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Making Love

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It's been a very long day, you get home from work and as you walk through the door I'm standing there waiting. Wearing your favorite red lace -panties and a little t-shirt. I have been working around the house all day. Holding a glass of your favorite beer in my hand I walk over and tenderly give you a kiss welcoming you home.

Walking hand in hand into the living room, you notice that the house looks really nice, fresh and clean. There are pillows placed on the floor and a blanket lying on the rug, I motion for you to sit. I have gr*pes and strawberries, and some crackers and cheese for us to snack on.

Taking a strawberry I offer it to you, you open your mouth, taking my hand in yours and licking my fingers one by one. I do this again but with a gr*pe. Watching the anticipation glowing in your eyes. As we drink and eat the fruit, we chat about our day, but not for long because you know I have other things on my mind.

Setting our glasses down, I'm now kneeling before you, our eyes meet with each other's. My hands begin slowly stoking the outside of your shirt, I offer to remove it, as I do I stand up to pull it over your head, with you watching every move I make. My hands begin by running themselves all over your chest, feeling the warmth of your body against my touch. We kiss for what seems like an eternity, as our tongues play with one , we kiss with passion. My hands begin to slide from your chest down to your pants, unzipping then and sliding them down to the floor. I have you step out of them, and notice the bulge that has already appeared in your shorts. Bringing myself back into your loving arms we kiss again. Our passion for each other is so strong neither of us wanting this kiss to ever end, but it's time.

I push myself away and walk over to the stereo, putting on music; I turn around and walk back towards you, as you look at me with those quiet but knowing eyes. I know I am tempting and teasing you, I can feel your eyes watch my ass as I cross the room. I then come back and place my hands on your chest and slide them down your sides till reaching your shorts. With my fingertips I begin working them down your legs and to the floor. You lift your feet and I toss them aside. As I kneel down in front of you I look up into your loving eyes and lick my lips in anticipation.

You pull me up to your lips and kiss me long and hard. The passion we share is like none either of us has felt in so long. It's time you say, and you take me to the floor and lay me down. Spreading my legs apart, you start to pull down my panties exposing my freshly shaven pussy that glows in it's own juices. You pull me up and slide the t-shirt off over my head. Laying me back down. You look at me, smile, then reach for the massage oil that I had placed out, starting with my feet, working your way up each thigh, out side then inside, you slowly rub the warm oil onto my skin, making sure to not to touch my pulsating pussy. Continuing up my stomach to each breasts, making sure you spend a lot of time there, rubbing and flicking each nipple. You play with each one of them long enough to make them stand up hard.

You roll me over and continue to massage my now tingling body, starting at my feet again, up my legs, my thighs up to my hips, caressing the small of my back, my creamy white skin glissens with warmth and oil, you then reach to my up turned ass, down my inner thighs, just lightly brushing my pussy, but not really touching, I moan,,so close. Running your hands back up my back, around my shoulders and then working out to my sides. Feeling completely relaxed as you begin to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear lobes. You straddle my legs, pulling my hips up towards you and sliding me back towards you firmly. You then take your cock and put it into my swollen hot pussy. You slowly begin to push your hard cock in and out of me. In and out, in and out, in and out, your pace quickens, deeper and faster. Harder and harder I feel you fucking me. I'm begin to moan and can't help myself as I come to the point of screaming, then I yell at you to Fuck me harder baby, Fuck me. You love to hear me moan, you know that I am in a wonderful place as you feel my body convulse and cum, feeling it squirt hot pussy juice onto your cock and balls, dripping down between our legs, making me cum over and over and over again.

One orgasmic wave after another. I can tell your ready to explode, but I grab you and say..Wait baby, pull out.

I just want to taste you, to feel your hard cock penetrate my mouth. My hunger for you is more then I can bare so I take my tongue and lick the pussy juice and cum that oozes all over the tip of your hard cock, licking every drop, tasting my sweet pussy on your hard cock, I begin to moan again, it tastes so fucking good.

My mouth now opens wide and I want to push your cock deeply into the back of my throat, I lick my lips again while looking up at you. I place one hand around your balls and the other at the base of your cock and slowly begin to slide your hot cock inside my mouth. I begin to feel every vein and bulge as I take you in deep. Letting my teeth slightly graze the shaft of your cock. I feel you shutter as I send waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. Your manhood grows larger and your balls even firmer. Filled with your tasty white cum, making my mouth water with the anticipation of the explosion that I know is about to cum.

Deeper and deeper I take you, until I have the head of your rock hard cock resting against the back of my throat. I tilt my head to open up my throat and suck you in as hard as I can, squeezing your ball, pulling you tightly into me. Your hands are on my head, holding me down, your hips in rhythm of my mouth and together we become one as you begin to fuck my face pushing harder and faster into my mouth. You moan with the excitement that soon you will cum in my mouth and knowing that I will drink and lick every last drop.

Your cock hot and hard, now all I want to do is taste you. All of you! I can hardly take it anymore. Your hips, thrusting into my face as you continue to pump yourself in and out of my hot wet mouth. Knowing that soon it will happen. I want to say, give it to me now, make me wait no longer. You moan so loud as you shoot your load of hot white creamy cum down deep into my throat. Holding me down, making me take it all. Mmmmmmmmmm?. oh yessssssssssssssssssss!!! and then all of a sudden with one finally thrust we both scream out in one finally explosion of passion. Our breathing becomes heavy as you drop to your knees and fall next to me in complete exhaustion. But with a very big smile on your face and on mine. You roll over and gently we kiss, as you wrap your arms around me, I hear you murmer, I love you, and I reply with all my heart. Together we lay as one and drift into a very peaceful sleep...

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