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Long time girlfriend visits and discovers anal

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My ex-wife's long-time friend was driving through town on her way to the mountains. I had moved the previous year and stayed in touch through facebook/email.

She arrived late, just in time for dinner, bringing me some long lost possessions that she evidently inherited after the divorce. A couple porn movies were in there, as well as my old collection of CDs, guitar tabs, and even pipes and an old driver's license. I could not believe she held on to all that junk for me! Then we got drunk a little, and she passed out early, probably exhausted by the long drive.

The next morning, as we bumped into each other in the hallway, she told me she was hungover and apologized for passing out last night. She was wearing a long T-shirt that went down to her upper thighs, covering potential underware. She was bare foot, and obviously not wearing a bra. Her nipples were discernable under her shirt, although not erect. I asked her if she wanted some coffee, and she said she had to take a shower first. I agreed to make her a breakfast while she was in there, and to bring her coffee and food in her room. Her legs were somewhat thicker than last time I saw them, which I found very sexy. They were clean shaved and their soft pink skin was of the finest texture, suggesting a silky smooth touch. I was also in my underwear and a baggy T-shirt, but was wearing socks. She noticed me looking at her body, but said nothing, instead she checked me out as well, while walking into the bathroom and simply said: "no sugar, thanks".

When I came back from the kitchen, carrying a tray of muffins, orange juice, coffee and other morning snacks, I found the door to the guest room open, and her sitting on the bed, legs crossed. She was drying her hair with a towel, and had put the same T-shirt back on. She thanked me enthousiastically for the food and coffee, and urged me to have breakfast with her. She was sitting in the center of the bed, her butt just beneath the pillow, facing the foot of the bed. And so I put the tray in front of her, and sat accross her, in the same position, legs crossed. She had pulled her shirt down to hide her crotch, but I did not, exposing my underwear, not thinking twice about it, since she had seen me many a time wearing nothing but. Her gaze went there several times, as I was drinking my coffee. Of course I didn't say anything, as there had always been quite a bit of sexual tension between the two of us. A few outright proposals to fuck had even been made over the years, but were never acted upon. Unbeknown to me, today was going to be different.

We sarted tearing into our breakfast, mumbling nonsense mostly, our conversation littered with repetitions and studdered grammatical horrors. Were we still drunk from last night? Fairly quickly we got stuck in a series of profuse gratitude on my part followed by polite although sincere dismissal of my thanks on her part. Over and over, I told her how happy her bringing me my stuff made me, and how she could ask anything of me as repayment. "Anything?" she said after a few minutes, as I was going through a list of things I would not do for anybody but her. Of course the list included many things I had already done, or was going to do anyway. Fucking her silly was not on the list, but that is apparently what she had in mind.

"Anything?" she said again... "I want to be pampered! You be my slave for the day". Dang! I never saw that coming! Now I was going to have to do stuff instead of fucking around all day on my day off. immediately after dealing me what I thought was a low blow, she took one last sip of coffee, looking at me with what I should have recognized as lust. Then she lowered her cup and put it on the tray between us and started leaning back. She put her hands flat on the bed behind her, and as her weight shifted back onto her arms, her T-shirt slid up a bit, revealing first the part her inner thighs which connects to her groin, then the very bottom of her labia, coverer in a short strawberry blond fuzz. She was smiling a naughty smile at me, yet was not aware of her partially uncovered pussy until she realized I was staring right at it.

In a bizarre move, she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and actually pulled it up to look at her crotch, briefly revealing her entire, beautiful strawberry blond pussy. Then she quickly pulled the T-shirt down to hide herself, saying: "Hey!!!". I couldn't think of anything witty to say, so I simply looked away, up and to the side and started to wistle trying to look fakely nonchalant. That made her laugh, and she said "whatever! I don't care!". Me: "Yeah you do! I saw everything!" her: "That's it, you show me yours! You said you would do anything I wanted: you show me yours!". Me: "Hell no! I didn't see anything, I was just kidding". Her: "You're my slave today, consider yourself lucky I'm not making you do everything butt-naked! Show me your thing!". So I pulled up my T-shirt, showing her my underwear now bulging with a half erection. My dick was clearly visible, sitting there sideways, filling up as I was holding my shirt up. Then I pulled it back down, hiding myself, saying: "That's all I saw!".

