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Last Weekend

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<P align=justify>The weekend started out fairly normally, we went to the track as we did every other Friday night, and he raced well, coming in a close second to the point?s leader at our local track. Afterwards is when the fun started.

Both our kids were spending the night with other people, and would leave from the track with them, and I had ridden in with a friend so we were riding home alone together, something that rarely happens. </P>

<P align=justify>He asked me first if I would ride home without my shirt, which I did with no problem, I enjoyed riding after dark with out clothes. I know the truck drivers we slowed down and cruised beside also enjoyed it, they commented frequently to us by CB! As we drove home, however, he made a different suggestion this time, asking me to strip completely and lie in the seat beside him with my feet on either side of the window. This would expose my cunt completely to anyone in a vehicle taller than ours. As he drove slowly home, he fondled my breasts and requested I fondle my cunt. After watching me bring myself to orgasm, he pulled over on a secluded side road and had me walk around the truck to his door to give him a blowjob while he sat in the truck, fully dressed and I was still totally naked. After a few minutes of licking and sucking his balls and cock, he sent me back around to the other side and proceeded to gather my clothes from the floor and lock them in the toolbox in the bed of the truck. </P>

<P align=justify>Upon arrival at our place, a few friends were waiting, unexpected by me. They all had on very evil grins, which made me a bit uncomfortable. It was obvious they had something planned and were not letting me in on the secret. My beloved informed everyone there that he had me wet and ready from the drive home, causing a blush to creep across my still nude body.

Being nude is not normally something that would embarrass me, but being the only person in a room of mixed company who is nude was a bit disconcerting. My dearest lover reached over and tweaked my nipples causing a full blush. She then asked was I going to stand there all night or get busy, there were men waiting to be sucked. I shot her what I hoped was a withering glance and looked around to see if there was anyone who looked like they were interested in a blowjob. As I glanced around, a few of the men did start to unzip, so I looked to my beloved for approval and he nodded towards the person he wished me to start with.</P>

<P align=justify>As I knelt to begin devouring this cock, my lover again reached around me to tweak a nipple. She settled herself close to me and continued to massage my tits as I suckled. I felt another set of hands caressing my backside but was unable to see who was there. My hips were lifted so I was on my hands and knees now, still keeping the cock in my mouth. He wrapped his hands in my hair and began to drive it in deeper, so I adjusted myself to take it into my throat. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy the rhythm he was creating. When it began to slip past the entrance to my throat, I could feel myself getting wetter with each stroke. The hands caressing my ass and tits were adding to my pleasure. Suddenly, he stopped moving in and out and began to slow press back as far as he could, trying to get his cock down my throat. I resisted until I heard my beloved whisper in my ear that it was all right, he had given his permission for deep throttling. I relaxed and was enjoying the sensation of a cock fully blocking my throat when I felt the first blow. I lurched forward, shoving the cock further down my throat. Someone spread my thighs further and felt my cunt.

Very wet, he whispered, then slapped my open cunt with his hand. More strokes across my ass, then another directly on my cunt. I had to back off the cock in my throat to breathe for a moment, but it quickly returned to fill my throat again. I was ordered to fuck my throat with the cock and began to buck back and forth as much as I was able to considering my positioning. It did not take long before I felt his cock pulsating in my throat as he came. When he pulled out and rubbed his cock around on my face, I felt a different, sharper sting across my backside. I looked up to see my beloved had found the metal ruler, which had a much more powerful sting to it. </P>

