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Late night call - True story

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This was written three years ago. All true.

So, I have begun seeing this young lady, Ruth. She is 26, English degree, and is a professional dancer. She's trained in classical ballet, and danced for four years with Boston Ballet, but is now trying to change her discipline to modern dance.

She and I met through Craigslist, but not in a traditional sense. I didn't post a personals ad, nor did I respond to one she posted. Instead, I happened to post a rant about some of the frustrations I was experiencing at that point in my life. A number of people responded to me directly, but usually the responses were of the "chin up" or "right on" varieties. All well and good, and more than I expected, but this woman responded with several paragraphs of compassion and curiosity about me. We started a dialogue which turned into an ice cream date a few days later. We had a great conversation, some great ice cream, I took her to a dentist appointment in the South End, there was a hug, then a look, then a kiss. All really wonderful stuff.

Now this is, I'm sure, starting to sound like just about the lamest sex-story, ever, but please bear with me. See, one of the things about this girl is that she is, by her own assertion, a nymphomaniac. To top that off, she is really, really into me, which, considering I’m 280 pounds and she’s 105, kind of shocks me. We have had this very intense physical chemistry that I've rarely experienced. It's led to some very good, very erotic, very joyful and wonderful sex.

The other night, for example, I was working at my job as an overnight hotel manager and was on my computer chatting away with her. We had often flirted with the idea of me paying her a visit, or her coming by the hotel, but had always backed off (in spite of it being a fantasy of mine). Well, I threatened again to come over to her place, and she got very eager. She then got fairly pouty when I told her I was just kidding. Now, on this night, I had an overnight bellman, as I always do, but I also had a trainee who was on his last day of training, meaning he was really already trained. So I said "You know what? I'll be there in 15 minutes" and then disconnected.

I got in my car and drove to her place, I went through her gate and around to the back door to her basement-level apartment (not only does she not lock her door, she keeps it open all summer) and went in. She was a bit startled when I came in, and giggled her nervous sexy giggle when I stepped around the corner in my suit. She slinked up to me wearing only the t-shirt I had given her as a souvenir after our first tryst (it says: "Don't assume I'm not into cheap, meaningless sex" t-shirt) and put her hands on my chest and stroked my tie as her nervous lips gently tickled mine. I pushed her against a vertical support post and forced my knee between her thighs. I kissed her roughly and she responded in kind.

Now, believe it or not, in all my years wearing a suit to work, I have never really had the opportunity to use it as a prop, to use it to define any power position or just to make myself feel more in control. In short, I had always wanted to get blown from someone submissive to me while wearing my suit, and it'd never happened before. So I pushed firmly down on her shoulders until she was kneeling in front of me, she giggled again while she went for my belt, my fastener, my zipper. I've already learned that she likes to suck the side of my shaft before taking the head into her mouth. When she does start at the top, she goes all the way to the bottom. She encouraged me even more when I started withdrawing and pumping back into her mouth and her fingers dug into my ass when, while cushioning her head with my left hand, I started pounding her head back against that support pole with my cock.

When I was done fucking her face, I drew her back up to me. I asked if things had gotten too rough, and she responded by apologizing about her teeth scraping my cock…she's a very thoughtful girl.

Her bed is just a mattress and box spring on the floor and her room was lit with just the dim glow from her computer monitor covered with a scarf. I finished undressing and threw her down on the bed. I went down on her briefly (she's not into receiving oral sex a whole lot) to make sure she was wet enough for fucking.

I rolled on the condom and looked down at her. Her eyes were just glazed with lust and hunger. I grabbed my cock and slid the shaft along her clit and she bit her lower lip and arched up at me. With my thumb I pushed the head of my cock between her lips. Her eyes rolled back and she let out the long, low moan. I hooked my thumbs behind her knees and forced her legs with open by pushing her thighs to the outsides of her breasts. I was able to sink completely balls-deep into her while watching her face contort with pleasure while I pounded her. Just a nice deep fucking. Her hands were all over the place, touching my face, gripping my arms, using my back to pull herself up onto me. My sweat was dripping freely onto her, which made her work even harder. When I told her to fuck me, she immediately complied by lifting her hips up and swallowing my cock with her pussy. Even in her mostly-incapacitated state, she made every effort to keep climbing and descending my cock.

Eventually I just couldn't take it. When I started quickening my pace, pumping harder with what was left of my energy, she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. I came and collapsed on her spent, exhausted, drenched with sweat, totally satisfied. "Gawd, baby, that was fucking HOT!" was what she had to say. I just hope to I can keep up with a trained athlete a dozen years my junior. Maybe I won't, but I'll be a happy man trying.

Posted by: MApair4play

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