At that point she pulled her legs from under her, lifted them straight up, revealing her entire pussy to me again in a flash before letting her legs back down off to the side, and sprung to her feet. She came right at me and tugged at my shirt while gently pushing me down onto the bed: "your ass is mine today" she said. When she gave up on pulling my shirt up, she immediately put her hand squarely over my cock, cuping it firmly. "Hey!" I said, grabbing her wrist. But as her fingers started closing around the base of my member, I had no choice but let go of my grip. She had me by the balls quite litterally!

My hand remained on her thin wrist, now barely touching her skin. Bad move on my part, since the exquisite contact of her skin brought my half erect cock to its full potential. "I see!" she said in a high pitched, playful voice.

Immediately she put a knee on the bed next to me, and used her other hand to pull her T-shirt up, now intentionally showing me her beautiful pubic hair. Then she got up on the bed, holding the bottom of her shirt high above her belly, and started stroking my fully erect cock through my underwear, looking right into my eyes, a maughty smile on her beautiful face, which was still red from the shower.

Then she looked down at my crotch, and pulled the band of my tight shorts out of the way, revealing the tip of my huge uncircumsized cock. "Oh god!" she said in a whisper. She knew it was big, as my ex-wife kept bragging about it, but I think she still was genuinely surprised. And again she whispered as she leaned forward: "Oh my god!". She was soon only a couple of inches from my massive member: "Ohhhh!" she breathed softly. Then she brought her mouth right in front of the glistening tip and parted her lips as she started breathing heavily on it.

Her nostrils were dilated, her breath heavy and she was frowning, now intensely aroused. I was caressing her soft stomach as I watched her move forward slowly, the head of my dick now coming in contact first with her upper lip then barely brushing against her lower lip. She stopped there and gently grabbed my shaft, pulling my skin down, revealing my entire tip. Her breath was hot and moist, and envelopped the part of my now pulsating cock that she was staring at between her hand and her mouth. Her tongue slowly came out of her mouth and she pressed it gently against the head of my cock.

When she finally moved her head, her mouth barely open, she let her lips and tongue slide against my tip slowly from side to side, then pulled back almost imperceptibly and her lips came together against the very tip of my cock, to end in a very slow sensual kiss.

Then she stood up, grabbed the tray, put it on the computer table by the window, and came rushing back, jumped on the bed in front of me, and grabbed my shorts at the hips before pulling them down. I leaned back on my hands, propped my butt off the bed, and straightened my legs, allowing her to take my underwear off completely. She threw them accross the room, and without taking her eyes off my cock, slid her hands forward on the bed until they were on both sides of my waist, brought one knee forward under her, then the other, and with her butt up in the air, lowered herself to face my cock. And so it began: The best blow job I ever received!

She started low, real low, bringing her outstretched tongue in contact with the base of my shaft. Then she kissed her way down toward my balls, and started licking my scrotum, applying more saliva than necessary. Her tongue was relaxed and she pressed it gently against my skin, licking my balls one after the other, even going underneath and back up where she finished with a sloppy kiss. Her lips still pressed against my skin, she started sliding up this time, lubricating her way along my shaft with her tongue, moving it between her lips and my skin, all the while staring at the tip as she was drawing closer. She must have been half way there when she reached back to pull her shirt which was still covering her butt.

The pulled fabric slowly revealed her pale cheeks, until it finally slid up her back under its own weight. As she was moving forward, her pursed lips pressed against my cock, she brought her knees closer to me, propping her butt farther up in the air. She was now rolling her hips slowly, and started licking my shaft in small slow increments, still moving forward, and planting a very soft kiss every few seconds, while exploring the sides of my shaft with her mouth.

I couldn't stop looking at her slowly wriggling her butt. From where I was, it had a very wide heart shape. The skin in the top of her crack was shining and even whiter than the surrounding cheeks and lower back. I've always had a thing for her behind. Her thighs are the same width as her butt cheeks and her wide hips make her butt look flat from behind. But from the side, its gentle bulge becomes apparent, with the bulk of it located squarely in the center of each cheek instead of near the bottom, like is usually the case. I was finally able to see her bare bottom and maybe even do to it all the things I've always wanted.

And so I reached forward, caressing first her back, then her waist, then her hips. Her skin was even softer than it looked! My hand was now touching her lower back, and I started sliding it slowly down her right cheek, until my arm was fully outsretched. So I moved my hand back and forth on the mindblowingly soft skin, conforming to the shape of her wide butt cheek for maximum contact, and now spreading my fingers a bit, to fully feel the roundness of her romp.

