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Marrie -- Part 2 - At The Camp

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Over the following few months we kept in touch, but didn’t get to see each other. We realized that summer would soon be upon us; a whole summer of not seeing each other! But then we devised a cunning plan… we both signed up to be counselors at a summer camp. Suddenly summer looked incredible! A whole summer of seeing each other every day and not under the watchful eyes of our parents! Still, we would need to be discreet; we didn’t want to get sent home in shame. Discretion seemed to be the hardest part… OK, the second hardest part… but even before arriving at the camp we had planned out a schedule of when we would get together and fuck like rabbits. At all other times we behaved like brother and sister to avoid suspicion.

Indeed her planning worked out just as we’d hoped; we had sex at least twice a week and felt we were making up for all the months apart. The climax of the summer (if I may put it that way) occurred in the middle of the final week. Marie had worked very hard when she made our schedule and she had noticed that there would be a full moon that night. Stupid me, I didn’t realize it would be so romantic, I saw it only as an increased likelihood of being caught. After breakfast that morning she slipped me a note saying that I should meet her by the big rock on the opposite side of the lake that night.

She arrived soon after I did and we ran into each other’s arms. She then led me into a small clump of trees and bushes and began getting undressed. I tried to stop her because the ground wasn’t clear enough for our purposes, but she said that I should trust her. Once we were naked she took my hand and led me quietly into the lake and we swam to a small island. The island was surrounded by bushes, but among the trees in the middle there was sufficient open space for us to revel in being together under the silvery moon.

I took her in my arms and we danced and kissed and quietly celebrated our love for each other. I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I eased my cock into her pussy. I began thrusting in and out of her. We were soon in a rhythm and I could feel her hard nipples sliding up and down my chest. She was breathing and muttering little words of rapture in my ear and before long I could feel her reach her climax. Her body convulsed and set off my orgasm and I pumped my seed into her as we held each other tight.

She dismounted but we continued to hold each other for balance. Then I felt her hand on my cock and I began to regain my erection. She knelt down and took me in her mouth until I was fully hard and ready to go again. She then turned around and presented me her perfect backside. The moon shone down and glistened on her skin. Her pussy glimmered as it peeked from between her thighs and I watched as a glittering drop of moisture formed on her lips. I reached forward and stroked her pussy. She cried out and begged me to enter her, to take her under the moon like savages of old.

I took hold of her hips and plunged my cock deep into her. I was soon pumping forcefully, my balls striking her clit with each thrust. I pressed a thumb on her anus and rocked it back and forth in time; soon it was penetrating her ass just a little bit, then a little bit more. She moaned and whimpered and I could feel her move a hand to her clit. Somehow I came first, but she was very close behind, her back was arching and she forced her ass back at me as I held on as best I could as her pussy milked my cock dry.

We slipped quietly back into the water and caressed each other, washing away the dirt and sweat we had accumulated. Our kissing and groping soon had me hard again. I picked her up, carried her to shallower water, and sat down with her straddling my lap. We were in water up to our necks, making out, and she began to rub her pussy against my cock once more. We had already fucked twice and I didn’t think I could go again, but I for sure needed to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock once more and she begged me to fuck her slow and savor what could be our last night together for a while.

She rose up and helped guide me into her. The water had washed away our lubrication so the going was slow, but it was a whole new sensation, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Once I was finally in her to the hilt we continued our kissing and fondling; the only sensation to my cock was that of her flexing her muscles. She leaned back and I sucked her nipples. With my hands supporting her ass I began raising and lowering her just a little bit. She leaned forward; I felt her nipples caressing my chest as she began moaning into my ear. Her obvious enjoyment was a stronger stimulus than the small movement of my cock in her pussy and when she came, I did too.

The moonlight shone down and she looked radiant, her eyes glittered in the moonbeams. We swam back to shore and got dressed then separated back to our campsites.

It had been a wonderful summer and we had had a lot of fun and learned a lot more about each other. We knew we were definitely in love yet were facing another bleak school year apart. Only hope and optimism would carry us through until we were together again.

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