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Let Me Undress You

First you would meet me a the door in a button up blouse and a full skirt then I would go behind you and start kissing your neck Then reach around and slowly rub your belly and moving slowly up to between your breast to feel your beating heart.
Beating faster and faster with anticipation! Then start at the top and unbutton your blouse. Then slowly open it up and run my warm hands over your bra lightly caressing your breast. Then move down to rub your belly and slowly move up to your breast and lightly caress and rub them again. Then slowly remove your blouse.
As I kiss your neck and slowly work around to the front and kiss down to the top of your bra as my hands lightly squeeze your ass. Then I continue kissing down your belly till I am on my knees.
Then I gently start rubbing your legs up and down and under your skirt and back down then reach around and undo your skirt, and let it drop to the floor.
Then start to kiss the front of your legs and your panties. Then standing up I reach around your back and undo your bra as I gaze into your eyes. Then slowly remove your bra and gently rubbing and caressing your breast rubbing your hard erect nipples. Now I start kissing and licking your nipples biting your nipples as I
caress your ass and rub your Hot Wet Panties.
Then I go behind you and go down on my knees and kiss your ass then pull down your Hot Wet Panties. As I kiss your ass cheeks some more. Then have you bend over so I can kiss and lick your HOT WET CREAMY PUSSY to climax.

Hope you enjoy more to cum if you wish.

End of Story