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Lead Foot

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The party seemed to by winding down, and it was getting late. Sonny was talking to her friends and working on saying her ?good byes? and ?thank yous? to Karen and Greg. Holly had been hitting the wine a little heavy and was a being a bit boisterous in her objection to Sonny leaving. Meanwhile Sonny?s date Alex, also having had one beer too many, was pawing at her fine ass as if they were at a prom party.

About that time there was a new entry to the party. Two guys walked in and one looked rather un-kept, but somehow appealing. The other, while a bit short, was well dressed and quickly reminded her of a local politician type. They both walked up to the group where Sonny was standing. The one dressed not to impress leaned past Sonny to Kiss Karen on the cheek and shake hands with Greg. Holly was quick to hug him, and tell him how he was looking ?shaggy? as she brushed his beard with the back of her hand, but good with a quick wink of her eye. Jack and he shook hands and there was some brief polite conversation as the two apologized for being late due to work, before Karen introduced him to Sonny and Alex as Karen?s brother, Gray. Gray?s friend, Ray, was also introduced around by Karen. Holly asked him how police work was going. He told her that it was going well. He had been working undercover, but was looking forward to getting back to do some patrol work and?then before he could finish his sentence, Sonny?s date spoke out ?You?re a cop? You don?t look like a cop. Where?s your doughnut?? He seemed to find himself quite funny, as he made his series of quips. Gray simply responded by saying, that he stopped eating doughnuts when he heard that they used Alex?s pencil dick to put the holes in them. Alex appeared rather angry when those in ear shot, including Sonny, laughed at the comment. When Gray laughed at Alex?s apparent frustration, Alex told Sonny it was time to go, and she reluctantly left with him. She attempted to talk a bit more, but a tug at her arm told her it would be less embarrassing to just leave. Alex could be such an ass, but he made impressive money, and spent a good deal of it on her, so she was willing to tolerate his smugness, although it seemed to be growing tiresome.

The drive home was filled with Alex talking about how he disliked arrogant cops and that he would have kicked Gray?s ass but he did not want to get shot by a cop that did not like getting beat up by a real man. Sonny turned to look out of the passenger side window as she rolled her eyes at more of Alex?s ?would be a tough guy, except for?stories.? You know the type, ?I would have kicked over that biker dude?s motorcycle except he would have sued me because I have so much money.? Or ?I used to bench press a volkswagon in the driveway, but it looked so cheap and the neighbors complained, so now I just work out at Spa Lady because Gold?s gym is too crowded.? As Alex rambled on Sonny?s attention turned to Gray. Holly had told her about him before. She had said that he worked undercover, and Sonny found that quite exciting. He sure looked the part. He looked like a bad boy, yet he was so good. She wished that she could have stayed to hear some stories. I?ll bet he would look good in a uniform too. She thought to herself, ?I wander if it is like on CSI??

Before she knew it they had arrived at Alex?s house. The pair walked inside as the garage door closed behind the polished Mercedes. Sonny went into the bathroom and began to prepare to get in bed. Hopefully Alex would be passed out by the time she finished and she could get a good night?s sleep. She finished preparing for bed and exited the bathroom. ?Good? she thought. ?It looks like he is asleep? as she crawled quietly into bed. Alex was already snoring, which as annoying but less annoying than his constant rambling about himself. Sonny turned out the light on the nightstand, and settled under the covers. Suddenly the phone rang. Alex sprang up, turned on the light and answered the phone. ?Hey man?what are you doing?? she heard him saying. There was a muffled voice on the other end, then ?No, we just got home.? Then there was more muffled chatter. ?Golf tomorrow would be cool. The tee time for 8:15? See you then. Then he put the phone back on the base and turned off the light.

