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Maybe the annual work meeting isnt so boring after all

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I had to go to Phoenix for a work meeting, one of those annual "This is what we're gonna do next year to make it better" sort of things. It's where they unveil all the new programs and ideas meant to turn a profit and bring the company out of the slump it's in. The economy really hit us hard and for the last few years, these meetings were also meant to tell the management that it wasn't as bad as we feared. The meeting/conference was always held in the same hotel and had the same schedule. We got there between 10am and 11am to check in, had lunch at noon and then spent the rest of the day in various meetings and so on.

My hotel room was average, two double beds, a desk, a chair and if you were lucky enough to be several floors up, you got a nice window with a view. The bathroom was spacious and the tub was average but had a ledge a foot wide that stretched the length of the tub...perfect for sitting on while getting a blow job or for licking pussy.

After getting checked in and settled, I went thru the afternoon meetings and I soon found it approaching dinner time. The hotel always catered the meals and did a pretty good job, not to mention it's an open bar before dinner is served. The company uses this time to give out awards and recognition to some employees. Finally, after another hour and a half of mingling, drinking and eating and with all work stuff done for the evening I decided to get a drink at the hotel bar.

The bar was small but there were a lot of people in there. A few were from our meetings but most were just business men and women winding down. I spoke with a few people that I knew from talking on the phone but one by one they headed to their rooms for the night. Just when I was about to head to my room Karen, one of our sales reps, walked into the bar. She got hung up on a sales call and by the time she made it down to dinner it was all over. We talked a few minutes and since she missed dinner, she decided to order something to eat from the bar and I stayed to keep her company. We bitched about some of the things the company was doing that we didn't agree with, talked about how we hoped the company would do well enough to reinstate our bonuses next year and had a few drinks while talking. She enjoyed her white wine and I my crown and cokes.

Eventually the conversation turned to personal life and how things were going at home. I guess it was the drinks but one of us made a comment, which was followed by a sexual joke and how HR would hate to be listening to that conversation. Then it turned sexual with her saying that having to travel with work kills her sex life, but even when she is home her husband just isn't into it. I told her he must be crazy as I wouldn't be able to contain myself if I had an attractive woman like her walking around that was ready and willing. It was one of those comments made to pad someone's self esteem but there was definitely some truth in it. I would guess Karen to be in her late forties, about 5'5 but usually wore heels giving her a 5'8 appearance. Strawberry blonde hair a little past her shoulders with a little better than average body for someone her age. It wasn't 'bounce a quarter off of her ass and stomach' tight but still pretty hot. Definitely a milf for sure with probably a C cup up top. She wore your standard business woman attire; light blue button up blouse with a black blazer and black skirt that stopped right above her knee...she was a very well put together woman to say the least. I said well it could be worse, I'm home all the time and my wife just has zero sex drive and I'm still in my sexual peak being 31. She being about 15 to 18 years older she said she was in her peak and had to rely on toys and shower heads to keep her self satisfied. Half joking, half serious I said "Hell, maybe we can help each other out with that if HR doesn't find out" and while I waited for her to brush off the comment or change the subject there was a look in her eye that told me she was really thinking about what I had just said. I decided to take a shot and hope for the best. I asked the bar tender for another round of drinks but in plastic cups. I paid for the drinks and grabbed my room key out of my wallet and placed it on the table. Took a pen and wrote 'Room 807" on a napkin and put the napkin on top of the room key card. My next words were "I'm going to the restroom, if I come back and this is gone, I'll wait 5 minutes to finish my drink and I'll head up to my room. If I get back and the card is still on the table I'll pick it up and we won't mention another word about it." and with that I got up, walked out of the bar and went to the bathroom.

