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My Cousin Priyanka

(This is a story told to me by my friend...I have reproduced it in my words...)

My relatives came to visit over the summer. My aunt and uncle on my mom's side,
and my grandparents on my father's side. Our house was full, with me and my
parents already filling our two bedroom home before taking in more people. I
loved having the relatives visit us, so it wasn't a problem, it just meant that
my cousin -sister had to share my room for a week. That was going to prove very
beneficial, as I was soon to discover. I'm 24, and my cousin sister my aunts
daughter, Priyanka, is 20. We're so close that people think we're twins. We get
along pretty well, although sharing a room was going to be an adjustment. After
we had a big dinner, everyone went to their rooms. My aunt and uncle slept,
since it was slightly bigger than mine, and my grandparents took my parents'
room, and my parents slept on the foldout sofa in the living room. I went to the
bathroom and then waited in my room for Priyanka. She soon walked in and closed
the door. When I saw her in her nightgown, I realized what a great body she had.
I guess I never paid attention to her before, but she was very attractive. I
wasn't prepared for the thoughts I was having. I wasn't thinking about anything
sexual in particular, but we were going to be sleeping in the same bed. That
made my loins stir, and I had to shift so that my boxers wouldn't tent. She kind
of smiled at me, a little uncomfortable probably. I was too, but I got under the
covers and slid over as far as I could. She shut the light off and nervously got
in next to me. She faced away from me, causing her ass to brush against me for a
brief moment. I couldn't stop myself from getting hard, even though I didn't
want to. I had to face away from her so I wasn't poking her. "You don't have to
roll over," she said, glancing back at me. "I don't mind if you face me."
"Oh, I uh, just getting comfortable," I answered. For the next few minutes, I
tried to think about something else other than my sister next to me, but my
erection wouldn't go down. Normally I didn't get hard thinking about my sister,
which is not to say I've never fantasized about her. But if I ever got aroused
thinking about her, it was because I allowed myself to. She rolled over and
faced me, and noticed that I was still facing away from her." Are you
embarrassed to be sleeping with me?" she asked. I turned my head, but not my
body. "Of course not."
"Then roll over. I can't talk to you with your back facing me." By this time our
eyes had adjusted to the dark, so she would definitely see my hard dick if I
turned over. But what could I say? "I can't," I replied stupidly." Why not?" I
sighed. "Because when I get comfortable, like when I'm in bed, then you know, I
get comfortable." I could hear her smile. "Really?" she asked. "Are you hard?" I
nodded. "It's okay, don't be embarrassed. Just face me so I can't see it under
the covers." I rolled over and faced her, making sure there was enough space
between us so that I wasn't poking her. That wasn't easy, since we were in a bed
made for one person. "Now you're about to fall off the bed," Priyanka said.
"Don't worry about touching me with it. I won't do anything." "But, it's
embarrassing." She giggled. "I promise not to do anything. Just scoot closer so
you're not hanging over the edge." I moved a few inches closer to her, and
misjudged the length of my dick. I jabbed her stomach lightly, making her eyes
go wide. She tried not to laugh, while I tried to shift myself so I wasn't
touching her. I could just lay on my back and let my dick tent up through the
covers, but that would be even more embarrassing. "Sorry," I said. "That's okay.
We're family, so I guess that stuff shouldn't bother us."
"That's easy for you to say," I said. "Your boobs aren't going around poking
people." She laughed. The other bedrooms were a ways down the hall, and there
was a bathroom between us and the next room, so no one could hear us. "I don't
have enough room," she said, twisting her body. "The floor would be better than
this. I don't want to have to sleep like this for a week." "What are you saying?
You want me to sleep on the floor?" Priyanka smiled, thinking for a moment.
"Look, let's just forget about your dick and my boobs, and sleep normally."
"How do we do that?" Priyanka moved closer to me until we were an inch from
touching, and only because I was still partially hanging over the bed. "Move
closer," she said. I complied, and scooted closer until our bodies touched. Her
breasts against my chest made me forget for a moment about my dick nesting
firmly against her belly. She nuzzled into me. "Hmm, this is much better," she
said. I didn't know what to say. We just stared at each other, while I enjoyed
her warmth pressed against me. My dick twitched and jumped a few times, and her
breathing was causing her breasts to move slightly against me. "Is this
alright?" she asked. "Yeah," I said. Surprisingly, we both soon fell asleep.
When I awoke, Priyanka was facing away from me and I was pressing firmly against
her. My hard dick was nestled between her ass cheeks. I glanced to my alarm
clock, which said 6:30. No one in my family would be up yet, but now I couldn't
get back to sleep. I put my hand on Priyanka hip, and ground my dick into her
ass gently. She stirred and moved back against me. She was still asleep, but her
body was responding to my movements. I carefully pulled her nightgown up,
revealing her panties which I had my boxer-clad dick pressed into. I felt brave
and pulled my boxers off, careful not to wake Priyanka. I lay there naked, fully
aroused, and pulled her nightgown up again.
I gently nudged my dick up into her ass again, pressing into her panties. After
I was certain she was not waking up, I very slowly and carefully began to pull
her panties down. I had not gone very far, just below her waist, when she
started to wake up. I froze, hoping she wouldn't notice I was naked. She
squirmed a bit, feeling something different in how we were pressed against each
other. I think she knew what I had been doing. "I need to get more comfortable,"
she said. "Do you mind?" I shook my head, not sure what she meant. She pulled