In the meantime, she had finally reached the tip of my cock, and was now sucking the shaft, right beneath it, then licking it, then sucking again. Then she grabbed my cock with her right hand, and pulled it away from me. Her face was now above the top side of it, my tip pointed toward her tits, which I had yet to see. And so she pressed her tongue flat against my cock's head, and slowly licked the top of my cock, from tip to base, ending with her nose burried in my trimmed pubic hair.

As for me, I was now groping her ass intensly, making sure to let my pinky run down her crack every time I caressed her right cheek, and my thumb do the same with her left cheek. Then I started caressing from side to side instead of up and down. This way I was able to venture more fingers into the shallow of her crack everytime I went from one cheek to the other. Then I let my fingers go in a bit deeper, once or twice even feeling the distinctively thin texture of the skin that surrounds the anus. I was in heaven! She kept wriggling her butt and arching her back as if to invite me to explore further.

All the while she had not stopped licking the head of my cock and started focusing on my pee hole. She kissed the very tip, and finally let her lips part, my engorged tip finally sliding inside her mouth. This was a long time coming, but well worth it! As her wet lips were sliding passed my head, her mouth opened completely, and forward she went, slow and steady. Her tongue now pressed firmly against the bottom side of my shaft as it slid into her warm mouth. When her lips were almost at the half point, I thought she would stop and retreat. But instead, she paused, breathed in and pushed forward. Soon I could feel the back of her mouth. She pushed even more forcefully, no doubt supressing her gag reflex. I was impressed, and didn't know what to say, so I let her continue, and could not believe it when my cock went passed the donward bend in the back of her mouth and litterally started sliding down her throat.

I had only ever seen that in movies! But here she was deep throating me. She looked so intense, and was pulling on my hips so hard, I started pushing forward as well, and as her mouth opened even further, she was finally burrying her face into my pubic hair, now literally shaking her head from side to side, exerting surprising pressure along my entire cock. I never though a mouth could feel tight, but her throat felt hard against my tip, which was being sqeezed and compressed.

Amazing! then she closed her lips on the base of my cock, and finally looked up right at me intensely, with her beautiful blue eyes. With her lips wrapped around the base of my cock, she started pulling back, maintaning eye contact. I could feel her tongue sliding against the skin of my shaft, and my head sliding along the inside of her thoat. Once my member was fully extracted from her mouth, she caughed and breathed deeply for a few seconds. Then she flung her face forward, and rubbed it all over my dick. With her eyes now closed, she was pressing it into her face, rubbing it all over, then licked it from bottom to top, and again put it in her mouth.

This time she started going back and forth and from side to side, cupping my balls with one hand, and rubbing my stomach with the other. She was now going pretty fast, visibly enjoying it, moaning and smiling. She took it out again, and started licking my stomach, then chest, then went back down and rubbed my cock all over her pursed lips, then jerked it slowly for a minute while staring at it and biting her bottom lip.

In the meantime, I started really letting each of my fingers slowly plunge into her ass crack and come back out, only lifting them slightly when I encountered her thin anal skin. At first I didn't want to scare her by being too obviously into that But she had demonstrated without a doubt that she was a pretty intense fuck herself. And so I decided I had nothing to lose by taking full advantage of her willing behind's positioning: I stopped going from side to side and put my hand flat on her lower back, my middle finger centered right in front of her crack. Then I began going down the wonderfully soft sag. My middle finger was running straight down the center of it, my index touching the inside of her right cheek, my ring finger her left.

When I got to her anal area, I slowed down, almost coming to a stop. I could feel tiny hairs lining the delicate skin. And as I drew closer to her butthole, she stopped wriggling, and started arching her back slowly. My finger was now at the very edge of her wrinkled opening, and inching forward. I was focusing on the tactile sensation in my fingers, my cock still in her warm soft mouth. I could feel every wrinkle, the slightly raised sphincter, and finally, the tiny funnel of her tightened opening. I stopped moving my finger and started pushing down ever so slightly. As I did this, she relaxed her anus and pushed it out against my finger, then tightened it up again.To make sure I knew that was intentional, she did it again, even more pronounced this time. Then again. And as she had her slightly sticky hole bulging against my fingers, she started wriggling her butt again.

