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Louisa my exibitionist girlfriend part II

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Louisa and I quickly walked back to the car in the Parking lot. She clung to my arm all the way kissing me when ever she could. We got back to my truck and I unlocked it. Louisa jumped in the seat in front me, as she did she rolled over on her back and pulled her dress up and opened her legs. Reaching out to me with both arms she said quick get in I want you to fuck me now. I saw her panties that were back on now, they were absolutly soaking, wet from front to back. I climed into the truck and just then I noticed a lot of people all arround some with kids. I told her that she had to hang on, we could go down the road to the La Quinta Motel just down the street. As I drove off she acutaly pulled my arm to her pussy and just hunched it hard. She was acutualy crying, beging me to fuck her. She was pleading with me "Please; baby fuck me! I have to have your dick in me, Baby please, I can't stand it much longer I hurt for your dick." I pulled into the parking lot of the motel and told her I would be right back. As I got out I looked at her and she had both her hand in her crotch grinding her pussy on her hands. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, she said Baby please hurry I have to fuck you now. I almost ran in the lobby right up to the lobby clerk and asked for a room. I paid for the room and then huried back to the truck. As I crossed the parking lot I saw three guys on the second floor balconey all of them looking at Louisa in the front seat of my truck. When I opened the Truck Door she was in the seat with her skirt pulled up and her left hand in her pussy and her right hand under her blouse pulling franticly on her left nipple. I told her "Baby I got the room and we walked the short distance to the room, she was all over me. I opened the door and we entered the room. She just started pulling my cloths off and we fell into the bed. We both were pulling and ripping cloths. I remember being naked and standing over her. She had nothing on but those soking panties. I grabbed them by the waist and just pulled as hard as I could. The panties ripped free comming off in my hands. She took them from me and held them to her face and then she pussed them in my face saying " Do you see what you have done to me? " I could smell the musty smell of sex and they were truly just dripping with her juice and his. I pushed her back on the bed and climbed between her legs. As my dick touched her pussy lips she drew in a deep breath and rose to meet me. I didnt waist time, with one hard thrust, I entered her all the way. When our pubic bones met they hit hard. She just kept on pounding me with her hips. Her fingers clawed at my back, she bit my lips and cheek. She could only say "Please Fuck Me Fuck Me! GOD DAMN YOU, look what you have done to me, Fuck Me Hard You Fucking Asshole, Fuck Meeeeeee". I could feel the other mans cum in her and her pussy just made all kinds of sucking sounds as I fucked her. I pulled out and she started to cuss me again saying "YOU MOTHER FUCKER DONT YOU STOP NOW, NOT NOW YOU FUCKER YOU". I held her down and she bit my arms and my chest, she slapped my face and pulled my hair pulling my face into her breast she shouted "SUCK MY TITS, BITE ME I WANT YOU TO HURT MY TITS". I took one of her nipples in my mouth and bit it. She responded by arching her back and pulling my hair. She shouted "HARDER HARDER I WANT IT TO HURT, HURT ME BABY". I bit it harder and she just kept on pulling and crying. I grabed her by her hair and she fougt back by slapping at me and clawing at me. I pulled her up and then spun her around. I took her by her hair again and pushed her down to the bed. I told her " GET ON YOUR KNEES BITCH I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU LIKE A DOG". She did as I told her only after an argument and a little resistance. Without hesitation I plunged my dick into her pussy. I slapped her ass and pounded her as hard as I could. She clawed at the bed spred and cryed then she just pushed back as hard as I push forward. I pumped as much cum in her as I could. Her body just quivered and her voice was shaky saying " YES YES I am your Bitch, GOD I CUMMMMMMMING IM CUMMINNNNNNNG". I have never seen her like this, she had never been like this before. For a long time she just layed there beathing hard and sweating. After a short time her cell phone started to ring it was her little bother he needed to be picked up from school. In a way I was glad, I dont think I could have gone on like that again. I wanted to ask her about what happended in the back of the store. When I did she just smilled and said she had to shower quickly that we had to go. We showered quickly and then left to go to get her bother. She said she would tell me later that if she told me it would get her going again. She did take the panties in my hand and said to hold onto them that they were my fault and I had to keep them. I didnt mind a bit. MORE TO FOLLOW LATER

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