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It was the week of the millennium and we had gone to see my lover Sarah and her family at their new home in Kuala Lumpur. Each day the routine involved my going to the market while her husband stayed back at the house with my wife and both our kids. And each day the conversation would be the same:

"Don't touch me. I am not interested. It is over."

And I would reply: "Why are you doing this to me? I would not have come to visit if I knew you were going to be so cruel."

Neither of our spouses suspected we had been having an affair for four years, and their move to KL from Europe had slowed things down. I did not suspect that it might stop.

Then we packed off to go to a beach near KL. A lovely, isolated island. It was something like paradise. We split into two cars, with Sarahand me trailing behind their van. And then the old Sarahstarted.

"Tell me a story about what we are going to do when we get there."

"What kind of story?"

"What you want to do with Me."

"You start."

"well, we are chatting in the kitchen alone, as everyone else has left to go to the beach. And I notice you have a bulge in your pants...and I touch it. Then you kiss me and I am wet?."

I picked up on the story right away, and slowly moved myself closer to her so that I could gt my hands down her loose dungarees and a finger into her wetness as we drove along. For about an hour I expanded on her story, and had us making love the whole way to our destination, while I touched her and as my children slept in the back. We were both quite satisfied when we arrived for the boat to the Island.

When we arrived she back to Miss Prim and Proper. And for two days, stripped down to our skimpy bathing costumes, I was beginning to go insane for desire. And she knew it.

On the third day, at lunch, Sarahsaid to my wife, "I need to use your bathroom. I find the public washrooms really disgusting here."

I saw her move away from the table, and mumbled something about going to get my camera. I was only a few feet behind her as we walked along, but she seemed oblivious.

She turned into the small alcove where our condo was just off the beach, and I reached out to open he door with my key. She walked in and looked at me. She backed to the wall, and I reached out and pulled the right strap from her bathing suit, exposing her right breast. She did not move. I began to suck her nipple, which by now was very hard. She began to moan, and place her hands on the back of my head, massaging me and moving them rhythmically.

"mmmmmmmmmm...." she moaned...and then stopped, looked at me, reached out and kissed me with a passion and intensity I had rarely felt in those four years. Then she stopped abruptly, flushed.

"That's it. Leave me be."

"Fine." I said. She went to the washroom and I went to my bed and began to read a book. She came out and said, "see you later." Then she, and I, in our turn, went back to lunch.

After lunch I went to the room to read again. I was engrossed in my book, a gift from a woman friend in Geneva.

"What are you doing here?" she said, appearing suddenly with her five year old daughter in tow.


"Don't you want to come outside?"

"Not yet."

"Come here."

I came over and she started to kiss me and tell me how much she wanted me. She plunged her hand inside my bathing suit, where I was very hard. I tore off the top of her suit, and sucked and massaged her breasts.

"I want you inside me now.." she urged me. I put one, then two fingers in her pussy and she was soaking. She was ready for me.

She pulled my very hard cock from my bathing suit and twisted it around in her hand, and continued to kiss me and fondle me. Then her daughter came out of the washroom. She pulled up her suit, turned me around to be behind her and then held on to me from behind her back.

"Go along dear, Mummy will be there in a moment."

Then we were alone. She turned to face me, held me close and pulled off my trunks, all the while insisting in a low, hard voice I had never heard before, "I want you inside me! I want you to fuck me!"

I did as I was told. I laid her down on the mattress just beside the bed and well out of view, so that with blinds drawn, no one could see as we were at ground level. I was huge, bulging and bursting and straining to be inside my lover, whom I had not touched for almost a year. I entered her and she sighed ?oh, God I wanted you?.oh come deep?.ahhhhhhh,..ohhhh.?

"Am I deep enough?" I said. She told me in that insistent voice, "I want you deeper. Deeper." I kissed and sucked and forced myself into her tight cunt. Her red hair waving back and forth as we rocked. Only 50 feet away, her husband and my wife were chatting on the beach and playing with our children.

The sweat was pouring everywhere, when she began to shiver and shake. I pressed harder and harder as she came...."ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...."

Then she commanded "I want you to come, to come, to come.." and as I came, I cried in her ears, "I love you I love you I love you."

I lay inside her, quietly kissing her and massaging her. We whispered in each other?s ears, and it was like we had never ceased our love play for the years before.

Afterwards, we slowly made our way back to the beach, diving into the surf in our turn, and washing off the cum and sweat all over us.

I learned a while alter that she had taken another lover, who was far more intense than me, and was perhaps already seeing her. It made sense, as she had changed in some way. No longer he soft and sweet Julia, she seemed so different, so demanding. I presumed her husband never knew of this man, who was a close colleague.

But she was thousands of miles away now, and I never saw her again.

But for that moment, she was still my Julia, my lover. That last day of hot love by the beach on the eve of the Millennium.

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