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Little Remorse

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"I'm sorry honey. I just thought bringing in another female, or another couple might spice things up a bit," Charlie said to Ann over breakfast.

"It's ok, I thought I was ready, but not yet sweetie," she said, "just give me some time, some room, to think about it honey," Ann added.

The two went on to explain to each other how they loved each other and would never do anything to hurt the other.

"I really feel bad. You cock was so hard last night, and I turned you down,honey, I will make it up to you soon, I promise," Ann said, kissing him on her way out the door to head to her work at her office. Ann is a tuppeware manager, who does well, company provided car, and has an office about a block from her house where she does most of her business,with managers under her, booking her own parties, reading e mail, paying bills for the house, etc.

Charlie is a lawyer who is in a partnership in a law practice specialing in probate.

He is 43, she is 44. The two of them bring home a substantial salary, live very comfortable, and their 19 year old son just moved out on his own, owning his own lawn and landscaping business, with a little help from dad of course.

Although Ann is 44, she looks more like 28-29. Most are suprised at her age when she goes to their house to recruit a new manager or to hold a party. Five feet five inches tall, tan, nice breasts, feet stay pedicured and her smile will melt the heart of any man.

She couldn't get the conversation out of her mind, Charlie wanting a third or fourth person in the bedroom. At first, it pissed her off, then aroused her, then she decided to forget it, but the thought even now, in her office, made her wet in the pussy area.

But, she had to focus. Ann was recruiting a manager across town that would put her in a high bonus area, going over and exceeding her goal for the month. The prospect was Marge, who's mother had been ill and she thought for sure she'd be home this morning. "Come over for coffee and a roll, I'll be here," Marge promised.

It was a hot, muggy morning. Ann dressed comfortably, in shorts, well a short suit, if you please, orange, with almost matching sandals. The thightness and thinness left no doubt to anyone of her lovely,sexy,attractive figure, something of which Ann was extremely proud.

Traffic was horrible. She was thinking it must be the day of the night of the full moon. "Every idiot and their twin is out here,weaving in and out, trying to hurt someone, if not kill them," she thought, as she called on her cell phone to explain she was now running late.

Marge said not to worry,she'd be there, and 45 minutes later, a full hour and half later than planned, Ann was in the drive way. She hadn't called since over 30 minutes earlier when she was delayed by that four car wreck, and Marge was called to the hospital for not her mother, but her brother, who had a heart attack, Marge's husband explained to Ann, looking at her from head to foot, admiring her figure, her beauty.

Walking up the driveway, the sun hit Ann's short suit just right, and Bill, the husband, could see the imprint of her pink panties, and her red lace bra, and immediately got a bulge in his gym shorts he was wearing. Bill had to be 55-60, Ann thought to herself.

"Come on in, she made coffee and a roll for you," Bill smiled, "she told me not to let it go to waste," he laughed. "I wouldn't want her mad at me.

Ann's mind kept going back to last night's conversation with Charlie, and the bulge in Bill's shorts was a distraction. The house was so nice, beautiful carpet, she felt obligated to kick off her sandals. Ann sat on the couch, and Bill in chair across from her.

She drank her coffee, starbucks, and hate her cream filled roll, and made small talk with Bill. He had been reading an old story in a magazine, that had him all worked up, it seemed.

"You know, that dammed DA down there in Oklahoma, that warden's wife was missing nearly 10 years with that convicted murderer, the scary looking guy, she never tried to escape, she said she was scared of him,what he'd do to her family," he scorned.

"That DA can't decide whether to file charges if she aided him in the escape. HELLO, she had over nine years, don't you think she had more than one chance to escape? Hell, the old man must have been good in bed," Bill sort of sarcastically laughed.

Ann nearly spit out her coffee, just something funny that struck her, and she said, with mouth full, "maybe she liked him roughing her up before sex, like foreplay," she laughed.

The two both laughed several seconds over that comment.

"Oh well, she won't be charged," he added, I shouldn't care, it just is strange."