her nightgown over her head and tossed it to the floor. She laid her head back
down and went back to sleep, or at least looked like she had. There we lay, me
naked and her in just her panties. I lifted my head so I could see her breasts.
She had kicked the covers off so they were exposed. She looked to be a C-cup,
and I was glued to the sight of them.
The thought of her lying naked next to me, or at least mostly naked, made my
really horny. I gently thrust into her ass, and again, and I began humping her
ass through her panties. I didn't know how she could have slept through it, so
she must have been pretending to be asleep. I kept it up since she didn't try to
move away from me or object. But then I felt myself start to cum. I stopped so
the sensation would pass, but Priyanka squeezed her ass cheeks around my shaft,
and I couldn't stop my orgasm. I held her tightly against my body as I thrust
myself into her ass. I figured if I was going to cum, I was going to make sure
it felt good. I pressed against her tightly, knowing if she wasn't awake from
this, she would be when I soaked her panties. I squirted cum into her ass
through her panties. I thrust into her, and my hand found her breast while I
grasped her body against me.
When I was finished, I didn't know what to do. I released my grip on her, and
she didn't move. I thought for a brief second that she was truly asleep, but
then she slid off the bed and stood before me, her back turned to me. Without a
word, she slipped out of her panties, dropped them next to her nightgown on the
floor, and got back into bed without looking at me. She faced away from me and
pushed her ass against my dick, once again burying me between her ass cheeks. I
sensed that she eventually fell back asleep, but I was wide awake. We were both
naked, and my dick was pressed into her naked ass. I couldn't believe what I had
done, and that she had gone along with it. She could have shed her panties
simply because they were soiled, but she had very firmly pressed her naked body
against me.
At about 8:00, my family started getting up. Priyanka got up and stretched,
giving me a wonderful show of her naked body. She glanced back at me and smiled,
and then started dressing. I lay in bed until she had left, and then dressed.
When I went downstairs to the kitchen, everyone was sitting around the table
while my mom cooked breakfast. I glanced at Priyanka, who smiled knowingly at
me. That day, the family did various activities, like shopping and playing
games. I avoided Priyanka because I didn't know how to act around her, so we
didn't speak until that night when everyone was going to bed. I eagerly waited
for her in my room, in just my boxers. When she came in, she shut the door and
stood before me, this time wearing panties and a sports bra.
"You kept your boxers on," she said. "I thought you would want to be more
comfortable." I didn't say anything. She started to strip before me, and when
she was naked, I had only a second to take in her nudity before she turned the
lights off. She crawled into bed, and I shed my boxers before joining her. I
thought we were going to assume the same position, but she was facing me this
time. She was purposely laying close, so that our faces were practically
touching. Our bodies were also dangerously close. Her nipples brushed against my
chest." Are you mad?" I finally asked. She frowned. "Why would I be mad?"
"You know, about this morning." She paused. "Let's not talk about it right now.
Let's just lay here quietly, and not say anything." I thought she meant we were
to lay still, but in a few seconds I felt her fingers wrap around my dick. I
jumped, not expecting her warm grip. She tugged lightly on my length, her hand
exploring perhaps her first penis. I myself was a virgin, and she was the first
girl I had seen naked this close. I lightly touched her breasts, and she arched
her back so I had better access to them. We played with each other like this for
a while until I wanted to feel her pussy. I ran my hand down her chest and
stomach, until I reached her lower belly. She shifted so I could reach her
crotch, and I soon felt her neatly trimmed cunt. I traced her slit up and down,
and bravely entered her with my finger. Her gentle tugging on my dick soon
turned into jacking me off. I didn't know if she wanted me to cum, so I
distracted myself by playing with her pussy. She began to moan, and I began to
feel up her breasts while I fingered her. She tensed suddenly and her body
spasmed. I felt her pussy tighten and contract around my finger. She gasped and
her face contorted, and I realized she was having an orgasm. After she finished,
she looked at me contentedly. "Are you a virgin?" she asked suddenly. I nodded.
"What about you?" She nodded too. "Do you want to...?"
"Do you?". She thought for a moment and then nodded. I got on top of her and
clumsily guided my dick to her warm wet hole. I thrust forward, and when I felt
resistance I carefully pushed past. She gasped as I took her virginity, and
after I was buried all the way inside of her, I laid still on top of her. I
could feel her heart beating through my chest. She held me tightly against her
while she adjusted to the feeling of a penis inside of her for the first time.
I started fucking her, slowly at first, and then faster until we had a rhythm
going. I watched as her body tensed up once more, and she had another orgasm. I
was amazed I was lasting this long, but when I felt her vaginal muscles grip my
cock, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I started to pull out, but she held me
inside of her. "Cum in me," she said. "Cum in my pussy. It's alright." I trusted
her and resumed humping. Our eyes were locked together as I fucked her pussy
even harder, and she could feel my dick throb and twitch inside of her. I
grunted and released my semen into her, squirting endlessly inside of her belly.
When I finally finished, we just started at each other panting, my dick still
inside of her. Priyanka smiled. "That was much better than fucking my ass." I
smiled. "Yeah, for me too."
"Let's rest for a while, and then we can do it again." We lay there beside each
other, catching our breath and stroking each other. It was going to be a fun

End of Story