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Lustful Vacation -Dayne Knight

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After driving all night, I finally reached my destination. It was a long trip, and I was in a rush to get there, knowing... hoping to finally meet her. I pulled into the empty driveway, anxious from "high hopes, but still, excited. I carried my stuff inside, grabbed a drink and headed for the shower. Man, I couldn't wait for a nice hot shower! The water was running, and the steam started rising, and from outside, a car door shut. I peeked out the window but couldn't see where it came from. Damn! I'd hoped it was her. I stripped down, climbed in, and let the hot water rejuvenate me from the two day drive.

An old Army buddy had given me the key to his house and told me to make myself at-home, and that's how I ended up in West Virginia. Well, that and the fact that I'd planned to meet her there, after two months of waiting. It's a great old house, rather large and almost spooky. Just as I started to relax, the power went out. I pulled the curtain back to step out, and there was my dream... the woman I'd dreamed of every night. She was standing there with a towel around her beautiful body, and nothing else. I didn't know how she did it, nor did I care at that moment. I was so excited to finally meet her, and all the memories of my dreams rushed through my mind all-at-once. Was this really happening? Surely I wasn't so tired that I was seeing things. No. I knew I wasn't that tired. She was there, more beautiful, more exotic, and more angelic than I'd remembered from her pictures.

She stepped to the edge of the shower and softly placed her lips against mine, and ever so gently whispered "hello" against my mouth. My heart began pounding so hard I was afraid it would shake me over. She took my bottom lip between her teeth and softly sucked it as she pulled from me. At that moment, the towel fell, but before I could let my eyes take in her exquisite curves, she put a her finger under my chin and lifted my head up to keep us eye-to-eye. She stepped into the shower with me and grabbing my wrists, she pulled my hands around her back, letting them slide down her incredible hips, and pushing them against both cheeks. My hands were now against her, and I took over...

While holding her against me, I let my mouth explore her beautiful lips, neck and that spot where the shoulder and neck meet... the one that makes her weak in the knees (or so she had told me). It was true. As my mouth found her soft skin, I could feel her breathing become heavier, and she started to pull back, but I kept her against me. I kissed her neck and mouth for what seemed like forever. Her lips were sweeter than honey, and her skin felt so soft against my lips. I was crazy with lust, wanting so badly to do everything I'd dreamed of, all at that moment.

I lowered my mouth from her lips to her neck, then down to the soft area right above her breasts. I could feel her pushing them forward, yearning to have my mouth engulf her nipples.

I took her breasts in my hands and moved my hips forward, using my weight to push her against the warm tile on the shower wall. I wanted to lick and suck on every inch of her body, but I knew I had to go slow. Just feeling her against me, her hips starting to grind against my swelling member, was enough to drive me crazy.

I'd had sexy dreams, romantic dreams, probably even a couple of "dirty" dreams, and the thoughts of each still in my head, helped keep me full of lust. I knew why we were both there at that particular moment; I knew what we both wanted... what I felt I had to have... I wanted her so bad. I have to feel her hot wetness on my manhood... "Stop" I thought to myself, trying to control that animal-like instinct I could feel starting to boil in my soul. "Stop...slow down" I reminded myself, again...

I backed away, grabbed the soap, and after working-up a lather, rubbed it into her skin, watching as the bubbles would glide down her cleavage, past her belly button, then down the inside of each thigh... damn she's got beautiful legs, I thought...I wondered how her thighs would feel against my face... I reached down and took her sexy hips into my hands, and gently pushed in one direction, nudging her to turn around. She followed my lead, and leaned against the wall, with her hips back, and oh my God, her ass, I could've stared at it the rest of the day... but why stare when I had it right there...

This time, I poured the soap straight onto her shoulders, then using both hands, worked my way from top to her beautiful bottom, then down her legs, and back up the inside. While I was doing her legs, her gorgeous ass was right in line with my mouth... I gave little kisses to each cheek, and then ran my tongue from the top of her butt up the length of her spine, until I got to her neck. She'd told me, no warned me, this was her weakness, and I planned to exploit that...right now.