<P align=justify>He informed me that one of the ladies present had requested to sit on my face while he paddled my cunt with the metal ruler. Looking up I noticed a cute redhead I had been dying to taste slipping out of her clothes. I flipped myself over onto my back and waited for her to finish undressing. My lover reached down to suckle my breast for a few moments while we waited. Once she had mounted and settled herself on my face, I began to lick and kiss her cunt and ass. I wiggled my tongue in and out of her a few times before settling down to suck on her clit. My beloved arranged my legs so that they were being held by her spread as far apart as possible, and before the first stroke, he leaned in and gently kissed my clit, sending shivers throughout my body. They quickly turned to liquid fire as he smacked my open cunt repeatedly with the ruler. He moved up and down, creating a path of fire from the top of my cunt all the way back to my asshole. My legs were stretched apart far enough to allow several blows to land directly on my asshole as well as the ones that landed across the cheeks of my ass. I kept licking and sucking on the cunt that was over me, finally succeeding in bringing her to orgasm. As she ground my face into her cunt, she laid forward and sucked my own clit into her mouth, bucking with each orgasm. I began to cum myself, bucking against her as much as I was able to in my position. Exhausted, I just lay back as she rolled to one side. I looked around and the men were all stroking their cocks watching us. She turned to face me and whispered, I think you need a bath now. And grinned. As she backed away, the men gathered closer and kept stroking their cocks. My beloved requested I finger myself to another orgasm while they jerked off over me. I slid my hands down the length of my body, spreading my legs apart as I reached my thighs, using one hand to hold my cunt lips open, I rubbed my pussy up and down before beginning to circle the clit with my fingers. As they all stroked slowly I slid three fingers up inside my pussy and used my thumb to rub my clit while finger-fucking myself. Already very wet and excited from the earlier action, it did not take long at all before I was pinching my nipples and pumping my fingers hard, arching my back up off the floor as I climbed closer to orgasm.

One of the guys started to cum, shooting across my stomach, which set me off, and then one after another, each of the guys began to spurt cum on different parts of my body. I rubbed it all over me, licking my fingers and smearing it on my nipples, then licking it off them. After they all finished, they lined up for me to clean the last drops of cum off their cocks. Exhausted, I laid back on the couch while they dressed and they all kissed me as they left. So ended Friday night.</P>

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<P align=justify>I awoke Saturday morning to find myself strapped face down on the bed. I had a slight amount of movement available, but not enough to turn completely on my side even. I raised my head and looked around the room. I saw my husband seated naked in a chair with a metal yardstick across his knees. He noticed I was awake and asked was I ready for my punishment for falling asleep before he was through with me the night before. Knowing he would be harder on me if I resisted, I answered him properly and buried my face in the pillow to muffle the screams. He pulled the pillow out from under my face and informed me we were alone, and he wished to hear my screams. The first few were light, causing mild grunts only from the force and shock more than any pain. After a moment, I began to squirm, however, as it began to sting. Noticing this, he began to swing a bit harder, causing me to squeal with each blow. A few strokes later, they got a bit harder, then even harder strokes followed. I reached the point where I could not even tense up as I heard the ruler whistling towards my stinging backside and collapsed against the mattress. He paused long enough to ask if I needed to stop and I managed to shake my head no. He began immediately to strike harder and sped up the frequency, watching carefully for any sign from me to stop. After a while, he began to slow, then stopped, informing me he had given me a total of 50 strokes. I felt like it had been 200. He then reached across to the small table beside the bed and took a piece of ice out of the cup sitting there. He rubbed the ice gently across my burning backside, causing a confusion of feelings and sensations that sent me reeling to the edge of orgasm.

A drip of cold icy water slid slowly down my asscheeks to my cunt lips and I shuddered as it touched my clit. He then took the pillow he had removed from under my face earlier and slid it up under my hips. Then he held his cock in front of my face, just out of reach, and slicked it up, stroking it until it was hard and stiff. He then climbed up on the bed behind me and teased the entrance to my cunt with the head. Suddenly, instead of sliding it in my cunt as I expected, he changed position slightly and rammed it to the hilt into my ass. I very nearly passed out from the delicious feelings of a hot thick cock in my ass while my cheeks were still stinging from the paddling. He had only made a few strokes however before there was a knock at the door. He glanced at the clock and pulled out; leaving me wasted on the bed as he went to the front door, still nude. I looked back over my shoulder as I heard him coming back in the bedroom talking to someone. One of our friends was accompanying him, and eyeing his cock as they entered the room. Both men ignored me as they got busy with each other, the friend dropping to his knees to take my husbands still hard cock in his mouth. He licked off whatever traces of my ass were left and began to deep throat his cock. He was taking at least as much as I can take, and did not seem to be gagging at all, which highly impressed me! It also made my cunt tingle to watch the look on my husband?s face as he was deep throated. They positioned themselves so I was able to watch with out stretching my neck too far, and he continued to inhale the cock, stopping occasionally to suck and lick his balls.

