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Letters From The Brujo


Last week, our server became intoxicated and misdistributed a fair
amount of mail. I know that politeness should have forced me to
toss the letters which were obviously not mine away unread but
curiosity has always had a stronger influence on me than good
manners. Most of the letters sent by fate were less interesting even
than my own, and I promptly obeyed etiquette and discarded those at
once.. This one, however, proved more intriguing than the rest. I
leave you to judge how much so.


Organization: Hotel Brujo
Date sent: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 01:49:09 -0005
Subject: Promises Kept
Priority: normal

My Darling;

I promised you that I would write you at once should any thing
interesting happen to me on this trip. It had at first seemed there
would be nothing to tell - the business meetings yielded no more than
the crap table - but tonight has proved unexpectantly strange, and so
in consideration of my promise, I will forgo a few hours of sleep to
relate the episode which I have just witnessed. I think you will
agree that the tale which composes this evening warrants these
complimentary sheets of description.

I retired early from the tables, eager to escape the bout of poor
luck that had followed me to this resort. You know how the rooms are
laid at the Brujo, with the back deck overlooking the sea. I stepped
out onto the deck at around eleven, breathing deeply the mist of
brine, listening to the steady roar of falling waves. The moon made
no appearance in the vault of heaven and the night fell dark around
me. I took a seat in one of the wrought iron chairs and wondered if
my luck would ever change.

No more than twenty minutes had passed when light suddenly erupted
from the room next to mine - the deck is common to all of the rooms,
you might recall, and so though I sat straight back of my room,
nothing prevented me from seeing directly into my neighbor's room.
Indeed, how could I prevent watching the goings on behind the glass,
when it was illuminated with the only light in many miles, and sat no
further than twelve feet from my shadowed face? A young woman and
an older man of maybe fifty stood in my view.

She stepped toward me. She was an exceptionally pretty woman, with
blonde hair and I fancied her eyes were blue. She dressed, at any
rate, in a tight indigo cocktail dress which dr*ped in a flattering
manner over her very feminine curves. Her manner bespoke some
experience, so although she looked rather young, I would have guessed
her to be in her late twenties or early thirties; A young woman has
natural assets in her youth, but passing time teaches a woman to make
the most of those attributes. As she stood for a moment in the
near the window, I thought she seemed nervous, or at least cautious,
but at the same time I detected a bit of provocation in the easy
sway of her hips.

The man seemed strong, big and muscular, although considerably older
than his companion. He took off his dark suit coat and then laid it
deliberately over the back of a chair, taking care to smooth any
unnecessary wrinkles. He sat down on the bed and smiled.

"You are a lovely woman," he said casually. "I'm beginning to be
glad that I agreed to this arrangement. You must understand this is
not usually the way I do business, but your offer was simply too
intriguing to be dismissed out of hand. I'm still skeptical,
however, about the ultimate wisdom. Johnny owes me a great deal of
money." She looked at him with a twinge of fear in her eyes.

"I can make it worthwhile - I promise." Her voice sounded desperate
and yet seductive. I, myself, had little doubt she could in fact
make good the debt, whatever the price. As the man eyed her
carnivorously and broadened his already wide smile, he seemed to
agree. This innocent looking woman had large breasts, a delicate
waist, a round little ass and an angelic face. I suspected his
imagination had little trouble recouping his debts.

"The thing I like," he said as she began to dance slowly and pulled
a comb from her golden hair, "is that such a wholesome looking woman
could be married to a crumb like Johnny. You look like a good girl,
like a mother." She unzipped her dress and began to slip it off her
white shoulders. "And now you're promising me satisfactions. Lady,"
he growled, "I'm gonna enjoy this."

The blue fabric fell to the floor, and this young mother stood
before me in white lace panties and bra and the man on the bed was
almost drooling as this sweet looking blonde, noticing his hunger,
starts to cower in the corner, overcome by the powerful masculine
demands she seems to sense in his apparent appetite. He snarled low
and rolled his eyes as if to tell her that he was losing patience.
She turned around so that her lacy butt was pushed towards him, and
as she leaned against the window pane, I could see the glimmer of a
tear streaking down her cheek. He reached forward and took hold of
the elastic of her lace panties, and exposed a bit of her voluptuous
behind. She pulled out of his reach, and adjusted her panties to
restore the little modesty she suddenly seemed eager to retain.