I moved forward against her, letting my hard, throbbing member slide between her cheeks... I wanted to make a joke about "a hot dog in the buns"... but the lust, and the greed of not wanting to ruin our moment... I let the joke pass. When she felt this, she cocked her head in a way that her wet hair was around her face, and I could feel her pushing against me. I quickly ran my hands around to her front, grabbed her hips and pulled hard against me. Now she was slowly moving her hips up and down, back and forth... holy shit... she's stroking my cock with her ass, and I fell into HER trap... this was exactly where she wanted me to be...close to cumming... oh no..Oh, hell NO!! She was working her hips against me, and at the same time had taken my hands from her hips and moved them down between her legs. I had to move one back to her hip to help keep the rhythmic motion of our bodies, and the other, she had it... she took my right hand and placed it against her hot sweetness. Well, it's hot, and it's sweet... and I was planning on validating this thought... Even in the shower, I could feel her natural moisture. So sexy. As my middle finger grazed her clit, she bucked against me wildly, just for a moment, just from the sheer pleasure...

We continued this grinding and bucking against one another for a few minutes, and driving each other crazy with lust and desire. She pushed backwards with her hips, pushing me from against her. She turned to the back wall, and placing her hands on the tub wall, bent over and looked at me with a crazy tigress-like appeal... I knew what she wanted, and I was going to give it to her, from behind... I moved into position, and rubbing her sweetness with one hand, I let the other rub her ass, and back and her breasts. She started to buck against me again, but looked back when she didn't feel me... what she hadn't realized was that I had her right where I wanted her... I'd knelt down and using both hands now, I gently spread her ass, and pressed my mouth against her clit. Oh God! I knew she was sweet... I knew it!! Now, outside of a foot fetish, "going down" is my favorite thing... I'd do it for an hour if I thought her little swollen clit could handle it.

I kiss, lick, suck, and gently finger her sweet and hot womanhood... I did this long enough that I heard her start to moan, and I waited...patiently waited while my tongue kept exploring everything that was in its path... I licked a little too high, and at one point hit her ass which sent waves of ecstasy rippling through her body, not just from pleasure, but from the shock as well, I'm sure. Surprised me, too, but if I could get that reaction from her - and she liked it... well like I said, at this point I'm so "into the moment" that I let my tongue wonder all over, again... this apparently worked the second time because her moaning now was louder, she was pushing against my face now, and had put a hand on the back of my head to keep my tongue working it's magic.

I could feel her moving in a way, and her breathing... oh damn, she's going to have an orgasm... wait, is she? Yes she is, I knew it... I waited like a tiger waits for its prey... knowing the opportunity would present itself. That moment came as I slid my middle finger inside her... she was riding my finger, trying desperately to grind her clit against my hand, or anything to push her over the edge... this was my moment - and I "pounced". I stood up, still fingering her sweet pussy, and wrapped my left hand around her hip to hold her right there... I used the middle finger on my right hand inside her, and the thumb of the same to rub her clit. This seemed to be working, as she was still grinding against my hand, only faster and harder than before. I knew the time was close, so I moved into position for my attack... when she started moaning loudly, and bucking, and grinding... I knew it was on. I got her right to the edge of orgasm, and then pulled-out, only to replace it with my cock. She was so wet, and she was so hot against my shaft, I almost came. But this was about her, and NO way in hell was I going to ruin that... Her wetness allowed me to slide all the way inside her, in one motion... she stood up as far as she could, leaning back against my chest.

My hands were all over her front, her hips, her breasts... I gently bit her neck. This combination sent her over the edge, and her body began shaking as the waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled thru her body, from head to toe. I could feel her hot pussy throbbing against my cock - up and down; in and out... harder, softer... she was trying to make me cum with her. No, not yet. I could have, but I pulled out, and rested against her backside again, pulling her back against my front, softly rubbing her arms, her breasts, her stomach, her hips... she shudders as her orgasm leaves her, and falls "into" me to enjoy the moment, and revel in the fact that she'd had an orgasm.

I started kissing her neck again, gently biting her shoulders, I want her so bad... it's my turn next. I like the way she cums, I love her sounds, her tastes...

From outside I hear a ringing, it grows louder, louder... damn, it it's my alarm. I?ve had another dream. Shit. I can't wait for vacation.

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