?Please go back to sleep? Sonny thought as she lied still and quietly. Then she felt him role over toward her placing his hand on her leg but quickly slid it toward her pussy. She did not react, pretending to be asleep, but to no avail as he was persistent and began kissing her breasts, while working his fingers into her panties. She knew it would be pointless to continue playing possum and parted her legs allowing him to insert a finger into her slightly moistening hole. As he began working his fingers more deeply inside her, she began to think about Gray. She had found his rugged look and quick wit very sexy. As she started thinking of him, her pussy became very wet for Alex. Alex quickly pulled her panties down over her thighs and past her calves before the briefly tangled around her feet, then he had them off and threw them to the floor beside the bed. He then rolled onto his back and pushed his own shorts off exposing his hard cock. He reached behind Sonny?s head and pulled her face down toward his groin. Sonny opened her mouth and accepted his waiting member into her warm mouth. He began moving his hips as if to fuck Sonny?s mouth eagerly, but with no sense of anything about her beyond how she could satisfy him. Yet she allowed her attention fade to thoughts of sucking Gray?s cock and what it would be like to be with him. The more she thought about it the more Alex reacted to her talented mouth. A moment later she pulled away and wanted the feel of a cock in her heated wetness. She climbed on top of Alex, taking his cock in her hand and directing it toward her opening. She continued to have flashing thoughts of Gray. What would it be like to fuck him? Would he feel hard inside her? Would he fuck her hard from behind, sensing that she loved that? What would it feel like when he touched his tongue to her pussy? Would he know without having to be told where she needed to be touched? The more she pondered these things, the more she unwittingly began fucking Alex faster and harder, and the wetter she became. It was only a few short minutes between the time she slipped Alex inside of her and the time he moaned out as he shot his thick load into her wetness. Alex pushed at her hips in an attempt to roll her off of him. Once again he was satisfied and done. She was too close now though. She stayed on Alex?s cock forcing his hands away from her hips as she imagined Gray reaching the depths of her pussy with his surely satisfying cock. Suddenly she felt the eruption building inside of her. Her pussy grew wetter, her breathing rapid and her heart raced as she pictured the thought of Gray handcuffing her and forcing his hard cock into her from behind?then it happened. She exploded leaving Alex and the bed soaked in her fluids. She rolled off of Alex?s softening cock. Spent for the moment she knew that Alex would be sleeping before she could catch her breath. As she moved toward her pillow, to her surprise Alex caught her by the arms and rolled her back on top of him, and in a continued motion back off of him to the opposite side. He told her she had made the mess, she could sleep in it. Again finding himself funny. He patted her on the ass and said he had to get some sleep because he had to play golf in just a few hours, but if she played her cards right he would come home and give her more of what he had just gifted her with. That is how he interpreted it in his head anyway. For her, she was glad to put more distance between the two of them as she curled up using the wet sheets as a barrier to keep Alex on the dry side and she thought more of Gray as she could feel the mixture of Alex?s cum and her own wetness dripping from her still heated loins. She would be glad to find an excuse tomorrow to stay at her house and avoid Alex and his post-golf ten-minute romp in the hay. Her vibrator and the new handcuffed fantasy would be far more pleasing.

SIX MONTHS LATER Sonny raced down the road, knowing she was going to be late arriving at Alex?s house to have dinner with Alex?s boss and his wife. She hated being late even though she was dreading the whole, boring affair. Sonny reached for her ringing cell phone that had fallen onto the floorboard. She never saw the patrol car until she saw the bright lights in her rear-view mirror. She did not have time for this, and turned onto a dark road as she attempted to find a stopping point that would be quick enough to not anger the policeman stopping her and still give her enough privacy to use her great legs and tits to talk herself out of a ticket. As she watched the darkened figure approaching her car window, she pulled her skirt up a little here and her blouse down a little there, and then gave her lips a quick lick, just as she heard him speak.

?Ma?am. Have you been drinking tonight??

?What?? Sonny replied. ?No, I have not been drinking. Do you have to shine that light in my eyes??

?Are you certain? Because you nearly hit me in a front end collision and you ran me off of the road? replied the officer.

?What are you talking about? she snapped back at him. ? I did not?? then it struck her, she had dropped her phone?she never even saw him. Oh officer, I am sorry. I had dropped my phone and reached down to pick it up from the floor of the car. I must have?I am so sorry.?

?Ma?am, I need to see your driver?s license please.? She looked up, still unable to see his face because of the brightness of his flashlight and the many lights from the police car. She could just pick up on the occasional glimmer of light reflecting off his badge and some of the shinier objects on his gun belt.