"Look, lady," he said gruffly. "I'm not passing on twelve grand and
a chance to fuck up Johnny just to play cat and mouse with your
undergarments. I want you to drop your drawers and show me some of
that pink little pussy this instant, or the deal is off. And don't
get me wrong, I'll fuck you anyway, sister - maybe prorate Johnny
for what I decide you're worth. But if we're really going to do
business, I expect you to smile and enjoy yourself. Remember,
sister, this deal was your idea, and I expect something for my

"Yes," she said as she abruptly pushed her panties down her white
thighs. "Forgive me for trying to slow the pace, but I want to give
you everything you want from me, and I just wanted to get used to
you, so I can relax myself and fuck you the way you deserve to be
fucked." She rubbed the naked blonde hair of her muff as she spoke.
"You're a masculine man, and I'm not used to giving myself to such
raw power. I usually command the rapt obedience of fancy boys with
my sweet cunny. I like to see them kneel and fight for my
attentions. But you are not like them. You care nothing for my
favor, so long as you can steal my virtue. I'm a good woman, and you
want to stick your dirty prick into my shrine," she began as she
pushed her pelvis forward toward him, rubbing herself vigorously, "I
despise you, and yet I think I could truly enjoy myself. I want you
to forgive Johnny but not nearly as much as I want your prick in my
mouth. I want your prick..." She swallowed the words in a deep
throated moan and her panties fell to the floor.

"Turn around," he said, "I want to see your pussy beg for me." She
turned away from him, and bent at the waist. His tongue darted from
his mouth to touch the moist kiss of her cunt. She shuddered and put
a hand against the glass. No more tears coursed her cheeks, but only
the deep flush of her arousal as she ground her fertile gap against
his face, revealing to him and to me the eagerness with which this
seemingly demure woman could seek pleasure. His tongue slipped into
her ass, and she growled deliriously as she fingered her clit in

You might, I suppose, wonder how I managed to compose myself while I
witnessed these remarkable incidents. Naturally my hormones were
incensed at the first display of naked flesh, a situation which had
only grown more severe as the scene grew more and more sexual. It
would be impossible to pinpoint the minute when my prick stiffened,
and equally unlikely to discriminate the moment when I released my
staff from the cloth confines and began to stroke the dragon in
appreciation of the tableau that was unveiled before me. It shall
suffice to say that I participated fully in the decadence as a
voyeur, and took my satisfactions with as much abandon as the two
lovers who entertained me.

She released his cock, and gasped when she witnessed the size of his
ravenous member - it was a heavy club with a life of its own,
and a hunger to match. She took hold of his staff with both
hands and brought her pretty face close. The serpent leaped forward
and struck her on the nose, which made her laugh a sweet giggle of
exploded tension, and she slipped the hard rod between her lips,
sucking down the full engorged length of his virility.

She licked his dick with enthusiasm, her yellow hair swaying with
the rhythm of her devotions, her fingers teasing his dark balls and
keeping the sword well aimed as she drove the head down into her
throat. As she ate this ogre's cock, her pussy writhed before my
eyes, her lips thickly swollen and scarlet in aroused anticipation
of the invasion she craved, dripping profusely as she teased her
clit with her grind. I was sorely tempted to move myself closer to
the window, to take a closer look at the ass that blossomed before
my eyes, but I feared the slightest movement might call their
attention to me, and bring the scene to an abrupt close, or create
another, far less pleasant one.

Of course, given the decadence these two randy lovers had sunk into,
perhaps they would have welcomed me as another partner in their
passion. As innocent as this woman had seemed at first, it had
quickly become clear that two pricks would not be unappreciated by
this wanton femme.

"I want you to come in my face," she said as she rubbed his cock in
her hand while kissing the purple head. "I want the spray of lust
that is locked in your balls to explode on my red lips and flushed
white cheeks. I want to suck the fuck out of you."

