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Midnight encounter

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She is in bed, all warm, her pussy just a little damp (cause it always is in sleep), she responds positively when you roll over and slide just one finger between her lips.

Eyes still closed she would let out just a little moan and shift her leg position so you have better access, she sleeps with wanton abandon.

You would feel her hand sliding up your hip till she finds the start of the V. She knows that if she follows it down you cock will be hard and waiting.

Meanwhile, you are lightly rubbing her clit, slowly and softly and can feel the heat starting to build up between her legs.

Once she has her hand around your cock, she slowly starts to move her hand up and down. Stroking it, feeling the skin moving slightly, with each stroke your cock getting harder. With eyes still closed and not a word spoken she moves down the bed until her mouth is lined up with your cock. She takes just a small taste of the head of your cock.

Your balls tighten with the feel of her tongue on the head of your cock. You can see and smell her pussy, so close to your face. You use your other hand to cup her ass and pull her a little closer to your mouth, you want a taste.

Lightly you rub your tongue on her clit; lips spread open with your fingers for direct access. You fell her pussy constrict when you touch her clit with your tongue. You are both breathing faster and harder knowing that this is going to be fast and hot for both of you

You move like you are going to kiss her clit and suck the whole area into your mouth. She lets out a sound which is a cross between a moan and a yelp. You know she wants it.

You feel your cock slide into her mouth, so hot, so wet. She holds just the base of your cock and slides the length of it in as far as it will go. You feel the head in her tight throat

She moans and starts to suck and slide her mouth up and down your cock, occasionally taking you all out of her mouth so she can kiss and suck lightly on your balls. She slides her tongue from the base to the head and back again.

You can hear the moans and sounds she makes, sucking your cock, knowing that she loves it by the wetness in her pussy.

You have two fingers between her lips now, one hand holding back the flesh of her clit alternating between sucking her clit and licking the folds of her lips to taste her wetness.

You feel her shudder and can tell by the tightening of her pussy she is going to cum. You keep both fingers moving rhythmically in and out of her hot pussy while you lick and suck her lips and clit, stroking, sucking, paying full attention to all the sensitive spots.

You can feel her mouth on your cock become more frantic, faster, harder. She is sucking harder on just the head, the feel of her teeth on the ridge just at the bottom making you moan.

Suddenly she bucks. Reaching down and pulling your head into her pussy she lets out a sound that can only be described as guttural, you feel her juice splashing out onto your tongue and you suck hard on her clit and lips to catch it all

She has stopped sucking your cock, all but forgotten in the throes of passion, as she moans and arches her back. You need to hold her down to keep your tongue in her pussy. She slowly lets go of the back of your head. You can hear her ragged breathing and the soft sounds coming from a woman who, you know, is ready for your cock

"Come here" you whisper

She sits up, and knows just want you want. She moves to take you all in her pussy - sitting straight up on you. She is so wet it slides in with no resistance at all. God she is hot!

She stops when she feels her clit touch your body and you hear a soft moan. She moves slowly up and down your cock.

The head of your cock straining against the skin, you know it won't take long.

She leans over and kisses you. You know she really wants to taste her own juices so you lightly touch her tongue with yours. She rides you harder, tasting herself has started that motor running. You can feel your cock sliding in and out of her pussy, wet and fast.

You reach forward and grab her hips - guiding her up and down your cock You sit up, just a bit so you can reach her nipples, little bites and hard fast sucks is what she likes. Her nipples grow hard with your attention.

You stop and just watch her.

Head thrown back, tits erect and moving in time with her body, you san see your cock going in and out of her pussy. She has one hand on your hip to balance and the other playing with your cock and her own clit. You can feel her hand tighten on the base of your cock with the muscles of her pussy tighten around the length of your cock.

God...she feels so good!

You start to plunge your cock as deep as you can, with each thrust she lets out a yelp, you can feel her starting to match your pace, knowing that you are going to fill her with your load any moment. You are pounding into her pussy, watching her, loving the sight of her riding your cock

?Oh God? she says...she is cumming. You can feel her pussy tighten on your cock. Your balls, so hard up until now jump and a fire burns through your cock

All thought is gone. All you know is the release. You hear her cry out, and plunge onto your cock with full force, she is lying against you chest can feel her breathe.

You both lay spent, breathing ragged, no speech, no movement. She reaches up and runs a hand along the side of your face, kisses your lips and rolls back over to sleep.

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