Then she pulled away from my cock and looked me in the eyes, proceeded to close the distance between our faces, smiling warmly at me. I took my finger off her anus as I thought she wanted to kiss, but she reached back, and put my hand right back there, pressed my finger against her hole, and again pushed herself out to maximize contact. Then she moved in and kissed my mouth, slipped me a little tongue, and pressed my hand even harder in between her ass cheeks. Then as she let got, both of my lips and my hands, I broke contact with her anus, and slapped her ass cheek playfully, only to grab both of them again, squeezing them tightly.

After another wet kiss where she just grabbed and started jerking my cock, I got up and forced my dick in her willing mouth. As she was closing her eyes and moaning softly, I grabbed the back of her head, and started fucking her in the mouth. Slwoly at first, and picking up the pace as I knew she could handle it. Then I pulled it out, and she once more rubbed her face all over it. "fuck my mouth" she said. "deep!" And so I plunged my dick deep inside her mouth, fucked it a bit, then pushed forward hard. She took it, and stayed like that for a few seconds before retreating. She was the best I had ever had!

But I wanted her ass now. And so I went behind her, looking right at her crevass. I put both hands on her ass and spread it open. She leaned forward getting on her hands. Her pussy looked amazing from here. Her golden pubic hair was short and sparse, and lined her pussy from her lower stomach to her taint, where thinner almost transparent hairs surrounded her anus, and disappeared higher up in her crack. I brought my face right in front of her little hole and as she was trying to look at what I was doing, I slowly began kissing her anus. Her response was very encouraging: she moaned and pushed her hole out to meet my now parting lips.

When my tongue touched her, she shivered a bit, prompting me to press down harder and start running it in tiny circles around her tight rosebud. As she had confessed in the past to being an anal virgin, I knew I was taking risks. But after that frenzied deep throat, she could not possibly think me a perverse. And so I kept licking, with now broad wide swipes of my tongue. She was enjoying it apparently and started moving her ass around, pressing it against my mouth. Dilation had started, and I knew this could end in a glorious sodomy if I played my cards right. And so I started rubbing her anus with a couple of fingers, then pushed one in just a hair, and pulled in out, resuming the anal massage that she seemed to enjoy.

A bit more licking followed, then I again rubbed her and pushed the tip of a finger in. This time she litterally pushed back. So I pushed forward, and before I knew it, she was tightly wrapped around half my finger, and wanting more. Without saying a word, she looked right at me and grabbed her ass with both hands. With another dirty look, she spread it wide, pushing again towards me. And so I inserted the rest of my finger in her butthole. I could see her pussy had gotten all wet from my handy work. I removed my finger slowly, and again applied my tongue to her now dilated anus.

As I licked her up and down, I began to caress her hairy pussy, and soon I was rubbing her clit with two fingers while frantically licking her rosebud. I straightened up, still touching her pussy, and put my cock flat in her ass crack, making full contact with her anus. I spit on it and slowly started rubbing her with it. She straightened up as well, and looked back at me, with a surprised frown on her face, and her mouth wide open. "Oh! what are you doing to me?" She asked, visibly turned on.

Since she was now standing on her knees, her butt cheeks had closed around my member, which I began to slide up and down her crack. Again she asked, this time softly: "what are you doing to me?". To which I replied: "you're the boss today, remember." She smiled broadly and pushed back against me. I then pressed my entire body against hers, still thrusting slowly into her crack, and proceeded to kiss her neck and grab both her perky breasts through her T-shirt. After a couple of minutes of this embrace, I reached down for her crotch, and began to rub her pubic hair gently. Then I parted her lips and inserted a finger in her wet vulva. Spreading her juices all over, I began to rub her clit until I could feel a couple of small shivers run through her body.

She was getting really horny now, and so I decided to mix up the anal play a bit. I pushed her forward, made her raise her butt again, and started alternating between rubbing her anus with my cok, my fingers and my tongue, all the while rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy. I again deep-fingered her asshole, then pulled out and licked it thoroughly, trying to insert my tongue in as far as possible. She loved it! So I again applied my cock to her wet crack, and started rubbing it in there, thrusting back and forth. Then I pushed my cock away from myself. And with it pointed down, I again stuck it there, rubbing her anus and entire crack with the top side of my dick, my pubic bone in contact with her lower back. After a few seconds of slow well lubricated sliding, I stopped my cock just as the tip of it was touching her anus. With a couple of fingers, I pushed the head firmly against her hole, and started rubbing it with it. I could feel her sphincter relaxing, and I knew she was willing when she reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could.