As soon as I was out of her sight my heart started beating...What the fuck have I done...I'm going to get reported and lose my job. But she was really into the conversation and I said it with such confidence that maybe she'll take me up on it. I was nervous and excited as I looked in the mirror and washed up. Walking out of the bathroom I took my time getting back to the bar just in case she was leaving and didn't want to make it awkward. When I saw my table I could see she was gone and the napkin was still on the table. As I sat down I noticed the writing was different and my key card was gone. The napkin said "5 minutes." HOLY CRAP she might actually be waiting for me in my room. Even though inside I was full of excitement and wanted to run straight to my room, I took my time finishing my drink after all I needed to kill 5 minutes. I headed to the front desk to get another key and with a simple "I've left my key in my room," I show them my ID, got another key card and I was on my way up. I could hardly contain myself in the elevator and when I got to my floor I walked a little faster than normal. At my room I slid the card in the slot and turned the handle.

The lights were all off but the room was lit up with the glow from outside coming in to the windows. As I shut the door I could see a pair of pantyhose on the floor right in front of me. Scanning a little further in the room I saw a bra sitting on the dresser next to the TV and could smell her perfume in the air. At that moment I saw her silhouette against the window, she was sitting in the desk chair and stood up when I moved into view. Without saying a word she walked towards me and we embraced in a kiss. Soft at first, then tongues met and it became deeper and more passionate. Pulling in tight to each other, she could feel the bulge in my pants which pushed her over the edge of any inhibitions. I think it was at that moment that she knew exactly what she was there for and it turned her on even more knowing that I wanted her. While we were standing there kissing, our hands wandered. One of mine was on her lower back holding her close while the other moved up and held the back of her head with just a hint of getting a handful of hair...not pulling it but just a light hold on it. Her hands where going up and down my back just rubbing and holding me close not wanting the kiss to end. I pulled back a little from the kiss taking her bottom lip and sucking on it ever so slightly and then traced kisses down her cheek and onto her neck. I slide my hand from her lower back around to her front and then slowly up her body to her right breast. It felt so soft and smooth under the silky fabric of her shirt. As I kissed her neck and rubbed her tit, her breathing got a little faster and heavier. Her hand had now found its way to the front of me and was slowly rubbing my dick thru my pants. Slipping her hand down the front, she let her fingers graze the tip and pushed down a little to feel the shaft. It was pure bliss and then when her hands moved out and started to undo my belt and pants my excitement kept growing. In seconds she had my pants down to the ground and was continuing rubbing on the outside of my boxers. I slipped my shoes off and easily kicked off my pants.

It was my turn to move it up a notch so I began trailing kisses down her neck and started unbuttoning her blouse. With every button undone, my mouth and lips moved down until her nipple was in my mouth. They were amazing, just the right size for the shape of her breast and it was like her nipple fit perfectly in my mouth. Even after my mouth made it to her breasts, my hands kept going down unbuttoning her shirt until the last one was reach. Now that her buttons were taken care of, she shrugged her shoulders causing the shirt to fall to the floor. As her shirt dropped, I moved my left hand around to her back while I continued moving my right hand down past the hem of her skirt. Once past the bottom of the skirt, I just let my hand linger down there and lightly rubbed her inner thigh with my finger tips. I felt her legs open slightly and knew where she wanted me to go but I was going to take my time. Slowly I traced my fingers up and down her thigh moving a little higher each time. When I reached the top I lightly dragged my finger tips across her lips and could feel how excited she was. I moved my mouth off of her chest and made my way back up to kissing her. She started to unbutton my shirt and followed the same path that I did on her, moving her lips down my neck and sucking on my nipples. When my shirt was unbuttoned, she slid it off my shoulders and trailed kisses the rest of the way down until she reached the waist line of my boxers. She hooked a thumb in each side of my waist band and pulled them down causing my dick to spring upward once it was free of the fabric. As the boxers hit the floor, she grabbed my hard dick in her hand and began licking the head. The AC had it a little cold in the hotel room which caused her mouth to feel extra warm. She pointed my dick upwards and ran her tongue from the head down the underside of my shaft down to the base and back up the same way. She did it again but this time when she reached the tip she wrapped her lips around the head and took it in her mouth. The feeling was amazing as she bobbed up and down, using one hand to follow her mouth up and down while the other played with my balls.

