looking at her naked upper body . . . the very breasts I had fantasized about so many times made my cock stiffen to the point that it ached.

I leaned forward and took one of her brownish, half-dollar-sized nipples in my mouth and rubbed my cock against her leg.

Mischa moaned and placed both of her hands on my upper back and then moved them downward until they were on my ass. She moved her leg in every direction against my hard cock as if she was trying to use her leg to help her imagine its size and shape. I let go of one of her tits and pinched her other nipple between my fingers before sucking it into my mouth aggressively.

Moving her hands to hold either side of my face, she forced me to look at her and said, "Please, we really can't do this."

I stared at her for a moment and said nothing. I listened to her fiancé snoring like a pig on the floor, and thought about my wife passed out in the next room. Then I removed Mischa's hands from my head and held them out to her sides as I once again began biting and sucking the flesh on her chest. Mischa moaned. I then released her hands and pulled the covers back to the bottom of the bed. I took hold of each side of her tight, pink pants and pulled downward.

"Stop, oh, god," Mischa said, "we have to stop now."

"Mischa, you don't understand" I said calmly, "I can't stop now, and I am not giving you a choice."

"But . . ." she started.

"Mischa," I interrupted, touching my finger to her lips "I'm going to do what I want to do."

My statement registered strongly in her face . . . but again, not as fear or resistance. She seemed relieved and her face filled with an intense desire and abandon that can only arise in the total absence of guilt. After a long pause, her resistance vanished completely and she nodded and raised her hips, welcoming me to remove her pajamas and her panties.

The moment her legs were free, she lifted her hips again and spread her legs as wide as she could get them to go. She was showing me her pussy. Even in the low light, I could see all of its details. I could tell that she was ready; the wetness was trickling from inside her body and onto the sheets. She had only a thin patch of auburn hair directly above her small pussy lips. The rest was completely bald.

I moved up to lean directly over her, balancing on my left elbow. Her eyes were smoldering and squinting at me now containing something that looked like a mixture of resent and lust. I pushed the middle and ring fingers of my right hand inside her and began to fuck her with my hand. I looked over her body like I owned it and I knew that I would very soon. She was completely naked and open to me. Her legs were spread completely and as I pulled my fingers from her, I could even watch the skin from inside her stretch out. Nothing was hidden. She closed her eyes and began writhing on the bed as she fucked my hand without even a trace of shame or reservation.

I leaned forward and kissed her for the first time. The kiss was heavy and deep and her mouth clung to mine like she wanted it to last forever.

It was at this point that I realized that I had never seen a girl so ready to fuck in my life. "Why didn't I take her before?" I thought, "What a waste of time."

As I continued to probe her with my fingers, and listen for changes to her fiancé?s breathing on the floor, Mischa's hands found my balls and my hard cock, which was now sticking through the hole in the front on my boxers. She pulled hard on my cock and balls until I let her lead me up to her mouth. I ended up straddling her near the top of the bed, one knee to the side of each of her shoulders, and I leaned over as she sucked me into her mouth. The sensation was incredible. I began to move my hips to allow my cock to move in and out of her lips. With each stroke, she sucked nearly the entire thing into her mouth before allowing it back out again and, often, between strokes, she played with it and stared at is as if she were in love.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"It's perfect," she said, looking directly into my eyes.

After a few minutes, I was able to lean back and move around so I could play with her clit with my left hand while she continued to suck me. She came almost immediately. As she came, she opened her eyes wide, then closed them and brought her legs together and moved her hips in a fucking motion against my hand. I became nervous because the increased volume of her squeals threatened to wake her fiancé and my wife, so I decided to finish her before we got caught.

I pulled myself out of her mouth and began moving my knees downward alongside her body until my cock was hovering directly over her pussy. My hands moved back and forth between her tits and her pussy as we sucked on each others' lips like teenagers.

After several minutes of this, she pulled my cock gently toward her, opened her legs wide and said, "Please."

I lifted each of my legs over hers and brought my knees together between her legs. I then kissed Mischa and moaned into her mouth as I moved the head of my cock around with my hand until it was placing pressure directly against the opening of her pussy. She bit my ear and I pressed hard against her. She dug her fingers into my ass as the head of my cock pushed easily inside. Her wetness allowed me to enter all the way on my first thrust.

"Oh, God," I whispered into her ear, "this is like a dream come true." "You feel like you are made of satin inside." I started fucking her in a slow rhythm, and she raised her hips to meet each thrust.

