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Midnight Ride

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The hypnotic humming of my tires on the pavement at 75mph helps calm my racing heart as I think about the events that brought me out on the bike at midnight. I replay the evening in my mind as I race along the nearly deserted highway.

It had been a quiet evening at home and it was a beautiful late summer night. There was just a touch of cool dampness in the air and it was a nearly full moon on a bright clear night. I sent him an email describing how awesome a midnight ride would be on a night like tonight, to find a deserted country highway and just get lost in under the light of the moon. Then I logged off and went to take a shower. After drying off and pulling a nightshirt on I grabbed my phone and plugged it in to charge for the night when I noticed I had a text message. I felt a little flutter in my stomach as I saw that it was from him, but as I read the message that simply said ?meet me in the parking lot at our usual place at midnight. Bring your bike.? I quickly sent a return text that simply said ?yes? as I looked at the clock. It was already 11pm and it would take me half an hour to get to our meeting place, so I quickly threw on a pair of jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and sneakers. I pulled my wet hair into a ponytail, threw on a quick spray of my perfume, grabbed my jacket, gloves & helmet and hurried out the door.

Now, here I am, racing along the dark highway, the cool wind stinging my cheeks slightly, filling me with an invigorating kind of energy and excitement. As my heart races I pull into the parking lot of our usual place. I only have to scan the lot for a moment before my eyes fall on him. It?s a picture I?ve tried to imagine a thousand times and in person it?s so much better. He?s sitting on that beautiful bike, well worn jeans that definitely hug in all the right places, black leather jacket, he?s holding his helmet and looking at me with that sexy little grin that melts my heart as I pull up beside him. There is no way I can resist the impulse, so I shut my bike off, and walk the couple of steps to him as I pull my helmet off. When I reach him I wrap my free hand around the back of his neck and pull him in for a deep passionate kiss. I smile when I feel him wrap an arm around my waist and pull me into him as he kisses me back. After a moment more I break off the kiss, feeling a bit breathless as I ask him ?so what?s up?? He laughs and tells me that my description of a midnight ride tonight sounded just too good to pass up. As he pulls his helmet on I hear him tell me ?besides, I have something special in mind tonight.? I climb back onto my bike, helmet in place and turn around to follow him out of the lot. We hit the road and after a few minutes enter the nearly deserted highway and fall into a steady riding pattern. I?m riding back just far enough from him to be able to admire the sight of that worn denim stretched snugly across his ass. The combination of getting to see him unbound and free like this and the feel of the ride on a bright clear night has my entire body feeling like it?s humming with excitement. We continue down the road for about another half hour when he heads toward an exit that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. As we leave the highway he slows to a stop at the end of the exit ramp and waits for me to pull up beside him. He turns to me, eyes practically sparking with excitement and asks ?do you trust me?? I smile back at him and nod my head, settle back on my bike and follow him as he pulls out onto the deserted road. Another 15 minutes later he slowly takes a turn into a parking lot. It?s not until I pull into a parking space near him that I?m able to make out the sight of a park sign in the dark lot. When we shut the bikes off the sudden quiet of the night falls over us, the only sounds reaching our ears are the little night noises of nature, the insects chattering all around us, the soft rustle of a light wind rushing through the trees. With nothing but moonlight out here everything has a beautiful bluish cast to it. We take a moment to pull off helmets, gloves, and jackets, piling the gear up with the bikes. I undo my hair-tie and shake out my still damp hair. He pulls a light blanket out of a pack on his bike. When I see the blanket I scan the open ground and trees in the park, spotting a wide clearing near a small stand of trees, the moonlight spilling over the soft looking grass. Grinning at him over my shoulder, I start walking toward the clearing. I can hear the slight crunch of his footsteps behind me as he follows. Laughing I pick up my pace. When I hear him speed up again I break out into a run. My only warning is a deep chuckle as I feel him snag my waist with his arms and pull me into a gentle roll to the ground. As we fall in a tangle of arms & legs he manages to flip me onto my back, pinning my arms to the ground above my head and holding my body down with the weight of his own. He smiles down at me ?going somewhere?? he asks as he shifts his weight so that his hips are nestled firmly between my legs. He presses himself tightly against me slowly grinding against my pussy through our jeans as he leans down and kisses me slow and deep. His lips firm and demanding, his tongue pressing past my teeth, seeking out my own as he takes full possession of my mouth. After a moment he releases my wrists to bury his fingers in my hair, pulling to get my lips right where he wants them. The moment my arms are free my hands are seeking his skin out. One hand wraps firmly around his neck, the other snakes down his back and tugs his shirt loose from his waist band so I can slide my fingers up the smooth skin on his back. He suddenly breaks the kiss. A slight whimper escapes as I?m left feeling breathless, my heart racing. When I look up at him I can see his eyes blazing down at me and I can feel my body screaming for the feel of his touch and that incredible feeling of completion when he is buried deep inside of me. He climbs to his feet, helps me up from the grass and grabs the blanket that he dropped when he tackled me. We walk along, my hand still tucked in his, into the little moonlit clearing I had been heading for. He spreads the blanket out and very casually flops down onto it, sitting so he?s facing me. He looks up at me and grins and pats the blanket beside him as he tugs off his boots. I drop down next to him, kicking off my shoes and socks immediately. With a sigh I drop back onto my back on the blanket, just absorbing the moment, the cool night air, the bright clear star filled sky, the moonlight