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Lunch in my truck

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Lunch In My Truck

I was sitting in the office catching up on paperwork when my cell phone began to ring.I looked at it and see it was your number.I answer it and you say?May I meet you for lunch today? I haven?t seen you in such a long time.? I sat there and remembered the last time we got together.I reply ?Yes you may and remember what you need to wear.I will be waiting for you in the parking lot at 11:30 sharp.? I then hang up my phone and return to the work in front of me.

I had gotten a new Ford F-250 with leather seats since we last met.I spent about 5 minutes thinking of what I wanted to do for lunch.I only get an hour,so it had to be fast,but also enjoyable for us both.I look at the clock and it was 11:25,so I get up and head out to the parking lot.I unlock my truck and wait for you to arrive.At 11:30 sharp,I see you pulling into the lot.

I wait for you to park and get out of your car.I am pleased to see you wearing a short skirt and a tube top.You have on sandals and no pantyhose,just what I was hoping for.I open the door for you to get in.As you are stepping up,I slide my hand under your skirt and rub your fine ass.You look back and smile as you sit down.I walk around and get in, then fire up the truck and off we go.

We drive for about 5 minutes until I see a dirt road leading out into the woods. I follow the road for a while and am surprised to find it stops at a small private lake.I find a shady spot to park,and turn the engine off.I adjust the steering wheel until it is up and out of the way.I look over at you and you lick your lips,knowing what I want next.

As you slide over closer,I reach and roll your top down exposing your large tits and hard nipples.You then unbutton my jeans and slide them down,then run your hand over my still covered cock.Next you slide my shorts down and out of the way.Since you had to lean over,you stay there and begin to lick my cock.I can feel your hard nipples on my thigh,this helps in getting my cock to begin to grow.

My cock is now standing and you swallow just the head and swirl your tongue around and around it.I reach down and gently pinch and pull on your nipples.This causes you to moan and swallow more of my hard start bobbing your head,taking more and more until you finally have all 9? in your throat.

I reach down with my free hand and get a hand full of your hair.I will now control your movement on my cock,I pull your hair until about half of my cock is in your mouth.I hold it there and fuck your mouth,feeling your tongue swirling and the warmth of your mouth on my cock.After a few minutes,I hold still and slide your head up and down my cock.I take my hand that was pinching your nipples and reach over and flip up your skirt exposing your sweet ass.

I release your hair and tell you ?It?s time for you to suck the cum from my balls.? You begin to suck my cock hard and deep.As you do this,I reach over and begin to spank your ass.First one cheek then the other.With every smack,I can hear you moan and suck harder on my cock.After about 2 minutes,your ass is a nice rosy red and my balls are about to explode.I stop spanking your ass and you know that means I?m ready to swallow all of my cock and just suck hard.

We both feel the head of my cock swell,then the hot cum begin to shoot deep in your throat.You keep sucking and swallowing as the cum continues shooting.Finally it stops,but you stay there sucking and sucking until my cock shrinks and every drop is gone.As my cock begins to shrink in your mouth,I rub your ass gently.When my cock finally slips from your mouth,you look up and lick them clean.

You sit up on the seat and ask ?What next my loving Master???.I instruct you to get on your knees,while facing out the passenger side window.I use my hands to spread your legs as far apart as possible,while keeping them on the seat.Then I turn so that I am facing you,and quite enjoy the view I have of your pussy lips slightly parted and shining from your juices.

I reach over with my right hand and run my finger up and down your slit teasing you, every now and then I also rub your hard clit.This is causing you to moan and begin to move your ass back and forth.Then I slowly slide 2 fingers deep into your hot wet pussy and begin to fuck you.After a few minutes you are very wet,so I add another finger to your pussy.

I use my left hand and begin to spank your ass again.I can feel your pussy squeeze my fingers with each smack.You begin to push back on my fingers trying to get them in you, deeper and deeper.I tell you to reach back and rub your clit as I continue fucking and spanking you.This goes on for a few minutes and I can tell that you are getting close to cumming.

I stop spanking you and lean over and run my tongue around your ass.You begin to almost growl,knowing what will be next.I sit back up and begin to fuck your pussy harder,then I take my middle finger on my left hand and rub my spit around your ass.The next thing you feel is my large finger sliding in to you tight butt.

I feel you rubbing your clit harder and faster,as I fuck both of your holes the same way.I do this for about a minute until I feel you begin to tremble as your orgasm begins to take over your body.Quickly,I add another finger to your ass.That is all it takes to push you over the edge.I bury my fingers deep in your holes and hold them there as you buck on them and scream.I can feel your pussy gushing it?s juices on my fingers and your butt has clamped down on my others like a vise.

It seems like minutes until you begin to stop having orgasms.I have just been sitting and watching you ride my fingers and bounce all over the seat.First I remove my fingers from your butt,this causes a moan of disappointment from you.Then I slowly side my fingers in and out your pussy helping you come back down.When you have quit shaking and seem to be breathing normally,I slide my fingers out of you and sit back up.I reach over and pull your skirt back down over your ass and tell you to sit up.

I reach over with my right hand and you open your mouth.I rub my fingers on your lips and you begin to lick them.I watch as you lick all of your juices off them and then suck them to make sure they are clean.Then you open the glove box and find a towelett,and begin to clean the fingers that where in your butt.

When they are clean,I use both hands to tease your sweet nipples one last time.Then I roll your tube top back over them.Next I pull my underwear and jeans back on.I have been watching the clock on the dash,and I have 10 minutes to get back to work.I start up the truck and we head back to my office.When we arrive,I get out and walk around to your door.I open it and help you get out,then close it.

I walk you over to your car and open the door for you.But before I let you get in,I hold you close and give you a very long and passionate kiss.Then I look down and into your eyes as I say?Thank you for a wonderful lunch my little cum slut?. And you reply ?It is always my pleasure to make you happy my Master?. With that,I help you into your car and shut the door for you.We both know that anytime I call,you will come to me and do anything I want.

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