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Marie -- Part 1 - At The Fair

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We met at the county fair. Kids from several local schools had been pressed into performing dances from Colonial America… in period dress, ugh. I felt like such a goof in my outfit; I mean come on, knickers, buckle shoes, and a long wool coat?! But then I saw the girls. One girl in particular caught my eye. She was wearing a blue dress, and she had light blue ribbons in her long flowing hair that flashed in the sunlight as she twirled. Our eyes met and her broad smile told me that she felt our sudden connection too.

I managed to maneuver myself closer to her and when the dancing began I was pleased to find her looking up at me with sparkling eyes. I bowed to her, she curtsied, and we were off in a whirl for a delightful afternoon beyond my expectations. She felt so right in my arms, warm and soft, her joy of movement infected me, my heart sang.

During our brief breaks she clung to me, her chest heaving against my side, and we got to know each other a little; her name was Marie, and as well as dancing, she also had some bunnies entered in the fair. Eventually the performance was over and I was afraid I'd never see her again, but then she pulled me by the hand, said, “Let’s go see my bunnies”, and off we ran across the fairgrounds.

We entered a dimly-lit barn and she led me among the rows to the hutch that held her bunnies. She cooed over them, and asked if I’d ever seen anything so darling. I could only reply that their owner held that distinction. She gave me a hug and smiled up at me. I bent down and we met with a kiss. Our first kiss seemed eternal, yet ended too soon; it was followed quickly be a second, longer, one, after which she rested her cheek against my chest as we held each other tight and delighted in our intimacy. Again I could feel her breasts pressed to me as she breathed deeply. After a wonderful minute she looked deep into my eyes and with a mischievous gleam in her eye she once more took me by the hand and guided me to the back of the barn where a ladder lead up to a hay loft.

Once up the ladder, she twirled and hummed some of the music we had danced to earlier. I caught her and we slowly danced together. We slowed to a halt and met with a kiss. I lowered my hand to knead her ass and she responded by kissing me even more passionately, swirling her tongue with mine. Breaking our kiss, she started unbuttoning my vest. Once that was complete I gave a good tug on the lacings of her bodice, but she said that she had better see to that herself. As she began releasing herself from her outfit I removed my coat, laid it on a pile of hay, and then began removing my own laborious clothing. Before long I was down to my boxers and she wore only her smile and the ribbons in her hair.

I still believe a man can’t wish for a more beautiful woman; slender, with rosy nipples erect on breasts that seemed molded for my hands alone. The evening sun filtered through the hay loft and caressed her curves. She stood poised, awaiting my approval, and I went to her, took her in my arms, and told her how beautiful she was and how privileged I felt that she had chosen me. Our bodies molded themselves together as one as we kissed and explored one another's body.

I felt her lowering herself, taking my boxers with her, and her eyes had that devilish gleam again as her face reached the level of my very rigid cock. Her warm hands caressed my cock and balls and she placed a gentle kiss on the tip. I closed my eyes and nearly came immediately when she began licking the underside slowly up and down. She eased the head into her mouth and began gently sucking as she worked it in and out a little at a time. Periodically she would stroke that part that she couldn't fit into her mouth and before long I knew that I would surely drown her with my come. I told her that I was about to come and she slowly slid her mouth back so that only the tip remained in her mouth as she worked the shaft more rapidly. I came, she swallowed, and she managed to keep most of what I gave her from dripping on her breasts. She licked me clean while working a few drops of my cream into her skin as she grinned up at me.

I took her by the hand and led her over to my coat. She lay down on it and spread her legs, inviting me to taste the pleasures she offered. I kneeled between her legs and began kissing my way up her thighs as I approached her obviously very wet pussy. I could smell the tangy aroma of her arousal and found it difficult not to just dive right in. By the time I finally arrive at her pussy she was moaning in desperation for my touch.

I lightly breathed across her pussy, setting her downy hairs aquiver, and she gasped in agony. I gently kissed her clit and then began licking around it in little circles as her body began spasming. By then she had her feet on my shoulders and was thrusting her pussy against my face, demanding that I devour her and give her the release she needed. I took her ass in my hands to help maintain contact as I licked and sucked her tender flesh and before long she thrashed through a powerful orgasm. My face was covered in her sweet juices and I licked up what could.

She began to settle down and recover her breath and soon I began to gently stroke the hair above and on her pussy. I kissed her clit again and began to work a finger into her tight passage. Before long I had two fingers working slowly in and out of her and was caressing her clit with a thumb.

She asked me to fuck her.

I kissed her clit once more and moved up her body, sucking on her nipples as I passed them. My mouth reached hers and we kissed. My cock reached her pussy and she took it in her hands and slid it along the slick folds of her pussy before guiding me into her. She caught her breath and she released a whimpered “yes” from her throat as I slowly worked my cock into her pussy. I hit bottom and paused to relish the sensations flowing throughout my body knowing that she was doing the same. I slowly withdrew my cock and watched as her lips extended, trying to keep me from escaping. Then I plunged back into her. With a ragged voice, she begged me not to stop. I began thrusting in and out of her slowly. She continued to moan and whimper as her head flailed back and forth. She moved her hands to her breasts and pulled on her nipples. Once again I began slowly working her clit with my thumb. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tightly into her as she had another powerful climax. I was trapped, I was so close to coming, but I couldn’t move, I couldn’t pump, I was in agony. Finally her hips shuddered and her muscles clenched around my cock pushing me over the edge into my own orgasm and I pumped her full of my seed.

We rested and caught our breath, her legs released me, and my spent cock slipped from her pussy. I moved up beside her on my coat and we kissed deeply, thanking each other for the pleasures we had shared. Eventually we got up and got dressed. We knew we lived too far apart to see each other frequently, but we exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch.

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