After a few more minutes of this, our friend stood up and motioned toward my lower half, which was by now twisting against the bed because I was so hot from watching. My husband nodded and our friend climbed up on the bed, aiming his cock at my face. I opened my mouth and gobbled as much as I could get considering the position I was in. After only a few strokes, he pulled out and mounted my ass with no additional lubrication. My husband slid his cock into my mouth also for a few strokes, and then stood before me stroking himself with lotion as my ass was slowly fucked by our friend. After watching me for a few minutes, he climbed up behind our friend and entered his ass, making a sandwich with me on bottom. I buried my face in the mattress as the cock in my ass plowed deeper, presses forward by the cock in his ass. My husband reached around and pulled my face back up, reminding me he wanted to hear me moan. I was definitely moaning by this point. They began to stroke again, slowly at first, then harder and harder. They were pounding my cunt into the mattress, causing orgasm after orgasm for me until finally our friend groaned, filled my ass and collapsed against me. My husband stroked a few more times, then drove in deep and deposited his load. They rolled apart, and we all lay quiet for a while. </P>

<P align=justify>After we relaxed there on the bed for a few minutes, they both untied me and my husband rolled me on top of our friend in a 69. We did a light lazy job of it, I licked and stroked his cock and balls while he played with my cuntlips and lapped up the juices from the earlier playtime. A few minutes of this and both of us were getting excited again. I began to suck in earnest, pulling his cock nearly all the way out of my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head before sliding as much as I could down my throat. My husband asked suddenly if I was ready for my bath. Not wanting to let go of the cock I was enjoying, I shrugged and he smacked my ass hard, telling me to move it to the bathroom. I jumped up and sauntered out of the room, twisting my ass at them both, grinning over my shoulder. I started the shower, testing the water temperature. When it was correct, I called out to let them know it was ready and waited for approval. They entered the bathroom with our friend carrying a black bag. He pulled out an enema bag and began to fill it with the water from the shower. My husband stopped him and turned the cold knob completely off. He waited a moment, then motioned for him to fill it. After that one was full, he began to fill another and then still another. He hung them all against the wall in the shower and my husband re-adjusted the water temp, telling me to climb in now. He said my ass had been used so many times this weekend it needed a cleansing and he was going to be sure I got it. He strapped my wrists into the supports we had built in to the wall and spread my legs. Our friend then inserted the nozzle of the first bag into my ass and began to let the water flow. The heat coursed thru me, nearly bringing me to orgasm from that alone.

After the first bag was empty, I expected to release it and then get another, but when it started to trickle out, I received a slap on my cunt and was ordered to hold it. The nozzle was returned to my ass and the second bag began to flow into me. I had never held this much water before. I strained not to let it go, and moaned when he pulled the nozzle out again. I could feel water running down my thigh, and tried to tighten my muscles to keep it in. My beloved asked if I thought I could take the next bag, and after a few seconds of indecision, I shook my head no. I wanted to take it, but I was having too much trouble holding what I had already. He stroked my back and kissed my shoulder as he stepped into the shower with me. I felt his cock, hard and stiff, against my tight ass hole.

Then all of a sudden he shoved his hard dick into my ass with hardly any loss of water from my enemas. </P>

<P align=justify>Then he began to pump his cock in and out of my ass hole causing the water in my belly to slosh around.</P>

<P align=justify>I have never felt anything like this before. He continued to fuck me with ever increasing momentum untill he was literally driving his hard dick to the hilt in my ass with every stroke. I could feel waves of passion beginning to sweep over my body as he continued to fuck me and slamming his dick hard into my tight little ass hole. As my passion began to peak I could no longer hold my ass grip on his dick and water began to leak out of my ass hole all over the shower floor, then it became a flood as my bowels forced the water out. What an exquisite feeling to have a hard dick in your ass and the relaxing feeling at the same time of the enema water being expelled from the same hole. I thought I would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it. As we turned to face each other, his hungry lips sought mine and we kissed with open mouths and entwined tongues. We slowly pulled apart and began to wash each other off with warm soapy water. </P>

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<P align=justify>Then </P>

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