The blow job felt amazing. It was soft and steady and her lips and tongue put just the right amount of pressure on all that right places. There was nothing over the top outrageous but what made it better than most was that you could tell she WANTED to be doing it. Nothing makes a blow job better than having the woman want to be sucking your dick. Her movements and sounds told me that she was enjoying giving it almost as much as I was enjoying getting it. After about 5 minutes of this great blow job it was my turn to put her over the edge of ecstasy. I reached down, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up towards me so that we met in a kiss. My hands slid down her back, past the hem line of her skirt and back up to grab the cheeks of her ass pulling her towards me. With my dick smashed into her and her skirt hiked up around her waist, I could feel her slightly grinding her pussy against my thigh. With careful steps I slowly lead her backwards towards the bed and lowered her down on to it. She slid backwards to the middle of the bed and I followed resting on top of her. We kissed again and felling the tip of my dick pressing at her pussy lips I teased her with it making sure to rub her clit with my swollen head but making sure not to enter her. Each time the tip of my dick slid over her clit, a small moan escaped her lips thru the kiss. She tried several times to slide my dick into her but I kept pulling back just enough...I had other plans for her before we got to the animal fucking that was sure to happen.

I again broke the kiss and licked and kissed my way down her neck to her breasts. Stopping to lick and suck her nipple, and then the other I didn't stay there long. I kept trailing with my tongue and lips down her stomach until I reached the top of the skirt. I kissed right above the waist line of her skirt as I reached to the side and unzipped it. Once unzipped, I lightly tugged on the skirt and she lifted her ass up off the bed slightly...just enough for me to slowly begin to slide the skirt down. Inch by inch of her skin that the skirt slid past I kissed, licked and sucked making sure to take my time. As I reached her pussy lips I continued to pull the skirt down but I shifted right past her pussy and started down her leg still kissing and licking. Her skirt finally reached her feet and I pulled it stopping my lips at her ankle. With the skirt thrown down to the floor, I moved over to the other ankle and began to make my way back up her other leg. Her skin on her thighs was so soft yet I could feel the strength of her leg muscles with each kiss and suck. At the top of her thigh, I moved a little around her lips for just one more moment of teasing and then with my tongue out and flat, I licked from her pretty pink hole up to her clit. The sound from her lips was one of relief. Relief that the waiting was over. Relief that she knew she would be cumming soon and it wasn't by her hand. Relief that someone wanted her sexually and was about to have her.

She tasted amazing. Licking up and down the outside of her lips, pushing my tongue in to part them hitting her clit when I got to the top and then back down to do it over again. I put both hands on her pussy, one on each side spreading her lips with my thumbs. With that, her pussy was wide open for me to lick and my tongue made it up to her clit and it stayed there. I licked up and down, fast and slow, changing the rhythm trying to find out what she liked the most. After a minute or two I felt her tense up and knew she was at the point to get off but I back off a little as she calmed down...I didn't want this to be her first orgasm but a way to keep her right on the edge. From the sounds she was making I could tell she was enjoying the tongue massage I was giving to her pussy but I decided it was time to make her cum hard. I shifted myself over to my left a little and used the thumb and index finger on my left hand to spread her lips. I pushed my hand up a little to her abdomen making sure to get her clit to stand up and out. I brought my mouth back down to her pussy and started to lick her clit concentrating all my tongue movement on that button of pleasure. With my right hand palm side up, I slid my middle finger into her extremely wet hole and arched my finger upward to the front wall of her pussy. Knowing that I was hitting her g-spot, I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked on it. While sucking it in my mouth, I slide my tongue back and forth over it quickly, fingering her g-spot the entire time. With in seconds, her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tighter against her pussy. Her back arched, her leg muscles tightened and with a throaty moan she started to cum. Her entire body shook as she said "Yes yes keep licking keep licking." It seemed to just keep going and after about 20 seconds she began to calm down and her body started to relax.