?Yes sir.? She stated feeling a little embarrassed now that she realized the dangerous mistake she had made. As Sonny fumbled through her wallet looking for her license she noticed the beam of the officer?s flashlight traveling slowly over her breasts, then down to her knees and up her legs, touching all of the places she had strategically perfected as the officer first approached her vehicle. Sonny told the officer she needed to get her insurance card from the glove compartment. Leaning over allowed her to open her legs just enough to allow her to get insurance against a ticket as well as her insurance card. She could not see him, but she could feel him staring at the tiny thonged love nest she had hidden between her legs.?No ticket for me? she thought to herself as she retrieved the card and handed it up to the officer.

?I will be right back? the officer voiced in a deep tone that Sonny found rather sexy now that she felt confident that she would quickly be on her way with nothing more than a warning, and maybe a phone number that she would promise to call, but throw out the window a mile or two down the road.

As she heard his footsteps walking back to the car, she looked up to once again be blinded by the flashlight. She thought to herself, ?Again with the light?but, don?t say anything to make him mad now? She looked up and offered an inviting smile instead. She was prepared for the warning and probably some quick flirting.

?Miss. I need you to step out of the car please.? Again in the same low, sexy tone, as he opened her car door.

?He must want a good view? she thought, offering an extended flash as she stepped out of the car. But as she stood up she felt his hand on her arm directing her to face her car. ?you are under arrest as she without warning felt the cold steal of the first handcuff snap onto her wrist?and then another to her one free hand. Her heart began to race?she was frightened and confused. ?For what?? She asked.

?Just a moment and I will explain? he told her. She could feel his large firm hands tactfully, but appropriately run up one side of her body and down the other as he asked if she had any weapons or drugs on her, in her, or with her.

She? in a breaking voice on the verge of tears?replied ?no? to all of the above.

?You have multiple unpaid parking tickets? he told her as he turned her back to face him.

For the first time since she saw the police lights come on behind her, Sonny saw the officer?s face. It was Gray. Karen?s brother from a party some six months ago.

He continued to explain that there were eleven unpaid tickets that had been issued over the course of five days, but never paid.

?Do you remember me?? she inquired nearly in tears.

Gray looked up at her thinking she looked familiar but not placing her at first.

?Karen?s Party? she said softly.

As if a light bulb came on, ?You were with ?doughnut boy?? he blurted out. ?I do remember you?.

?Please don?t do this. I don?t even remember getting a parking ticket, much less eleven.?

?Come on back to my car and let?s have a look?. He gently, but firmly held her cuffed hands as he walked her back to his car. He sat down in the driver seat allowing her to stand in the doorway looking at his computer with him. ?You see here?? pointing to the screen. ?January 18th two, 19th three, 20th two, 21st three and the 22nd one. All downtown.?

?I didn?t get any tickets.?

You are a teacher right?? he asked.

She nodded.

?So what were you doing downtown??

?That is what I am telling you. I never go downtown.? She was becoming continuously more frustrated. ? Only maybe three times a year for teacher?s conferences and even then I didn?t get a ticket. Wait. What were those dates again??

He looked at the screen, ?January 18th through the 22nd.

?Alex! That bastard borrowed my car.?

?Doughnut boy??

?Yes doughnut boy? she replied. He used my car for a week while his precious Mercedes was in the shop.?

?Wow, and he drives a Mercedes, has a beautiful girlfriend who is nice enough to loan him her car for a week, and he can?t even tell you about eleven parking tickets much less pay them?. Gray shook his head in disbelief. ?What a dick?. Ooops sorry.?

?You are right. He is a dick. So what now? Is there anything I can do to avoid going to jail?? she asked. ?I have never been in trouble.?

Well I have no choice but to take you downtown??

She began to cry.

?Wait now? he said, ?I can take you down and if you pay cash up front for the tickets and the administrative fee, you will be free to go. Can you do that??

Almost immediately calming down, she asked, ?How much cash do I have to have??

?Total? $375.00?

?I will have to call my boyfriend. Can I get my phone, and call him?


Motioning with her head, ?Can you take these off? referring to the handcuffs.?

?I am sorry, I will hold the phone for you, but if anyone sees me taking those off of you, especially a supervisor driving by it may look bad. Especially considering how good you look. Can you be patient with that and I will get them off as soon as we get this resolved.?

Sonny smiled and agreed. ?I kind of like ?em anyway. So long as I know they are coming off? she quipped with a cut of her eyes toward Gray.

Gray asked for the number and punched in the digits she gave him. He pressed send and placed the phone up to her ear.

