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My wife is hot at 57 years old with a 44 chest and a great ass. She has often expressed her fantasy of being a hooker. She likes dressing slutty when we go to the club and living in Las Vegas, I thought we could act out her fantasy realistically. The rules I suggested was that she dress and act like a prostitute and I would "pimp" her out for the night. I would set up her "dates" and she would ask no questios and perform as I directed her. She agreed willingly.

One evening shortly thereafter, I told her that I was taking her out to "work" and she should ready by 10 o'clock. She freshly shaved her pussy, bathed and dressed in a short, tight fitting tube dress that barely covered her nipples at the top and her pussy on the bottom. Without any underwear, you could see her pussy asshe bent over and her tits were spilling over from the top. She wore fish net hose and high heels. Heavy dark eye makeup and very bright red lipstick with her hair spiked up accented her appearance. She carried a small purse with a strap that contained a dozen condoms and lubricant. As agreed, she asked no questions and while still at home, we had a coupleof drinks and shared a joint. She was smiling with excitement and gulped the alcohol in anticipation of what the night would bring. We walked out to our car and passed a male neighbor, who gave her a "double take" that seemed to assure that her outfit was good and slutty.

I drove to the seedier part of the Strip near the Stratosphere. She eyed up the unsavory people walking near the rear of the hotel thatincluded some street hookers and a guy selling dope. I parked in the garage and Ipulled out another joint and told her tohit it hard. After she told me that she was pretty fucked up and I told her to get out the car and "make some money". I told her to go down the elevator to the hotel and walk through the casino to the street where the other street hooker were working and join them. Without question, my sweet wife went to "work". I immediately drove outof site, leaving her in the garage. I parked one level down and went into thecasino and followed her discreetly. I watched as my wife slowly walked through the casino making eye contact with every single man. Her tits bounced and ass wiggled. She was a little tipsy from the joint and alcohol, which made her more inviting to be fucked. Soon she reached the street and joined the other prostitutes. I watched as she talked with them briefly and they all split up along the curb. A car pulled up and stopped, with all of the girlsincluding my wife approach the occupant. My wife was smiling broadly. One whore got into the car andit drove away, leaving my wife and theother two prostitutes standing on the curb. I aproached her and told her to come withme. We re-entered the casino and went to thebar and had a couple of drinks. She told me that she was excited walking through the casino and as each man made eye contact withher, she felt her pussy become wetter. Finally when she made it thecurb with the other whores, she felt her pussy was on fire. We made our way back to the car and shared another joint.

I told her wewere going to a nearby swing club and as we entered, I walkedin first with her following me. We toured the areas and I paraded her by the single men who were playing pool and loitering at the bar. She continually made eye contact and smiled at the men.We checked out thr Group Room where two couples were fucking in a foursome and a group of men wee standing around watching. I held my wife's arm behind her back and had her stand in front of me, making sure I rubbed her tits against every man in the area. We went to the couch area and I sent her for drinks for us. I watched as she slowly walked through the crowd displaying herself. Once she returned, I told her I was going to set up a couple of "dates" for her and she needsto be ready to fuck and suck without question. She just smiled broadly. I approached a black man whom I had seen earlier playing pool. I aksed if he would like to fuck my wife, telling him the rougher the better. He agreed and I waved my wife over with the three of us entering a private room without any conversation. I told my wife to get onto her knees and give our friend a good blow job. Without question, she kneeled and I pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in her thigh high stockings and high heels only. She was pleased to see the man was well endowed, about 9 inches and thick. This was not herfirst black man and she went to work on him,bringing him to his full length. He placed my wife on her stomach and entered herfromtherear fucking her pussy fast and hard for about 15 minutes. He then turned herover and continued to fuck her climxing on her tits. She rubbed the cum in and took a finger sample into her mouth, leaving it drip from her lips slightly. I told her not to clean up and just slip her dress back on. We exited back to the couch area. Upon sitting down another couple approached us and told us that his wife was very bisexual and was attracted to my wife. My wife is bi-receptive but not actively bi. I looked at my wife and told the couple we would love to do them. We followed them to the group room, where my wife's eyes widened. I told the other husband that we should let the girls play for awhile. The other woman bagan tokiss my wife and they became locked into a deep tongue trade that moved into a sixty-nine position. The two began to eat each other out with repeated climxes tothe crowds delight. Theother husband and myself got on either side of theother's spouse and eventually began to fuck them. As I fucked his wife, my wife's head was at her pussy and she licked my shaft as it entered theother wife. Pullng out occasionally, my wife proceeded to clean out the other woman's cunt, licking it clean. We continued to fuck until everyone climaxed. We parted way and returned to the couch.

Now mywife had a load of cum inside of her pussy and a load on her tits as we sat and drank another round. Two men wandered by and I offered her to them. they accepted and we entered a private room. My wife kneeled down immediately and I pulled off her dress once again. She brought bothof the men to full erection. the first man laid on the bed and my wife mounted him face to face with him penetrating her cunt. The second man approached her from the rear and slowly entered her ass, working his cock inside of her fully. The three began to fuck in unison with my wife having filled twoof her holes. I moved to her mouth and fed my cock into it to complete the full penetration. We all climxed eventually with my wife receiving a load in her pussy, ass and mouth at the same time. Again I told her not to clean up and just slip her dress back on. We walked out to the dancefloor where she told me the cum was dripping down her legs out of her pussy and ass. She also had a drip remaining on her lips from my load. I told her toenjoy it and we danced erotically.

We made out way to the couples only area and disrobed. It was verydark there and I told her I wanted to fuck her pussy. I love the feel of the other men's cum inside of her as I fuck her especially with her cunt stretched out and her pussy lips hanging from a fresh fucking. As we laid on the bed and began a slow fuck, I told her that if any other couple approached, we will fuck them. With that, another couple entered the room and laid on the bed near us. They repositioned themselves to be touching us and we responded by fondling them. They returned the jesture and I pulled my cock out of my wife and moved over tohis wife and entered her pussy. He moved over and took over fucking my wife. We did not see them or talk but it appeared they were a younger couple as she had small firm breasts and her pussy was very tight. By now, my wife's pussy had been well used during the night and a great sloppy second. We fucked for a short time and returned to our own spouses. As my wife and I fucked, another couple appeared in the room that was watching us intently. My wife immediately got up on her knees and began to kiss the woman. This lead to us exchanging partners and fucking the couple as we did the first. We returned shortly to our spouses and my wife and I picked up the pace, fucking seriously and eventually climaxed.

As we drove home, my wife told me over and over again how turned on and how she enjoyed the experience. She wants to go out and prostitute herself. Being in Nevada, I suggested she do it legally in Pahrump if she wanted. For thepast three months, she has been working at a brothel two days a week fucking three to seven guys a night.

My wife is now a working girl.

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