"Yeah, well, I guess you could kidnap me and we could go to Center, but I tell you one dammed thing. I ain't working on no chicken farm to support your ass," Ann quipped. She always was great with people.

Bill laughed, then got very stern, very serious. "May I ask you something Ann? You are very easy to talk to," he asked.

Ann told him it would be all right and he proceeded to ask.

"I am kind of a strange man. Fun, but strange. I gotta ask. You ever had a good toe massage, foot,ankle massage.? Dayum, your feet are sexy," Bill asked, throwing in a compliment.

"What a nice thing to say. I love my feet, toes. To answer your question, it has been over 20 years since any man, husband included, paid any attention to my feet. I never thought about it, until you flattered me," she added. "Is that an offer?," she asked, flirtingly, very uncharacteristic of her.

When a female, she thought to herself, is caught up in a connversation, a thought, like last night, it makes her say,do things, out of character, and that kind of "justified" her behavior.

Bill chuckled, gosh, Ann loved his smile, his complimentary behavior, or maybe it was his flirting behavior, eyeballing her from head to toe, anyway, she couldn't just get up and leave, even though, down deep, she knew she should.

"Well, I can't be responsible for anything that happens as a result of my toe sucking-massaging," Bill said, smiling seductively, so, come lay on the bed over here in this room," he added, stillsmiling.

Ann lay on the huge bed, gosh, it seemed bigger than a king or queen, and oh, my, it was comfortable. Bill put on some soft, sweet, music, with something in back ground, she couldn't make it out. And oh, my gosh, when he began on her toes and feet!

All her anxieties went right up between her legs. "My God! I don't remember this ever doing this to me," shelaughed.

"Doing what to you?," Bill asked, very curiously.

"Dammed it, never mind, just don't stop, this is heavenly," the manager said,smiling, sucking her thumb, like a baby, she was having almost orgasmic pleasure.

The more he massaged the bottom of her feet, and kissed her toes, the more unaware she was of the seduction taking place. Little did she realize, until his hand was under her panties, that he had left the feet and run his hands up her thighs to under her panties to find her wetness.

"Well now, we can't let you leave like this,can we Ann?," Bill asked her with a seductive, almost evil smile.

Hell, Ann didn't care. She was still either miffed or aroused by Charlie's comments the night before, and God, if he was that good at pleasuring on the feet, she could only imagine, what a good fucking from her friends husband would be.

"But,what about your wife? Marge, she might not approve," Ann tried to stop him, but she was to weak, she couldn't resist his advances.

"She's history, gone until about five, it's just you and me, as long as it takes baby," as he removed her shorts and panties. She sat up and removed her top and bra, knowing as horny as she was, it would be only seconds before she came and suspected he would shoot his load quickly.

Bill started kissing her, right at her wetness, she had her fingernails in his neck, squirming,moaning, "oh my God!," and "awwwww, shiiiittttt," and Bill kept using his mouth, he found a sensitive spot on her belly,right around her belly ring.

"Ok, that's the key to my pussy when you know how to handle that ring," Ann laughed, in great, almost orgasmic pleasure.

And when he made it to her 34d tits, "oh my God! Fuck me you horny bastard!," she screamed, and he then for the first time,gave her a long,passionate kiss, before thrusting his hard, 7 inch cock into Ann's shaved pussy.

After two quick orgasms, he quickly shot what seemed like a gallon of wad into her pussy, he really knew how to thrust his cock in and out of her shaved pussy, sending an orgasmic thrill all through her body. She was hungry for more, and sucked his cock back to hardness. In only a few minutes he was ready to fuck her again, and again she came hard,twice, before he shot his load.

Ann was nearly speechless. "Oh my God! I love my husband, but it's been years since he fucked me like that," she told Bill.

"Last night we had a fight, this morning we both showed remorse. I guess tonight, I willhave to force him to fuck me the hardest he's fucked in years," she laughed.

On her way home, sht thought, "I guess I did have a little remorse, just not much."

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