?Straight to voicemail. Can you dial his home number ? ?No answer. Can you try his cell again? ?straight to voicemail.? She left a message telling Alex that it was very important that he call her back. She began to get upset again. ?I know he thinks he is punishing me for being late. Maybe he is coming out to look for me.? She saw that she had a voicemail and several missed calls from Alex. Can you play the voicemail on there for me please.?

He pressed the button to retrieve the voicemail which defaulted somehow to speaker. He tried to take it off speaker, but it was too late before hearing Alex leaving a voicemail about how inconsiderate Sonny was when he had his boss there. He told her not to bother calling, they were leaving without her to go to dinner.

Seeing that she was getting upset again, Gray told her it was going to be fine, and that he had an idea. ?Trust me.? He said. ?Get in the back seat as he opened the door and gently touched her hair and telling her to watch her head as she entered the vehicle. He walked up to her car and appeared to be locking it up. He returned to the car, opened the back seat and took the seatbelt, pulling it across her body and locking it in place before dragging his open hand back across her body as he stood up and closed the door. He entered the front seat and put the vehicle in reverse, then speeding away from the scene.

?Where are we going?? she asked.

?I live close by and I am technically off duty. I was on my way home when you ran me off the road.? he answered. ?I am going to take you there with me where I have some cash. I never bring large amounts of cash or credit cards to work with me, because they could get lost too easily when I am chasing or fighting with a suspect. I will loan you the money, take you downtown to pay the tickets, then back to your car?

?Thank you? she said. ?I will pay you back Monday when the bank opens and I can pull the money from savings.?

?Lay down.?


?Lie down?. He said. ?I don?t want my neighbors to see me driving home with a prisoner in my back seat.?

?Oh. O.K.? she agreed as she fell sideways onto the seat.

Gray pulled his car into his garage just as the door finished opening. He then closed the door behind them.

?You can sit up now? He exited the vehicle opened the door and told her to step out. As she did she could see him again looking at her exposed crotch, but she truly had no choice with her hands cuffed behind her back. She stood up and he instructed her to turn around.

?What was he going to do?? she wandered. If he didn?t know, she had some ideas.

He took out a key and started to remove the handcuffs. She quickly turned back toward him. ?Not yet? she said, and then in a burst she moved forward and locked her mouth onto his. He responded in like kissing her passionately. His hands fell to her waste pulling her closer to him, then as one arm reached around her back and held her tightly to him as he kissed her, his other hand ran behind her, firmly across her ass whipping over the top of her thigh down toward her knee and back up her inner thigh lifting her skirt with the motion and drawing his hand toward her already wet pussy. With experienced fingers he pushed past the protective barrier of her lace thong and directly into the waiting wet hole that had secretly been pleasured with thoughts of this man in blue several times before. In what seemed like one sweeping motion, he pulled her thong down, while lifter the rest of her body up onto the trunk of the car, somehow leaving her thong on the garage floor. She could not lie back because of her hands being cuffed behind her back., so her only option was to look down and watch as he ran his tongue deep into her wet, wanting pussy, before skillfully running it over her swollen vaginal lips and clit. She could feel her body ready to erupt. It had been too long since she had cum on a man?s tongue, and never like this. Never this quickly or so far outside of her control. Her body began to quiver. She could not move to pull away in order to postpone it. She could not use her hands to force his head tighter into her loins. She could do nothing. She was powerless to succumb to the intense pleasure destined to erupt inside of her as she felt every fiber of her body tingle as her pussy exploded into orgasm. She could feel her wetness running down her ass and thighs to escape over Gray?s face and the side of his patrol car. She wanted so badly to touch his hair, his face, his back, but her bound hands prevented that. Rather he lifted her from the car and as her feet touched the floor he kissed her. His lips and tongue tasted of her pleasure. He removed his gun belt and placed it on the top of his patrol car, He pulled his shirt tail out, removed his shirt, then his bullet proof vest, and finally his T-shirt exposing his hairy masculine chest. He then pulled her closer to him and she buried her face in his chest. She could smell the mustiness of the vest still on his body mixed with the residual scent of his cologne. He slowly turned her around again as he reached on top of the car and grasped his handcuff key. He gently removed the handcuffs from her wrists, he then moved closer to her and began kissing the back of her neck. She was enjoying the pleasure of the blood flow returning to her arms and hands and arms, but even more so the feeling of his warm breath and kisses to her neck. She could feel herself melting to his touch. She turned back toward him, kissed him gently, and then began kissing him down his chest and stomach as she dropped to her knees in front of his belt. She opened his belt and pants pulling them and his underwear down in a bundle around his claves and the ankles of his laced police boots, exposing his hard cock directly in front of her face. She took it in her hand and directed it into her mouth. She began skillfully sucking his cock while running her tongue over the head inside her mouth. She reached over and opened the front door of the patrol car and guided him back to sit in the driver seat. The sound of the chatter on the police radio echoed throughout the garage as she untied and removed his boots, socks, pants and underwear tossing each randomly to the side of the car. She then returned to the mission of tasting the cum delivered to her mouth via his cock. She stroked his cock with her hands as she moved her head strategically up and down taking the head of his member deep into her throat with every strike, He touched her hair gently as she could taste the early hint of his approaching orgasm. He pulled slightly at her shoulder and warned her of his approaching submission to the pleasures of her mouth. She pulled his hand away and continued her efforts without hesitation. As she continued she could feel the hardness of his cock and the beat of his heart against her tongue telling her he was getting close, She continued, determined to taste the fruits of her efforts.

