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Mile High Club

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The Mile High Club

It was a warm summer evening and we were getting packed for a late night flight to Paris.As things were finally packed for the trip, I looked at you and asked?shall we join the mile high club tonight sweetheart?? ?.You look at me with your evil grin and say?that sounds great to me, my love?.With that in mind,we both dressed in baggy shorts with nothing under them.You also wore a loose fitting blouse and no bra to add to my excitement.

After arriving at the airport and checking in,we took a seat and waited for boarding to start.I made sure we had seats in the back of first class,knowing that after a few hours everyone would be sleeping and the flight attendants would be taking a needed break.While sitting there waiting,I ran my hand lightly up and down your thigh.Feeling you soft skin and knowing how excited you get when I touch you anywhere.

Finally we boarded the plane,I had you take the window seat and I took the aisle.That?s one of the good things about the last row,there are only 2 seats on each side of the plane.We each have a drink while the rest of the passengers get on the plane.Finally, we are off and flying.After eating dinner,the flight attendent puts in the movie and the cabin lights are dimmed.

The air is cool due to the way we dressed for the trip.I ask the flight attendent for a blanket.She brings one and I lay it over our laps and down over our legs.After a few minutes,I feel your hand sliding up my thigh and in thru the leg of my shorts.First you feel my balls and then my limp cock.As we continue to watch the movie,I feel you begin to rub my cock gently,causing it to start growing.I look over at you and smile.After a few minutes of you teasing my cock and rubbing my balls with your hand,it has become fully hard.

Then you wrap your hand around it and begin to stroke me slowly,making me squirm from the pleasure of your soft hand.I lean over and whisper in your ear?ooooohhh baby,that feels so good?.Then you whisper?anything for you my dear?.Wanting to stroke my cock faster,you slide you hand out of my shorts.This surprises me and I look over at you.You smile at me as you slide you hand down the top of my shorts and grab my cock again.Im thinking,sure glad these are very loose and easy to get into.

You start stroking my cock again,only fatser now.Knowing that we are on the plane with several hundred other passengers adds to my excitement.After several minutes you feel me begin to squirm and move around in my seat,knowing I wont be able to hold out much longer.I lean over and tell you?baby,Im going to cum if you keep this up?.You look at me,then around the cabin.It seems all the others are sleeping or watching the movie.You surprise me and you duck your head under the cover and swallow my cock.That is all it takes and I begin to shoot my cum deep in your throat.This causes you to suck hard adding to my enjoyment.It seems like forever,but finally I stop cumming and you sit back up in your seat.I look at you and smile,you on the other hand stick out your tongue.It is still covered in cum as you roll it around and finally suck it down.

I sit back for a few minutes watching the movie and catching my breath.The flight attendent stops by and asks ?is everything is ok???.We both smile at her and say ?its fine thank you?.After she leaves we continue to watch the movie.Then you feel my hand moving from your thigh.I move it up and begin to slide it down the waist of your shorts.This causes you to look at me with your evil grin,knowing I am heading for your hot wet pussy.

As I slide my hand down over your belly,I can feel your softness and the heat coming from your body.I feel you spread your legs as I get close to your pussy.Finally I reach it and find it very wet.Probably from you sucking my cum from my cock.I slowly slide 2 fingers in and begin to fuck you slowly,feeling your pussy sucking on my fingers.I do this for a few minutes and you move your hips,trying to get them deeper inside of you.

You are getting very hot and wet.I sense your orgasm beginng to near.I fuck you harder now and reach over and pinch your nipples thru your blouse.This causes you to jump and your pussy to contract on my fingers.I continue to do this until you look at me and nod your head and lick your lips.Knowing you are ready to cum,I slide my fingers out of you.You gasp,then you begin to cum as I am now rubbing your hard clit with them.Rubbing it,pinching it lightly.This causes your orgasm to continue for almost a full minute.Finally I feel your body go limp,drained from cumming so hard and so long.

