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Me Tess and a Best Friend

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Well, sort of anyway. First of all, while we have our place in the zip codes as Athens we live somewhat north of there and while we both work in Athens we live closer to Gainsville. So now you can stop guessing as to who we may be.

Anyway, just thinking of some times I have had without Steve and he said I could do this so here is one time when we were not seeing each other much at all and husband was taking care of my needs. I play with myself a lot and we had some friends over one weekend and a good friend of the family that we all get along with and is trusted by hubby was there. He sometimes had a girlfriend on his arm but not this weekend. Well, we have a nice size above ground pool and we were all in it, drinking beer and wine coolers and we all had a little too much and so maybe that dropped the normal walls we had up. I saw his very long snake in his shorts when they were wet and I know everyone saw my hard nipples through my top. Well, almost everyone went in to watch a game and he and I stayed in the pool, I think we each felt that we wanted to do something that we should not do. Well, we started playing, that is horseplaying in the pool. Grabbing and tickling and like that and a few times he had a handful of tit that I managed to put out there for him to grab. One time he did and then hugged me quickly and said, "Are those for real?" and I said "Of course they are." and the hubby came out and said that they were all going to town for a while and maybe to the Mall. That gives at least 2 hours and I told them I would stay and clean up and Lonnie said he was going to go to his place and get ready for work he next day and maybe go over and see his girlfriend.

Well, I went in and dried off and just put on a tank top that was loose and comes down to just below my hip and pussy. If I lift my arms then puss is visible but since Lonnie had already come in and changed and left I thought nothing of it. I went to the living room and there was his gym bag by the door so I guessed he would be back for it. Now it was nothing for him and I to be there alone cause we always had that wall up but anyway, I was cleaning up and was almost done when he came in the front door and grabbed his bag and looked at me. "Oh hey, sorry, came back for he bag." he said but his eyes were all over me and mine on his crotch. I felt myself getting wet and knew I should run but did not want to. I grabbed a beer out of the cooler that was still there and tossed it to him. "Sit down and have another." I said and he said "Okay, if you really want me to." and I said, "Oh, you do know how bad I really want you to." and he looked at me as if, "Is this really happening?" He slipped the beer and then I stood in front of him, "You asked me a question today. Do you want to know the answer?" I said and he looked at me, "Well, I was kind of just joking." he said. "Well, you ask if they were real." I said cupping my tits through my tank top and pulling the nipples that were already hard.

I was about two feet from him and he was leaning back his legs apart on the couch and I saw the head of a nice hard dark cock sticking from his shorts leg. I reaached down and pulled up my shirt till my nipples showed, "So you think these are real?" I said and he was sipping his beer and said, "Oh hell yeah." Now not only did my nipples show but I had forgotten that I had no panties on and he said, "I believe that that is real too." and I rememberd that I had no panties on. I stepped closer and said, "So do you wanna do something with it or do I cover it all back up.?" and he reached out carressing my leg up to my pussy and his fingers spread the lips. I closed my eyes and moaned, "Oh yes," and then pulled the shirt off. He took my tits in his bg hands and sucked the nipples and began slipping his fingers in and out of my pussy. I fell to my knees and grabbed his zipper and freed his cock and I now had a 10 or so inch monster of pleasure in my hands. It went to my mouth and I began sucking all I could down but it was so thick that I could not get it all in. I sat on his cock and aimed it between my pussy lips and it streached them out and then I rammed it in hard and all the way till his balls were next to my pussy.

I began riding him hard and like I have only ridden Steve before and his hips moved up and he had my tits in his hands and I begged him to pinch and bite them harder and harder. He did and I soaked his cock and balls with my first orgasm and I kept riding him. Suddenly he lifted me up and with my legs around him and his cock still in me turned me so that he was between my legs on the rug on the floor. Now he was ramming me hard and deeper every time he went in and I was moaning and squealing like crazy. I remember that I had so many orgasms that there was a puddle of pussy juice where the rug had moved and I was over the floor. I remember saying one last time, "Fuck me, fuck me really hard." and he did and then filled my pussy with his cum. He groweled like and animal and then as he got half soft I lifted my legs more and gave him my ass, "Please, do me there too, please." I begged him and his cock slipped in and got hard as my ass played with it.

He pounded my ass for a long time and again I had several orgasms. He finished and I licked his half hard cock clean and he got nervous and said good bye. I put the shirt back on and lft my pussy and ass flow with the juices we had made.

More later.

See ya.

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