?10-4 HQ?, she heard him say. She looked up to see the microphone in his hand, ?77, I will be transporting one to the backdoor of the courthouse. She will be cashing out on the 99 and for a recall and release.?

?10-4 Charlie eighty seven nineteen.? Followed as the police dispatcher spoke back to him.

He placed the radio mike back on the radio, ?sorry about that. They were calling to check on me and making sure you were not giving me a problem.?

Sonny grinned briefly before returning to her business at hand. The thought of him talking on the radio while his cock was in her mouth was an added bit of excitement to an already erotic venture for her.

Moments later she had successfully achieved her goal as she tasted and drank down wave after wave of his apparent pleasure with her skillful efforts. He gently stroked her hair and lifted her up to her feet as he stood up outside of the car. ?Let?s go inside? as he led her into the house. ?would you like something to eat or drink? as they walked into the kitchen.

?No thank you. I just had something.? As she placed her hands on his face and began kissing him again. He pulled at her remaining clothes as they kissed, leaving them piled on the floor. He lifted her left leg as she braced herself against the kitchen counter. He then directed the head of his still hard cock into her wetness. She moaned as she felt herself stretching around the slowly penetrating cock she had fantasized about both alone and to better endure fucking Alex over the recent months. The pleasure was so intense as they looked into one another?s eyes as he began sliding in and out her, picking up the pace and power with each stroke. She could feel the intensity stirring and all too quickly she felt another orgasm approaching. She could not believe how quickly it approached and overwhelmed her. Perhaps it was the excitement of the events at hand, perhaps it was the feeling of being fucked the way she had missed while with such a selfish partner in her relationship with Alex, and that her pussy had not been given such detailed attention in who knows how long. Whatever it was, she was loving it and she screamed out as she came on his cock while he continued to fuck her pulsating pussy in precise rhythm. He pulled slowly out of her as she collapsed against him, her legs shaking and feeling like jell-o. He slowly turned her as if she were on a rotisserie kissing her all over her face, neck, chest and back until she was facing the kitchen counter. He bent her forward and placed her hands on the counter.

?I don?t have any guns or drugs? she jeered with a big smile.

?Well ma?am, I am going to have to check to make sure. I have a special, very sensitive tool here that I am going to use to check?. He then ran the head of his cock up and down the opening of her still drenched pussy before pushing inside of her as she gasped. She could feel his large right hand reaching over and grasping the left cheek of her as he pumped repeatedly and forcefully in and out of her tight wet hole.

?He did since that I love this position? she thought to herself. As he continued to fuck her from behind, he pulled her up from leaning over the counter. He had removed his hand from her ass and had slid it around to cup her breast, and pinch her nipples. With his free hand he grabbed her hair and pulled slightly enough to expose her neck which he then licked and kissed as he continued to slide in and out of Sonny from a tactical position. He slipped his hand down over her stomach and began working her clit beneath his fingers. He certainly seemed to be set on her satisfaction.

?Show me your bedroom?