He took fistfulls of golden hair in his large hands and furiously
pumped her mouth over his staff. Her face grew wide-eyed with
surprise and tried desperately to accept the rhythm he forced upon
her, searching for moments to breathe, eager to drink the juice she
teased from his balls. Suddenly he tossed her aside, leaving her
staring reverently, lustfully at him and the massive glistening prick
that writhed atop him.

"Take off the bra," he said and he stood as she fumbled with the
clasp. "Now lay down on the bed and show me how you fuck yourself."
She did as she was told, and I sat watching her fingers fiddle the
pink of her soft blonde cunt. Her big nippled breasts begged to be
squeezed. The guy stood alongside her, pulling on his big prong,
encouraging her with promises to fuck her little cunt. At first she
performed perfunctorily, but as she watched that huge dick dance,
she spread her legs wide and toyed with her erect clit until she
could hardly stop herself from leaping up to skewer herself on his
weapon. She fucked her dripping wet pussy with her fingers madly,
and even slipped a finger into her asshole during one intense

Finally, he leapt atop her, and they melted into a vast array of
feverish fucks. Her blue eyes spoke helplessly of her surrender to
his forceful assaults and her lean legs spread wide to welcome and
encourage his dark rod deeper inside. He pounded her long and hard
and she lifted her hips to meet each insistent stroke, grunting and
squirming in her ardent attempt to lose herself in his fuck. Pulling
her atop him, he took hold of her tense nipples in his fingers as
they bounced with the same rhythm she used to ride her cunt along his
staff. He took her from behind like an animal, smacking the white
round flesh of her up-raised bottom, and like a horse firmly coaxed
into a gallop, she moaned deeply with each slap and fucked him even
harder. Her full breasts brushed the carpet as he drove his prick
down into her womb. Pressing his cock into her mouth for a moment,
he returned again to kneel behind her and sunk his thick cock into
her asshole. The moans mixed with screams as he began to screw her
down in earnest, and in an anxious moment, her whole body began to
spasm with squeals and groans and I knew that all the tension of her
fear was finally finding release in her orgasmic convulsions. When
the tremors finally died down, I knew she would offer no more
resistance, that lust had finally stolen her soul.

He withdrew the firm prick from her ass and turned her around for a
kiss before he placed his staff into her mouth again. She sucked
cock like a woman crazed, eager to declare her submission and
desperate to taste his hot lust. He lay her down on the bed and
with a possessive kiss, he dove his prick down hard into her cunt,
and after a few determined strokes, arose and was soon spewing a huge
mess of sperm over her pretty, pretty face.

We all lay back in a general feeling of satisfaction, they on their
bed and I in my iron chair. After a few minutes, the man rose and
after pawing her drenched cunt for a lascivious moment, he dressed
and after again arousing the woman's attention with a familiar
fondle, he took a piece of paper from his pocket and tore it down the
middle. "Tell Johnny," he said, "that you're a righteous whore. He
can lose money to me anytime. You have a beautiful ass, lady. I'll
give you a call." With that, he left.

She got up off the bed, and pulled her clothes back on. She picked
up the torn paper, and placed the pieces in her bra. She departed.

You were brilliant. I am quite proud of you. I have no doubt that
Tony left fully satisfied - decidedly more so than I am. Indeed,
tonight has easily been the best performance of your career - and for
such a princely sum. Twelve grand is by far the best price we've
collected thus far - or at least the worst disaster we've averted.
I'm feeling good about our attempt tomorrow - I can't always lose,
and so long as you pay the debts, we keep our winnings. We have hit
upon a perfect scheme. Rich and well-fucked.

You look so peaceful, sleeping there. I shall not wake you and
satisfy the lusts you have brewed within me, but will instead let you
rest. Tonight has been quite an ordeal. What will tomorrow bring?
A sincere fuck from your husband, at any rate. I couldn't believe
the way you sucked his prick. My jism splattered the window, and I
was twelve feet away. Sexy mama.



End of Story

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