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Make Up Shower

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I don’t know why it’s unavoidable that we argue, but at times the resulting argument can lead to a more productive use of our time and energy. The build up of anger and attitudes can be redirected to satisfy one another physically, but on a higher level than normal. However neither one of us willing to expose ourselves by giving into the other first even though the results would end in pure bliss and complete satisfaction. Despite the fact that I am angry as hell at her ass I can’t help but get aroused by her beauty when ever she is in my presence. As she begins to take off her clothes in front of me, obviously trying to entice me, in preparation of her morning ritual of self cleansing physically and mentally I could feel a rise in my blood flow while I lay on the bed watching TV. She takes her robe off and the socks she put on that morning to keep her feet from touching the cold floors. Next she takes off the T-shirt that I received from one of my many basketball tournaments that I have participated in within the last 10 years. Leaving only her lace blue panties tightly wrapped around her nicely curved posterior. Her breast are perfect and her caramel complexion is flawless I can already imagine my lips all over her as if I was her apple. I can see her nipples already erect probably due to the fact that morning air was somewhat cool for a mid morning Summer Saturday. In my mind I can already imagine my mouth attempting to feed itself on the wonderful morsels. She looks in the mirror in front of her vanity noticing me staring at her soft body to the point I just might be drooling. She throws me a sharp look that could cut me clean open and with just as much edge as her look she asks me what I am looking at. I quickly snap out of my aroused state making a sigh and redirecting my attention back toward the television in front of me. She gets up from her vanity and in one motion takes her panties off without so much as a bend in her knees exposing her lips to me and as I glance over I notice she was a little moist, so I look at her panties and see a spot to coincide with the glistening moisture between her thighs. Immediately I am back at attention quickly forgetting the dagger she just threw at me just moments earlier. I watch her walk away so fierce it could kill a normal man under normal circumstances. Well this is far from normal and I am no ordinary man and she will soon be reminded of such. Just as she walks away and I watch she turns her head just slightly exposing a smirk and a gleam in her eye that meant now is your time to make love to me. I wait for her to turn on the shower and jump in our glass and marble sanctuary and give her some time to start without me. As soon as she turns the corner and is out of plain of the room I jump up and take off my shirt and socks in record time leaving only my shorts and the bulge in those shorts. I wait a few minutes planning my attack as if I were on the hunt and actually I am, but my prey is not the woman soon to be the object of my affection but rather the quarrel the ensued earlier that morning. I stand there for a few minutes and watch her begin to rub the bar of soap over her breast and legs. I can tell by how sensual she is being that she is getting aroused bathing herself. With the soap in her right hand she lathers it up good and takes her free hand and begins to bathe in between her legs, but with more care and attention than the rest of her body. As I watch she head tilts back slightly and I hear her moan softly as she continues her regiment. A loud thud is heard as she drops the soap on the marble tiles on the floor and moves her right hand to her breast. Now she is squeezing then and her legs are getting weak with every splash of the water against her warm skin. I open the door to the shower not wanting her to cum unless its by my doing and she turns only her head and smiles. The smile alone was satisfaction enough, but I cant forget the reason that I joined her to begin with and that is to show her that her satisfaction means more to me than any petty squabble. I come up behind her almost forgetting that I still have my shorts on and embrace her tightly and kiss her on the neck. She feels my shorts on her soapy bare mound and lets out a laugh and then turns around throws her foam-covered arms around my neck and plants a soft wet kiss on my lips. I can begin to feel her tongue but just enough to get me to want more, but not so little that she is teasing me. Then she slowly moves down and starts sucking on my chest and neck. She then bends down and the water is hitting is her upper back and then she proceeds to take off my shorts all the while she is kissing and suck on my abs. Once my remaining attire hits the floor she pulls them from under me and throws to the back of the shower. Now she is kissing and sucking on my inner thigh running her tongue across my balls taking one in her mouth and sucking softly then switching to the other. Now by this time I have totally forgotten that I came to give her pleasure to end our little tiff and here she is taking over where I didn’t even start off. Shortly there after she is licking the shaft of my dick and taking me further from my original thought and goal of making her cum in my mouth. And without warning she swallows my dick whole and I let out a gasp as my eyes role back into my head and I stare into my brain which she is blowing the hell out of… She start out slow sliding her mouth up and all the way down sliding her tongue at the same time driving me crazy and even closer to ecstasy. She glides up and down and begins to moan while she is sucking me off, I look down and see her left hand rubbing her own clit and fingering herself while she is pleasing me. Her moans are getting louder drowning out my own sounds of joy and I wasn’t sure if she was enjoying me in her mouth or her own hand more. She sucks harder when she taste a lil precum on the tip of my dick and moans out loudly then I snap out of it and pull my rock hard dick out of her mouth and that was a task cause she wouldn’t let go and was eager to get her lips back on my dick as if you want me to cum in her mouth. I pull her up and kiss her sticking my tongue deep in her throat and she moans even louder. I take the fingers she was using to play with herself and suck them dry. Her mouth is open wide as she watches me suck the cinnamon off her previously self inserted caramel sticks… I sit down on the marble stool in the back left corner of the shower and pull her to me and place her left foot beside me where I sit. I kiss her thighs a bit with the water now hitting her lower back and watch the water trickle down her ass and role off her already moist lips. I stick a finger inside her and move in it and out rubbing her clit with my thumb. I place the tip of my tongue on her clit and she screams out in pleasure and at this rate she wont last long. I stick my tongue in her and her legs start to buckle. I hold her up while I continue to fuck her with my tongue. I suck a little harder on her clit and she yells out cuming all over my tongue. I don’t stop suck on her clit until she cant take it anymore and pushes my head away and pulls on my arms wanting me to stand. She turns around and grabs my dick from behind and rams m dick deep inside her cum dripping pussy. She bounces back and forth on my dick each time a little harder than the previous time taking me deeper inside her. I can feel her G spot and every time I do she yells out in pleasure until she gets to the point where her knees get weak again. I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet so I grab her by the hips and slow her down to a slow grind. She is still on the verge or cuming at any second so I grab her hips and go as deep as I can. She yells at the top of her lungs as she cums again this time all over my dick. Feeling her pulsate on my dick drives me over the edge and I can feel the build up getting ready to fill my sexy temptress. I tighten up all over and grab her hips tighter and start to pound my dick deep inside her and she is close again which is great cause that will make mine that much better. I grunt loudly as I the beautiful woman full of my cum and seconds later she cums with me grabbing the back of my head with her right hand and my bare bottom with her left. We stand there for a few minutes until my dick softens up an slides out of her and then she proceeds to go down on me again sucking both her cum and mine off my limp dick. My knees get weak and my dick begins to shake uncontrollably as she sucks and licks it dry. She swallows the remainder of our love juices and come back up smiling she kisses me and then whispers in my ear “maybe we should fight all the time”. I laugh and grab her tightly and kiss her forehead several times and think to myself fuck ya maybe we should…. Little does she know I am going to put her to sleep just as soon as we get out the shower with another session similar to the one we just had if her pussy isn’t throbbing yet it will be when I get done with her LOL. We continue our embrace for another 15 mins rinse each other off then turn off the shower. This is definitely the only woman for me and I will express that to her just as soon as we dry off…

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