"Oh God," she responded, "I think you were made to go inside Me."

"I never want to leave," I said.

"Can you fuck it a little harder?" she asked.

"Yeah, but we have to be quiet. You have to moan quieter," I said.

"I want you to show me what you like so I can be your good girl. I want you to teach me how you like it."

I had never heard Mischa talk this way before. She was clearly very turned on and it seemed to be affecting her judgment. She seemed to be losing all inhibition.

"Oh my god, Mischa . . ." I said, fucking her harder and faster. "If I had known you were so fucking hot, I would have taken you a long time ago."

She lifted her left arm and moved her head to the side so she could watch our genitals come together. Over and over, she alternated between watching my cock disappear into her and looking up at my eyes. We kissed deeply and our tongues moved all around one another's mouths. The only noises in the room were the feint sound of Elliot's snore and the increasingly loud rhythmic slap of our stomachs and sex organs coming together again and again.

"Do you like me, baby?" she whispered. "Do you like how I do it? I've wanted you for so long, since we met. I've even told Elliot that I wanted you."

"I have always wanted you, too," I said. "I fantasize about you all the time."

I think it turned Mischa on to hear me say that because, at that moment, she started to come again. This time, she kept her eyes wide open and looking directly into mine as her pussy pulsated on my dick. I stopped moving my hips so I could get the full feel her pussy working me. But she continued to buck her hips against me as the waves went through her. I watched her as she came, feeling her smooth sensations on my cock. I tried to memorize her facial expressions and movements, knowing that I would want to remember every detail later on.

As her orgasm subsided, Mischa told me to roll onto my back. "Elliot told me you like doggy." she said. "He said you like to watch it go in."

"Yes," I said. She was right. I had mentioned this to Elliot once when we were watching a porno movie.

"He also told me something else," she said.


"He said that you like my ass. Is that true?"

"Yes," I said, "I?ve always loved your ass."

"Well now you can relax and watch it while it does all the work" she whispered with a little smile. "But we have to finish soon so we don't get caught. You have to cum. Will this make you cum?"

Mischa turned to face away from me, straddled my hips and lowered her pussy onto my cock in reverse cowgirl position.

"Yes," I said quietly, "this will definitely make me cum."

I had always wanted to have sex this way, but my wife was shy about it. And Mischa's body was built for this position. She has a great ass. I watched in blissful disbelief as Mischa's tight little pussy stretched itself over my cock and then rose and closed again, over and over, her perfect ass bouncing up and down . . . and it was all for me. I groaned quietly and she turned to look, to watch my face. She then looked down between her legs to watch my cock go in and out of her again and began playing with my balls. I noticed that she stole periodic glances at Elliot, who was now only a few feet below her on the floor, still oblivious, still snoring.

"Will you spank it?" she asked sweetly, taking my hand and placing it on her ass.

"No, we have to be quiet," I answered.

"Please," she said, looking at me as if she were a little girl. And as she slapped herself once on her right ass cheek she asked again, "can you just spank it a little?"

"Shh," I said, "we can't wake anyone up."

Finally giving in, she lay back on top of me, so she was facing the ceiling, and pinched her nipples only inches from my face as she continued to wiggle back and forth on my cock.

She brought her lips to my ear. "Do you like that?" she whispered. "Does that make you hard?" "Are you going to cum for me?"

"Oh my god, I love it," I said.

"Oh god," she said in a low growl, and it seemed as if the sounds were emerging from a place inside her that was at least a hundred feet below the surface, "I needed this." "You know just what I need, don't you baby?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, feeling at a loss for words, "and I can make you happy whenever you want me to."

"Yeah?" she asked flirtatiously, "you're gonna be my boyfriend?"

"I would love that," I said, barely able to contain my enthusiasm for the idea.

"My secret boyfriend?" she asked again.

"If that's what you want," I said.

"Say it," she said, still only inches from my face and pumping up and down a bit more intensely now on my cock with short, quick movements.

"I wanna be your boyfriend," I said, "your secret boyfriend."

"Oh God, you feel so good . . . please say it again," she said, her short thrusts becoming still more intense.

"I'm gonna be your secret boyfriend, the one who knows what you need."

"Oh ... my ... God ... yes -- tell me again ... promise me!"

She was really close now and I could feel her little pussy start to pulse on my dick.

"I promise to be your secret boyfriend," I said.

"And promise you won't let me say 'no'," she said.

"Never," I said, "I won't let you say 'no' because I know what you need."

"Oh . . . God . . . yes . . . promise me."