And so I lined up my dick with her asshole, and started pushing gently, my very tip squarely in her growing funnel. As her outter sphincter relaxed fully, the tip of my head disappeared slowly into her pink wrinkled opening. I stopped it there, exerting a delicate pressure against her inner sphincter muscles. When these finally relaxed, I pushed in slowly, and saw the back rim of my tip disappear in the shiny pink skin of her lovely anus. Its wrinkles were now gone, and she was moaning soflty. Since this was her first time, I decided to stay there a bit longer to let her truly relax and dilate.

Her moaning was so genuine, and her anus so warm and tight, I felt I was going to explode if I stayed there. So I pulled out slowly, and started licking her open anus to give myself a bit of relief. She turned her head to look at me surprised, then soflty whispered: "Ohhhh, yes...". Surprised I continued to lick and even stuck my tongue up her cavity, finding there pulsating veins and the smooth and soft walls of her inner anus, which was now closing up around my tongue.

As I had now fully recovered from my near-orgasm, I straightened up, leaving much saliva at her backdoor, and again put the tip of my cock at her opening, this time finding it looser and slightly puffy. My tip went in much more easily, finding barely any resistance inside until it came to the entrance to her rectum, right behind her anus. Thanks to ample lubrication, the insertion was very smooth, and soon a couple of inches of me had disappeared. Her anus was stretched and had almost completely disappeared as well, wrapping itself tightly around my shaft as I was sliding in. But after another seemingly interminable inch, my progress came to an end. I felt resistance and could go no further. A mere three inches or so in, I had hit the bend of her rectum. Without a doubt the shallowest ass I have ever penetrated.

And so I started fucking her incredilby small hole, thinking that a bit of wriggling would get me past that point and into the depth of her tight bowel. Not so. "wow your ass is tiny" I said. "what?" she asked. So I explained, and she seemed surprised to hear I was barely in there. "I feel so full" she said. So I started fucking her again. "I can't believe your cock is in my ass!" she said. I started pulling out slowly, knowing she would feel the sensation odd. Then back in, saying "you're a dirty girl". To which she replied: "you're a naughty boy! Your cock is where my poop was." "If you like my cock in your ass, and I like your ass around my cock, aren't we both as dirty?" I asked. "I'm dirty" she answered. "I'm very dirty for liking your cock in there". So I took it all the way out: "should we not do this? Is it too dirty?" "Oh no" she said. "Put it back in, fuck me in the ass. Fill me up with your beautiful cock". So I went back in, this time fucking her three inches of rectum a little faster, and a little harder.

Her moaning resumed, no tension or pain discernable. And so I kept fucking her shallow tube, spitting on her anus every so often, hoping the extra lubrication would help her rectum conform to my cock. But it didn't. "The position isn't right to go in deeper" I said. "You could go in deeper?" She asked. "Let's try it! What should I do?". I didn't really know, so I told her to wait, and pulled my dick out. Then I inserted two fingers in there, as deep as I could. I could feel the bend and let my fingers follow the walls of her rectum as it veered to her left.

Her hole felt fantastic around my fingers. Her anus was fully dilated, and I started playing with it a bit, finger fucking it, and touching it with the tactile part of my fingers. Then I leaned forward, kissed it and let it pucker through my lips. Her little rosebud was not little anymore, and it was engorged and warm. I licked it silly for what seemed like forever. My tongue kept sliding in and out of it, and my whole mouth was pressed against her. I kept licking that darker area around the anus, enjoying the way the thin hairs stuck to her skin in the direction my tongue went. Her glorious hole was loose in my mouth and her moaning grew louder as I intermittently slid entire fingers in her rectum, then pulled them out to lick the bright pink anal opening.

When I got up, dizzy with lust for her bottom, I knew which way to angle my cock so that it would make it past the shallow bend. And so I entered her quivering anus, and burried the tip of my cock into her tight ass. First I played with her shallowness a little, staying close to her opening, hitting that bend and backing up, fascinated by the way my cock was stretching her hole, and by the way her anus followed my shaft on its way out. It was sticking to me and moved almost as far as my dick went.

Then I announced: "I'm going in, I'm going to put the whole thing in there". "Do it, I want to feel your cock deep inside me" She said. And so I angled my cock to her left, pushing hard on the right outside edge of her anus, and pulling its left side out. A little more spit and I was ready to go in. Slowly I pushed, and when she gasped I knew I was forcing her rectum to straightened and conform to my cock. I slowed down and even stopped to let her get accustomed to the added length. She breathed a few times, and relaxed again.