shining down on everything with its? soft touch. I pillow my hands behind my head and revel in the near perfection of the moment. When I feel his warm palm snake up under the hem of my shirt and brush lightly up the skin on my ribs I sigh again thinking?now it?s perfect. With a wicked grin I sit up, turn to him and quickly swing one leg over his hips so I am straddling his lap. As I wrap my legs around his waist my ass settles into his lap and I can feel his hard cock pressing against the denim of his jeans. I wrap the fingers of my left hand around the back of his neck and brace myself on the ground with my right hand. Leaning back I press my ass firmly against his hard cock and begin to grind myself against him. He moans as his body strains against the layers of denim and his hands begin to wander over my breasts, squeezing gently until his thumbs find my nipples. As he begins to drag his thumbs in light lazy circles around them I begin moaning as they stiffen and I continue to tease his cock. When he begins to roll them between his thumb and finger I give in, letting my left hand drop to the ground behind me, I arch into him as I let my head fall back and lose myself to the electrical jolts running from my nipples to my now aching pussy and back. He pulls me back upright and roughly yanks my shirt over my head, tosses it aside and then quickly unhooks and removes my bra, tossing it on the shirt. I shiver slightly at the feel of the cool night air on my naked skin. He returns his hands to my breasts, deftly thumbing across my hard sensitive nipples causing me to gasp and shudder. I lean in toward him and begin laying kisses and nips along his neck starting behind his ear and traveling down to his collarbone before moving back up to his lips. I pull his shirt and slide it up and off of him, shifting my legs at the same time, rolling him onto his back while I stay straddling his hips. Grinning down at him I lean forward, my breasts lightly brushing against his bare chest, as I bring my lips back to his ear and whisper softly ?the only thing I like riding better than my bike is you baby? and gently nibble on his ear lobe. He groans softly and wraps his arms around me, pulling me into him tightly. I laugh and continue to trail my lips over the sensitive skin on his neck, working my way down his chest, across his abs and very lightly dragging my tongue along the sensitive skin just above the waist of his jeans. A gentle tug pulls the button free and I slide the zipper down slowly. I peal his jeans back and brush my lips across his cock as it strains hard and hot against the cotton of his underwear. Grasping the waist of both pants and underwear I pull them down over his hips, tugging them free of his legs a moment later. I teasingly trail my fingers up along his inner thighs, watching goose bumps spring up on his skin. I bend back down over him, letting my hair spill over his skin as I slowly graze my lips along the underside of his hard cock, sighing softly as I let my lips part and encircle the head. As I slowly allow my tongue to swirl around the sensitive skin of his cockhead I hear him suddenly growl as he grips me tight and flips me onto my back again, kissing me hard while his fingers swiftly unbutton and unzip my jeans. I lift my hips slightly as he tugs and slides my jeans off my legs. I laugh when I see his eyebrow raised as he realizes I have no panties on. The laugh shifts into a deep groan, however as he buries his face in my pussy. His warm firm tongue delving between my wet swollen pussy lips, sliding up to my aching clit, circling it firmly and then sliding back down, over and over until I?m purring from the pleasure of it. When he suddenly sucks my clit firmly into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue I feel my whole body tense and begin to tremble, my breath is coming in gasps, ?oh, God, oh God?? When he slides 2 fingers deep inside my pussy I completely lose control, I scream out ?oh God babe?oh yes!? My entire body convulses as the orgasm grips me. While the world still seems to be spinning he grabs me and pulls me with him as he rolls onto his back again. My legs are still trembling as I find myself straddling him again. This time his hard cock is pressed against my wet throbbing pussy. He grasps my hips and buries himself deep inside me in one forceful thrust. He holds me firmly in place, slowly grinding his hips up into me as I throw my head back and enjoy the sensations he is creating. I can feel how wet I am as he starts sliding easily in and out of me. As I match his strokes, riding him hard and fast one moment and slow and deep the next I find myself rapidly approaching another orgasm. I shift my legs so my feet are firmly planted on the ground and I?m supporting myself on my hands, leaning back as he continues to fuck me hard and fast. I?m moaning again, enjoying the feel of the heat from our bodies, the fine layer of sweat on our skin combined with the cool air as he thrusts himself harder and faster into me. He begins stroking my clit with his thumb as he fucks me hard and fast. I can feel my legs begin to tremble as I start falling into another orgasm. My pussy starts to spasm around his hard cock as I gasp and scream into the night air. I can hear him groan and begin to cry out as well. I hear him say ?Oh, God?you?re going to make me cum? as my pussy clamps down around his cock hard, pulsing and griping him hard. ?Oh FUCK!? he shouts as he grabs hold of him hips and slams himself as hard and deeply into me as he possibly can. As his cock spasms I feel the hot rush of his cum filling my pussy. I cry out again as this pushes me into a huge final orgasm. Falling forward, trembling, I find myself collapsed across his chest, my ear tucked into his neck, listening to the sound of his heart racing. We detangle ourselves and I nestle up against him. He wraps his arm around me and holds me close as I rest my head on his chest, slowly trailing my fingers across his skin in lazy little patterns. The warmth of our body heat keeps us comfortable in the cool early morning hours. After dozing a bit cuddled up together we slowly gather our clothes and return to the bikes. With a final slow passionate kiss and a promise to get together again soon we gear up, start up our bikes and head off. I follow him back to the highway exit and with a final wave head in opposite directions to get home. When I finally get home and slide into bed next to my husband the sun is just starting to rise and I drift off to sleep with a wonderfully relaxed smile across my face and awesome images from the night running through my mind as I drift off to sleep.

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