"Oh that was amazing" was all she said thru her heavy breathing as I moved my mouth off her clit but kept sliding my finger slowly in and out of her hole. She grabbed my free hand that was no longer holding her lips open and pulled her self up to a sitting position and began kissing me. She could taste herself all over my face and she seemed to like it. As we kissed her hand went straight for my rock hard dick and started to slowly rub it. She broke the kiss and went down and put it in her mouth sucking fast and hard. I shifted around so that I could keep my hand between her legs and my finger sliding in and out her pussy. She sucked my dick for another minute and I knew I would not last long so I tried to slow it down a little so I could enjoy it. I moved myself so that I was lying down and could slide my way over next to her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up enough so that she realized what I wanted. Getting up on her hands and knees, I pulled her over to get in a 69 and she threw her leg over my head. With her now on top of me my mouth went straight back to her pussy. I licked and sucked on her clit all over again and even though I tried, I couldn't get my finger back to her g-spot. She pulled her mouth off of my dick just long enough to tell me to let her know when I was getting close. I concentrated on counting numbers, the topics of the meeting; anything I could do to make it last longer but in only another minute or two, I was on the edge. I told her I was close and she kicked a leg over my head and positioned herself between my legs and kept on sucking...she slowed down a little and I felt her reposition a little figuring she was getting in a better position to move away so she didn't have to swallow. Then I felt her moving more than she was a few second before. I glanced down to see what was moving and saw her on her knees and elbows, one hand wrapped around the base of my cock and the other back down between her legs. She was rubbing her pussy while giving me a blow job. It was such a hot fucking sight that I hit the point of no return and said I was going to cum...thinking she might move I was happily surprised when she started to bob her head up and down ever faster. I announced one more time that I was going to cum but that only seemed to encourage her on. With those last words from me, I grunted and started to cum. She didn't miss a beat. She kept sliding her mouth up and down my shaft using her hand to pump my cock and the other hand still feverishly rubbing her pussy. Now in almost every blow job, the woman stops right after a few squirts but she kept going...she swallowed with out stopping her motions and her rubbing her pussy seemed to push her on. With in 30 seconds of my orgasm passing, she started moaning with my dick still in her mouth. She finally took her mouth off my dick and sat up on her knees. What she did next I have never seen before. With her hand still rubbing her clit like crazy, she walked on her knees up my legs and lifted herself up enough to position her self over my dick. Through her moans and breathing she told me "don't move" and you can bet your ass I wasn't going anywhere and missing this show. With her one hand still rubbing her pussy, she leaned back a little and used her other hand to position my dick right at her pussy hole just letting the tip barely part the lips but again yelled out "DON'T MOVE." Suddenly her body started to show signs of tensing up and she said "I'm about to cum...Fuck me" as she lowered her pussy down on to my dick. I started lifting my hips up and down off of that bed and pounded into her for all I was worth. Her body went rigid, her legs tightened around my hips and with her hand STILL rubbing her clit she said "I'm cumming." Thinking earlier when I was licking her pussy that her orgasm was a strong one I'd be right but this one was even bigger. She came for what must have been 30 seconds switching between "Ohhhh" and "fuck me" over and over again. When the orgasm finally passed she collapsed down onto my chest, hair wet with sweat feeling her hot breath on my neck. For the next little while we kept going, me on top kissing as we slowly fucked, doggie style a little harder and faster and even on the desk and in the chair. She came one more time with me on top and I came for the last time while fucking her on the desk. We moved over to the bed and fell asleep.

The hotel room phone range at 6am for my wake up call. I'm glad I got into the habit of scheduling it before I go down to dinner and start drinking. Rolling back over, I put my arm around her, kissed the back of her neck and slid my hand up and down her naked body. I got up and made a pot of coffee and brushed my teeth. She followed behind me with her tooth brush and I asked where she got that from. She point to a suitcase in the corner that I must have walked past the night before when I walked into my room. She told me she grabbed it on her way up last night...her room was 2 doors down from mine. We decided to shower together and made good use of the ledge I mentioned earlier. We lathered each other up with the soap and she sat on the ledge as I licked her pussy again. She got off and stood up, bent over and held on to the ledge and I got behind her where I finished off. We washed up again and got ready for the day ahead of us. We ate breakfast with every one else at the meeting and no one thought anything about us sitting next to each other.

It's been a year and the conference is in a few weeks. She sent me an email asking if I'll be there again. Absolutely...I wouldn't miss this boring meeting for anything.

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