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They picked their spots. Game On.



The house was dark and cleared of clutter, just as it always was when they played their favorite game. They were both blind folded and naked.

"Marco!" she yelled for him, sensing she was getting close to her prize.

"Polo!" he replied from obligation running from the dining room to the living room and crashing into the couch. He wasn’t hurt but he was stalled just long enough from her to carefully but swiftly make her way down the stairs and tag him.

"Got ya, baby! You know what to do."

Already sitting on the floor he leaned back against the couch and rested his head back on a cushion. In the darkness she maneuvered herself over him and rested her pussy over his mouth. She giggled excitedly as he kissed around her lips with his and sucked her inner thighs. His dick twitched as he became increasingly turned on by his wife’s scent. He pointed his tongue and licked the creases on either side between her pussy and thigh. He knew if he was going to win he would have to tease her long enough to make her forget the game. She concentrated to make sure he didn’t succeed. He sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and she let out a long satisfactory moan. Maintaining suction he let the full length of his tongue run between her lips and over her clit where it lapped 5 circles. He probed her hole as she began to get uncontrollably wet from his stimulation. Her hips began to grind on his face as he continued on his mission. He felt her thighs start to twitch and he knew he was nearing his goal. Her breathing became heavy and while one of her hands supported her on the back of the couch the other was firmly attached to his head holding him in place. She felt her pussy begin to contract and she knew he thought he had her. Just before his victorious moment she leapt up, sprang over the back of the couch and into the darkness.

"Damn! I had you!" he shouted to her.

"Never!!" she retorted.

"Marco!" he called out, a playful frustration in his voice.

"Pooollllllo" she said in a sexy sultry voice from upstairs.

He bounded up the stairs shouting again. After a few calls he cornered her in the guest bedroom and tagged her. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her fingers around his manhood. She squeezed him hard.

"This is mine" she proclaimed as if laying a claim on a piece of land.

Under the blindfold he couldn’t see her, but he could feel so much more. Electricity ran through him as her fingernails ran down the front his thigh, around the back of his knee and up his ass. She wouldn’t take him into her mouth; she only sat there and let him feel her humid breath against it. She licked her hand and used it to crank his dick up and down while twisting her wrist. Her other hand massaged his balls and occasionally a stray finger snuck back to tickle his ass. He gasped from her manual work and ached to feel her mouth wrapped around him. Finally, without warning she released him from her grip and enveloped him entirely into her mouth and down her throat.

"Oh-my-OH! Fuck!!" he exclaimed. She moved her head with vigor making him fuck her throat. A thick saliva built in her mouth and dripped to the floor below them. She grabbed his ass with both hands and made him thrust into her. His hands moved to his blindfold. He wanted so badly to take it off, but he knew the room was pitch dark just-in-case of temptation and it would do no good. He let his hands rest on the back of his head and concentrated on keeping his legs under him. The sensations passing through him were so strong it was a fight just to stay upright. Below him she moaned sending vibrations through his entire pelvis. He was starting to twitch uncontrollably and his ears got warm as his legs started to shake and tingle. He was ready to explode into her mouth and she knew it. She latched her hands to his ass in an effort to make escape impossible. He yelled and she was assured of victory. But at the last possible second before the point of no return he entangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her away. He knelt down and kissed her passionately for several minutes before running from the room.

"Asshole!" she called after him.

"Love you!" he called back.

"Marco!" the game was back on and his lioness was on the hunt. She was so wet from their last two encounters that she considered giving in and letting him bring her to that sweet losing orgasm. Her competitive nature was too strong though and she knew she would have to resist. She did move slower than usual though, making an effort to cool herself before she tracked him down again.

"Marco!" She was walking right past him! He let his arm swing in the dark and it found her ass with loud smack! She jumped and yelped in shock. "Polo!" he breathlessly called back, running down the hallway into the foyer. She regained her composure and took off after him. She slipped on the tile floor and landed with a thud.

"Baby, you ok?" he asked, concern in his voice. He removed his blindfold but could scarcely see his love in the darkness.

"Oooooooohhhnnnnn" she moaned painfully.

He walked back to the entrance of the home to tend to his lover. He knelt down next to her and asked her where it hurt.

"Right here…" she said while simultaneously grabbing his hand and bringing to her aching pussy.

"You fucking cheater" he tried to sound stern but couldn’t keep himself from laughing at his cunning wife.

The tile under them was especially cold under their white-hot bodies but the rules said that they had to stay where they were caught. She had pissed him off and he was going to make her pay by surrender. He rose to his haunches and pulled her up off the floor. He made her straddle him and sat her down onto his rock-hard member. She was so tight and wet and they both exhaled powerfully as they became one. After she was saddled he stood, lifting her with him. His elbows hooked under her knees he began thrusting. She clasped her hands around his neck and held on for dear pleasure. Sweat began to drip down his chest, but she wouldn’t give in to him. He filled her pussy and hit her spot with each thrust. He pulled her body to his and sucked and bit her neck and shoulder while her clit ground into him. She moaned sweet obscenities into his ear and he tenderly grunted her name, commanding her to cum for him. She tried to hold back but it was futile. There was nothing in her heart, mind, body or soul that could bring her to stop him from bringing her to the summit and letting her body leap off. Her pussy began to squeeze him and she yelled his name. Her orgasm rolled over and through her. She went stark silent and involuntarily held her breath as it took her over. He continued his powerful thrusting and when she could finally breathe again it was in a pleasure-filled yell while she continued to cum. The perfect conditions of her pussy and his wife’s overwhelming sexiness proved too much for him and he struggled not to drop her as he shot load after load into his wife, while his body tensed and his legs shook.

As they came down they melted into the floor under them. They still breathed heavily as she rested in his arms.

"So…Tie?" she mumbled when she could finally speak.

"You wish. You soooo lost."

She rolled over and punched him in the chest. "Rematch!" she exclaimed and ran off.

"You’re on, baby! Marco!"

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