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Meet You Half Way Continued

As I finished the story I was reading to Sue, my cock spasmed
and shot my cum onto my belly. Just then I heard Sue call out,
Michael I'm cumming! Talk to me please. Oh Sue, I wish
I was there fucking you rather than that vibrator. With that she screamed, OH MY HEAVENS! Slam your
cock in me harder, harder. Then it got quiet. Breathing
slowed to a more normal rate. Sue, I said, are you ok lady?
Oh YES I am. Michael thank you so much for the bed time story.
You're welcome. I enjoyed it too. Well guess I better
let you go. Can I call you in the morning? Sure, that would
be fine. Good Night Sue. Good Night Michael. Hope you have
sexxy dreams. I wish you the same sweety. Bye.
About 15 minutes went by and the phone rang.
Figured it would be Ann calling with the time difference
in Texas and Michigan.
Michael, I know this is not proper, but, ,,
Sue, whats not proper. If I was to get up early and start driving
south towards you how long would it take to get to you? Lady,
you must have read my mind. About three hours if I was to be
heading towards you at the same time. But what will Carl
say? Yeah I know and what would Ann say. Hmmm, forgiveness
is sometimes easier to get than permission lets do it. Ok
Sue we'll do it. We both got up at 5a.m. on the road at
6 and headed towards each other on the highway. We kept in
touch by cell phone and met up at a roadside park at a few minutes
after 9a.m.
The meeting was warm with the last of the autumn leaves whipping
around us from the ground. We walked towards each other
and wrapped our arms around each other and hugged like there
was a magnet holding us together. We kissed, our lips lightly
touching then we had a tongue touching kiss that started
a tingling in my cock and balls. Hey there lady, good to see
you. Michael you haven't seen much of me at all yet.
There was a motel about a mile up the road Sue said, lets go
see if it has any vacant rooms. We got in our cars and drove
the mile back to the motel. It was an older independent motel.
The sign out front said water beds and free movies. We got
a room and were surprised to see the movies were triple X
and it was an old style water bed.
One BIG bag of water. We undressed each other and precum
was dripping off the head of my cock as Sue pulled off my g-string.
She pushed me back on the bed and sucked the tip of my cock
free from the slick lubrication. I got up off the bed and
undressed Sue. She was scantly clad in a sweatshirt and
jeans. Pulling the shirt over her head, I fondled her breasts
and pinched her already hard nipples. MMMmmmm, Sue purred
you have 15 minutes to stop that. Slowly took her nipples
in my mouth one at a time dragging her hard nipples over my
teeth. She screamed with pleasure. Now you've done
it Sue said with a smile, I'm gushing and its your fault.
I unzipped her pants and slid them down running my hands
over her perfectly formed ass as I did. Oh Sue, you are really
soaked I proclaimed looking at her baby smooth pussy lips.
We climbed up onto the bed and found ourselves at the bed's
mercy it seemed. Sue, this is going to be like having sex
on an air mattress in a lake I announced with a smile.
Starting out slowly we kissed and sucked each other from
head to toe and then got into a lady on top 69 position and
I placed my tongue onto her wet pussy lips and lapped up and
down like a puppy cleaning his bowl. Michael thats driving
me crazy, don't stop.
Sue placed her mouth over my cock and deep throated me. Fingering
my balls as she ministers to my cock with her magic tongue.
She started to shake as I put a finger on her anus and rubbed
some lotion into her little brown spot. My finger popped
in and she had her first orgasm. She started sucking my cock
like it was a popsicle and soon I was shooting my load into
her mouth. Sue drooled a little back onto my cock and swallowed
the rest. She rolled off of me and laid beside me running
her hands over my naked flesh. Michael, FUCK ME NOW please.
I got between her legs and rubbed my cum covered cock up and
down her slit. I spanked her clit with the head of my cock
and slid it into her wet love tunnel. Ohhhh, stop for a minute.
I remained motionless as she stroked my cock with the muscles
in her pussy. Oh Sue! thats good! We got a rythym going and
I was slamming into Sue with a vengence. My balls slapping
against her ass. In one quick flip, I was on the bottom and
Sue was riding my cock like a cow girl! She slammed down on
me as hard if not harder than I was doing to her with the water
bed helping her efforts to both of our pleasures. We both
started breathing harder and I could feel that familiar
surge starting in my balls. I'm close Sue are you with
me? Oh yeah, Michael let it go! I felt my cock swell inside
her I'm cumming honey she screamed and fell mashing
her breast on my chest as I shot my cumm into her pussy. We
laid like that until our mixed cum started dripping out
of Sue and onto me. She slipped off my semi hard cock and started
sliding her pussy over my groin smearing our sex sauce all
over my belly and cock. We kissed and fell asleep without
moving a muscle. To Be Continued

End of Story

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