He silently met her command and walked her into his bed room. She pushed him back on the bed and straddled his cock. She took him in her hand and lowered herself onto its hardness. She gasped as she took in the full length and began moving up and down his cock holding Gray?s hands firmly for balance.

He soon pulled back on her hands causing her weight to shift forward and in some apparent police tactic rolled her over, never pulling his cock from inside her. He kissed her hard from above her as he began fucking her harder and harder. He then pulled her legs up and pinned them under his arms, giving him even deeper penetration into Sonny. The heated sweat and heavy breathing of the couple reached explosive levels. Sonny first as she moistened his cock and bed as if she were a pressure cooker, exploding under the heated pleasure her body was experiencing. Gray followed almost immediately as she felt his cock pumping his load into her depths. With each pulsating aftershock of his cock, she felt it vibrate throughout her body. Suddenly the clock caught the couple?s attention. Both realizing that they had been at this too long under the circumstances, they kissed got out of bed and dressed. Gray handed her the handcuffs, told her to get in the backseat and to put them back on when they got downtown. He handed her the money to pay her fine. She kissed him one last time and did as he instructed.

He took her downtown and as promised drove her back to her car. He told her that he could not kiss her goodbye, but that he wanted to see her again?soon. She agreed and told him she needed a coule of days to sort out her personal life, but she would call soon. He let her out of the car and removed the handcuffs. She looked at him, smiled, and walked back to her car. He was still standing outside of his patrol car, in uniform as she drove away.

A short time later she stormed into Alex?s house. He was in bed and asked her where the hell she had been. She remained forceful and confronted him about the tickets. To which he responded, with a lame explanation about why he took advantage of the opportunity to park on the street because it was closer to his office and he did not have to worry about someone damaging his Mercedes, not even realizing the insult of how he was not worried about her car. He then said he thought they would be ?freebies? since she was not driving and never went downtown to worry about the car being booted.

Being on the defensive, Alex attempted to act romantic, suggesting that she slide into bed and he would give her a good pounding to make her feel better.

?What a shit? she thought to herself. ?I was practically arrested she said. And you owe me the money for the ticket and fine to boot.? No problem, I will pay you back. He reached on the nightstand and picked up his wallet. ?How much??

?Thr?five hundred. Five hundred dollars.?

?What? That is ridiculous what they charge. I am a tax-payer.? He handed her five new one hundred dollar bills. ?O.K. What do I get for my $500.00??

?You are unbelievable? then as her anger built, she had a tasty idea. ?You get to eat my pussy.?

?O.K., but you suck me first? he said.

?I almost went to JAIL.? He could not seem to find a reply. As she pulled off her panties, she noticed the spot from where Gray?s cum was settling in them, still dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. She climbed up on the bed and forcing Alex back she straddled his face and told him to lick it. He was not very skillful at eating pussy, he was too selfish, but the thoughts running through her head quickly made her very wet. She could tell from the look on his face something tasted odd, but he dared not say a word. As Alex licked her she thought about the experience she had just shared with Gray. The thoughts of the handcuffs, and his hard cock fucking her to the point of ecstasy. The image of his cock sinking deeply into her as she lowered herself onto him in his bed, the taste of his cock as he came in her mouth. The sound of the police radio in the background and the twitching of his cock after they had cum in sequence. All of this together brought her to climax on Alex?s tongue. She exploded, soaking his face and sheets in the very center of the bed. He pulled away and wiped his face.

?There. Are you happy now? Ok my turn? as he dropped his underwear, expecting a return on his sacrifice.

Instead, she picked up her panties, stating to put them back on?instead she threw them on his pillow, turned to him and said ?Fuck yourself?. She took the $500.00 and her purse and moved toward the front door. Alex appeared confused and followed asking what her problem was. She kept walking and continued right out the front door. He almost followed until he realized that he was naked. He called to her but she ignored him, entered her car and as she drove away she thought to herself. ?Now that is justice?. Her cell phone rang and she denied the call from Alex. She then dialed Gray?s number. ?Hey, I am sorry to bother you?really?... I am glad I called too?I can?t tell you how great it was and how sweet you were to help. I want to bring you the money tomorrow and some extra for interest. Well how about what you loaned me and I buy dinner? ?Great?See you then. She hung up and drove toward her house replaying the night in her head, with a smile on her face.

A new chapter had begun for her, and it was something good.

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