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Me And My Soul Mate

My girl and I have always been wilder than anybody we knew.We were both getting fucked by adults when we were kids and we both enjoyed it.Some people can sense it,they just know when they see you that your a whore.We both stopped counting our lovers at 150 before we were 20 years old.
She's always prefered getting fucked by more than one hard cock.One dick just could'nt completely satisfy her hot tight pussy like 2 or 3 or 7 could.Just like her I could never get enough sex.We both love to eat pussy and suck a beautiful hard cock.
Until we met we had to hide it.We could'nt tell anybody about our past or our fantacies for the future.Nobody could understand and if they found out they would always use it against us.
Well we do understand and I love to hear every detail of her sexual encounters.We share our fantacies,we're not jealous of ghosts and we can't wait to finaly experience our lust for hard core sex without shame and with our one true soul mate by our side.

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