"I promise, Mischa," I said, "you can always be my little, secret girl."

I must have said something right because, as the words left my mouth, she squealed and her pussy completely seized. Her arms went back behind my head, pulling my mouth to hers. Her tongue was immediately inside my mouth and we kissed deeply as she continued to squeal for the next 20-30 seconds as she came on my penis.

Until that moment, I had never felt so completely wanted. I had never felt so much like a man, and I felt incredibly close to Mischa. Her sounds, her movements, her smell and her touch combined to intoxicate my heart and my mind completely. She was completely mine and, no matter how wrong it may have been, with my wife sound asleep in the next room and Mischa's fiancé passed out only a few feet away, at that moment, I was completely hers.

Her orgasm was long and intense, but when her body finally stopped shaking, she slowly started to move up and down again in long, deliberate strokes, forcing my cock in and out of her pussy as she moved. The sensation was heaven.

"Cum for me, baby," she said softly, "we have to finish now and I want to feel you cum."

"I don't want to finish," I whispered, "I don't want it to end."

"I need it, baby," she replied looking straight into my eyes, "I want your cum . . . I've waited for years, don't make me wait anymore."

Then Mischa suddenly sat up and leaned forward, allowing me to watch once again as my cock split her pussy lips each time I entered her and exposed the tender, pink skin inside her each time I withdrew . . . over and over and over. It was extremely sexual, even raw, but there was nothing cheap about it. It excited me immensely to see what she looked like on the inside.

After about ten or fifteen long strokes, she looked back at me and said frankly, "I've waited long enough, baby . . . please give me your cum."

Watching her tight little ass, the same ass I had tried to picture naked so many times, bounce up and down on my dick already had me close to the brink, but hearing her sweet voice ask so politely for my cum was more than I could handle. It was my turn. My entire body seized as I watched my cock nearly pulling Mischa's beautiful little pussy inside out.

"Oh, god," I said, " I'm cumming."

Mischa's rhythm did not change at all in response to my warning; she continued to pump all the way up and down my cock, burying me deep within her body with each downward thrust.

"Mischa! I can't hold it . . . you have to move," I whispered forcefully.

"It's okay, baby," Mischa said, "you can let go."

"You have to move!" I protested.

"It's okay . . . please . . . I want your cum to go inside."

I had run out of time to argue, as Mischa said those last few words, I began shooting deep into her tummy. She continued to move up and down, urging me on by repeating her words and her movements over and over. As I surrendered, I began fucking Mischa harder . . . my pelvis and the front of my thighs meeting each of her thrusts with wild abandon as I watched traces of my cum slide up and down the sides of my cock. In response to my increased intensity, Mischa grunted involuntarily and the sound of my body slapping against her legs and pussy filled the room and echoed through the entire apartment. At that moment, though, I couldn't bring myself to care, much less stop what I was doing.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I felt like my entire body was melting into the bed. The night was suddenly very still and the sound of Elliot's labored breathing was again audible as he slept just inches from my feet, unaware that his fiancée had just given me the best fuck of my life.

Mischa continued to rub herself against my cock for a minute or so. She then moved to the side and gently pulled it out of her, turned around, and leaned over to study it closely. She wrapped it in one of the blankets on the bed, stroked it a few times, and then she lay down next to me on the bed placing one hand on my chest.

"Did you like that, baby?" she whispered into my ear.

"Oh, God Mischa," I said, "I loved it, but I didn't want it to end." Then I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her sweet lips three times quickly.

"I didn't either," she said. "Maybe next time we'll have more privacy, so we won't have to rush."

I looked at Mischa and she smiled innocently, a look that was very familiar to me.

"Besides," she said, "if I remember right, the first time with a new boyfriend is always a little weird. I can do better next time, now that I know what you like."

"You were perfect," I said, "I wouldn't change a thing."

"Good answer," she said, kissing me playfully on the lips and squeezing my penis again through the blankets.

Mischa then stood up from the bed, quietly grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she kissed me once more, slowly and deeply, before walking down the hall to the guestroom, confidently swinging her beautiful, naked ass behind her. Once she was gone, I folded the futon bed back into a couch and went to the bathroom to clean up before returning to bed with my wife.

Elliot and Mischa left town early the next morning before Heather and I woke up. Mischa and I have not spoken since. I don't know what will come of any of this, and frankly I have some guilt about it. Still, I have to admit that it's wonderful to know that Mischa is mine for the taking , and I certainly plan to live up to my promise by taking her again.

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