I slide my hand from your shorts and raise my fingers up.We see they are all wet and shiny from your sweet juices.I take them and suck them clean,tasting how wonderful you taste to me.You lean over and say?that was wonderful baby?.I just pull you close and kiss you softly.Finally we settle back and watch the end of the movie.As we are sitting there,Im already thinking of how I am going to fuck you right here.Finally the movie is over which causes the cabin to become even darker.

I get up and go to the restroom for a well needed pee.On my way back to my seat, I look at the other passengers and see most have gone to sleep since its 3 am est and our flight left at 11:30 pm.I get to my seat and see you leaning against the window with a pillow under your head and the blanket covering you from your chin to below your knees..Perfect I think,as I look in the overhead storage and find another blanket.I slip into my sea beside you and cover myself from my lap down to the floor.

You feel me as I sit beside you and push your ass towards me.I take my pillow and put it on your shoulder and lean over across your body.You moan now,knowing what is coming next and feeling the excitement growing between your legs.I take my left hand and slide it under your cover,then grasp your shorts and slowly slide them off of you and tuck them and the window.

I slowly slide my hand back to your backside and find your still hot wet pussy.I run a finger up and down your slit,teasing you they way I love to do.You wiggle your ass letting me know you want something put inside of you.I slide 2 fingers in you slowly and don?t move,just letting you squeeze them with your tight muscles.As I feel you beginning to grind your hips,this is causing me to start getting hard again.Being in the aisle seat,I decide I should just pull my shorts down and not totally off.I take my other hand and slide them down below my knees,making sure my ass is still covered.

I just happen to look and see the flight attendent coming our way.I lay my head on your shoulder and pretend to be asleep.She looks and thinks we are sleeping,turns and goes back to the galley area.I begin to fuck you slowly with my fingers,wanting you to be very wet when I slide my big cock in you.Doing this is causing my cock to get hard very fast knowing it will soon be inside of you.I move closer and lift your blanket so it is now covering me,but not between us.

I slip my fingers out of you and up to your mouth.You eargerly suck them clean for me.I reach down and grab my cock and move it to your sweet pussy.I rub it up and down over your clit,teasing you even more.Finally I line it up and slide the head in,causing a low moan from you.You try to push back but I hold your ass still with my hands.Then I slide another 4? into you and hold it there.You feel so hot baby wrapped around me.Finally I slide in the rest,now you have all 9? buried inside of you as you feel my balls against your ass.

I begin a slow but deep movement,sliding out til just the head is in and then back til my balls hit your ass over and over.Knowing you have no bra on,I move my hands up to your tits and find your hard nipples.I roll them around between my finger and thumb,feeling them growing ever bigger.Not wanting to have my ass fly out from under the cover,I whisper in your ear?fuck me baby,fuck me good and lets cum right here on this plane?.You whisper back? god yes.i want to feel you cum deep inside of me right here?.

You begin to move your hips faster,taking all of me deep.I continue my teasing on your nipples and begin to pull on them randomly.It hurts but somehow is not painful you think.You begin to rotate your hips as you slide back and forth on my cock,increasing the pleasure for both of us.This continues for several minutes,since I had cum not long ago.I ask you to finger your clit as we continue to fuck,picking up the pace.I love feeling your hand there when mine are busy.Touching us both at different times.

I can feel you starting to shiver again.I take my hands and pinch your nipples hard this time.This causes you to start cumming,feeling this happen.I bury my cock deep in you and begin to cum my self.You bounce in short strokes,milking the cum from me and making yours continue too.Finally you stop moving and just push back wanting it all,feeling my cock still pulsing in you.I take my hands and pull you close,kissing you on the back of the neck.I whisper?welcum to the mile high club sweetheart.just remember we still have a return flight next week?.You moan again and reply?baby,I cant wait to see what you have in mind for that flight.?I slide my now soft cock out and help you slip your shorts back on.Then slide mine up also.Finally I lay my head on your shoulder and we drift off to sleep,dreaming of what is to cum.

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