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Mind Fuck

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There are only two things I require of you in this you listen intently...and two..that you obey every thing I ask of you.

The day is drawing to a close. We have spent the last couple of hours engaged in stimulating conversation about each others day. Numerous times during the evening we have made eye contact. Numerous times during the evening we have stolen a kiss from each other. You have felt my touch on your hand, your neck, and once or twice on your tender cheek. No response was given by you or me, but each time we felt a slight quicken in our bodies. Nothing is planned, but every thing just flows as it should. No rules, no expectations, just the natural flow of events between two who desire. The trust between us is immense. It is powerful, yet comforting. It allows each of us to be totally free with our expression...knowing that we will never say anything we ask of each other...because we both know that each others feelings, pleasure, comfort, and boundaries are paramount.

We retire to the bedroom..undressing, we climb under the covers, and turn the light out.

I Immediately pull you to me, tell you to lie on your back, tell you to not say a word, and tell you to obey every command I give you. You surrender....willingly. I tell you that you cannot touch obey. I rest my head close to your face, kiss your cheek tenderly and begin.

In graphic, blissful, erotic detail I proceed to tell you exactly how your body feels, sounds, tastes, smells, and looks to me.

Starting with sight, I tell you how stunning you are visually. I tell you how I love to gaze in wonderment at the beauty of your neck, your nipples, the perfect fold where your leg joins your ass cheek,the small of your back, your wonderful labia, your perfect swollen clit right before I begin to lick and suck it. I tell you how looking at your asshole the moment before I begin to tounge fuck it drives me crazy. I explain how your pert asshole expands so perfectly as I slowly enter you with my cock. I tell you what the Sight of you does to me.

Next is sound. I explain how your voice mezmorizes me, how the slight moan you make as I touch you captivates me. I tell you what it means to me to hear your breathing change as I arouse you. I tell you that even as I am whispering these things into your ear right now, my soft voice is making you wet. I am right. I re-live what it does to me to hear you scream and moan loudly as I fuck you so hard. I tell you what it sounds like to me as you enter the throes of orgasm. I tell you what all the sounds of you do to me.

On to your smell. The many different smells of Marie. your hair, your neck, your belly right after you have rubbed my cum all over it. your ass, the sweet smell of your pussy, the intoxicating scent of your pubic mound as my nose is resting on it as I lick you. The scent of your lips and how it changes after you have so willingly sucked my cock. The delicious smell of your perfect cunt after I have pounded it and you have cum. All different scents of you, yet all perfect. Your scent drives me crazy. It is primal. It hardens me completely.

You are still laying on your back in complete darkness...just listening to every word I whisper into your ear. Occasionally, I stop to kiss your earlobe...and then I resume. You are now at this time fully wet, and dripping onto the sheet. You cannot do a thing about just lay there...listening.

Time for your taste. Equally as primal as scent, your taste is only yours. No one tastes like you. It is unique. Your skin is so sweet to the taste buds, yet when combined with other fluids,changes . It is perfect. Salt from the sweat of lovemaking on your skin is intoxicating. I tell you how I feel as I run my tongue over every inch of you. I tell you how your pussy is so delicious and how I cannot get enough of your wetness on my tongue. I explain how your skin tastes when it is covered with my cum. I tell you how it tastes as I lick my cum off your breasts..and share it with you in a deep french kiss. Your eyes still closed, I kiss you on your mouth..and then tell you how you taste to me.

And finally , touch. Your "mind fuck" is bringing you to erotic emotional heights, and now it is time for your orgasm. Not one part of my body is touching you. You can only feel my breath as I whisper into your ear what my senses feel when you bring them to life. Since it is totally dark, and you cannot see anything, I tell you to visualize your do. Starting with sound, I tell you to listen to yourself as you insert two fingers into your wet pussy. Listen to your breath, listen to your soft moan, and listen to the sound of your fingers stroking your wet pussy. You are visualizing it, and you are hearing it. All of your senses are coming to life now as you touch yourself. I instruct you to take your wet fingers out,and wipe your perfect pussy juice all over both of your nipples. Inserting your fingers deep into your pussy, I tell you to rub the juice all over your nipples with your other hand, pinching your nipples as you do. With your fingers fucking your pussy, I tell you to run your other hand all over your body, your neck, your belly, your arms, your face, your hair. You touch all of you.

I tell you to get as much of your juice as you can, and rub it all over your pussy area including your do. Then, I tell you to bring your hand to your you can smell the sweet scent that I love so much. As I instruct you, you then re-insert your fingers into your pussy, and bring them to your mouth. You taste what I taste, It's wonderful. It's you. It's what I love. You taste Marie.

You have at this point, tasted, heard, visualized and smelled yourself, and are now in the process of touch. I will finish this "mind fuck" by instructing you to bring yourself to orgasm with your fingers. You do. You arch your back as you explode in pure bliss.

In total darkness, you lay spent.

The last thing I whisper into your ear is "sleep well my sweetheart" I kiss your cheek, roll over and we both fall asleep. You have been "mind fucked"

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