As I resumed my push forward, I felt and saw my shaft sliding though her anus slowly but steadily. Her hands wer still spreading her ass wide, and she was moaning more intensely now. I stopped again, this time a good 5 or so inches in. Then I puled out slightly, and started fucking her ass gently and slowly, waiting for further relaxation from her. "Is that it?" She asked. "I can't believe how deep your cock is!". When I explained I still had more to go, she literally begged for me to keep penetrating her until I was all the way in.

And so I continued, and gasp after gasp, my member went in deeper and deeper, her rectal walls now pressing hard on my shaft, her anus invisible, and her hands firmly clutching at her cheek, spreading them wide. I was almost all the way in when I realized she was breathing fast in pain and moaning loudly. So I slowed down again, and backed out a little, then fucked her gently. "Thanks!" She said. "Is there more?" "Another inch or so" I replied.

When she finally relaxed, I resumed, and this time pushed until I was pressed tightly against her, my balls in contact with her pussy, and my lower stomach flat against her wide open crack. "Your anus is chocking the base of my cock" I said. "Oh god, I've never felt this full" She replied. After letting her breathe, I started gently moving up and down, massaging her anus with the base of my cock, and moving just enough for her rectum to get used to being displaced like that.

Her moans grew louder again, but the tension had disappeared, and she was now ready to be fully sodomized. So I slowly began to fuck her, making sure I was going as deep as possible at every thrust. She was rubbing her clit frantically, moaning and calling my name. I was going back and forth now more vigorously, still going as deep as possible so that her anus would wrapped around the base of my cock. That's where I like it. I think she did too.

After a couple of minutes, I began sliding some serious length through her squeezer. I could see the edge of my tip sticking out on almost every pull, and her anal sphincter hit my pubic bone on every push. "You're ready for some porn star moves?" I asked. "Don't hold back! Sodomize me!" She said. So I pulled it completely out and spread some spit on her anus with a couple of fingers. Then I put my cock back in all the way. Then all the way out. Then more spit, this time applied with my mouth, my tongue again going deep inside her hole.

Then again my cock. In and out. All the way in, all the way out. Her dirty hole was now gaping widely, as my cock kept entering and exiting. Three fingers went in at one point, and rubbed the inside of her fully lubricated anus furiously. Then my cock again, and again, until I just started fucking her ass as fast as I could. When her moan grew louder and longer, I knew she was about to come, and so I leaned forward, grabbed her tits with both hands and continued to ravage her rectum.

Her orgasm was amazing: loud, long, wet, my name yelled and cussed, my cock squeezed so tight by her spasms I no longer could hold my own orgasm and simply blew up, my cock burried at its deepest in her amazing hole. "I can feel your cum!" She exclaimed as her orgasm was nearing an end. "You're coming in my asshole!" She said, obviously enjoying the thought of my deposting my batter in a place that had never seen any before. She felt dirty and was loving it! As I finished, I could feel her anus contracting in long spasms, rythmically.

I stayed there for a long time, enjoying the tightness and waiting for my cock to soften before leaving the hole I had been coveting all those years. Finally I pulled out, slowly, looking right at it, hoping to remember this as vividly as possible. When my dick was finally out, I slapped it gently on her distended anus, then a little more forcefully. "Slap that naughty hole!" She encouraged. So I kept slapping, enjoying the view of her exhausted rosebud a bit longer.

After a few more sloppy slaps, I leaned forward and one last time, applied my open mouth to her steaming hot hole. Her anal wrinkles were bigger and deeper than ever, her stretched tissues now swollen and covered in my saliva. My tongue was down on my chin so that her bright pink, shiny and puffy anal opening would hit it as far back in my mouth as possible. Then, with my tongue flatened hard against her cushy doghnut, I licked some more. I even sucked on her anus for good measures, then burried my pursed lips inside of it, in a loong goodbye kiss.

A couple hours had gone by since coffee, and we were both spent. We stayed there a while, not talking. Then she got up and invited me to take a shower. I finally got to see her beautiful tits and eat her delicious pussy. I got my cock sucked again, and at last fucked her tight litlle strawberry blond pussy, eventually enjoying her coming with my cock in her cunt. Then we proceeded to fuck in every room of the house, and made sure that I came at least once in every one of her holes. Her mouth was a delight to fill with my cum, but my favorite remains that shallow little ass which incidentally got fucked a few more times that day, in as many different positions as we could think of.

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