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Makes My Juices Pour

I really don't know when my first time was. I do know it was with my first husband who had also taken my virginity. It has always been a part of sex for me. I have never had a man inside me unless I sucked him first. Maybe because I am submissive and feel comfortable at a man's feet pleasuring him. I have always enjoyed giving blow jobs and love taking my time in doing so.

I start by licking up and down his shaft as he watches attentively. Then I run the tip of my tongue around the ridge of his head and he usually moans which encourages me to continue. I love to use my hands as an added sensation and alternate between playing, licking, stroking, and sucking. All the different sensation keep him rock hard but also prolong his erection because I give him just enough of each for it to start feeling really good then change to a new one.

I don't know why it turns me on as it does. It could be watching and listening to him responding to my pleasures or feeling how hard his cock is in my palm or how easily it slides between my wet lips and over my tongue into my throat but whatever the reason I get dripping wet. He has never even touched my p*ssy yet and my juices are pouring onto my thighs.

I love giving blow jobs but just can't seem to last very long without begging him to fuck me at least just a little. He knows when he does I am good for another round until my need becomes overbearing again. I love sucking him with my juices glazed over him like sugar toppings on ice cream. I honestly think I could suck him all night as long as we take fuck breaks in between!

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