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Kissing Cousin

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Kissing Cousin

I had recently become a widow any decades of being with my wife. I live in a small town, so dating seemed both weird, but also a challenge with the community seeming to be watching my every move. That said, I still wanted to get away and relax- but also enjoy some companionship and frankly some sex. While I am not sure my family and friends would approve this early- I am fully confident my wife would.

My plan was to take a cruise- but then the challenge was who could I invite? Most were either close friends (too close for now) or friends from a long time ago- a stretch to just call and invite on such a potentially intimate trip.

Crazy as it sounds; the only name I kept coming up with is a cousin of mine! Due to Facebook updates, I knew she had just broken up with her boyfriend of sometime. While I am in my early 50?s and she not quite there, I believed we both have been around the block enough to handle such a potential trip. The more I though of this, the better it sounded. I figured neither were seeking a relationship, but both could use a break. Guessing both could enjoy a sexual release with no strings attached- and knowing I have been ?fixed? all the more made me comfortable nothing bad would come from this if she agreed to go.

Now the challenge. We have FB?ed back and forth, but have not seen one another in about 25 years. How is this for a topic of a first face to face in such a long time? Anyway, I called to let her know I was coming to town (few hours away) and could we meet for coffee to catch up. She agreed. The day came for our visit- I was as nervous as when I was a teenager about to ask a girl out for the first time. After a little small talk, I asked her if I could ask her a strange question- without her judging negative if she didn?t like the question. She agreed. I explained my idea and finally asked her if should would like to join me under what the Las Vegas terms are, ?What happens on the cruise stays on the cruise?. After only pondering a few minutes, she agreed. I wanted to make sure we understood one another, so I elaborated. I am seeking a travel mate. A dinner mate. But also a very sexual, active bed mate. Her quick positive reply to the latter let me know this was going to be a match!

The weeks until the trip seemed like months, but eventually we found ourselves sitting on the plane headed to our port of departure. We used this time to both catch up, but also discuss our expectations of the more intimate aspects of our trip. We agreed to address the awkward aspect of our sexual games- by having sex as soon as we arrived. While she seemed as excited about this as I was- we both agreed, our more ?quality? experiences would come later one- this would be to simply get the mystery behind us. We both discussed our mates and history over the past 30 years as well. We both enjoyed great partners, but admitted in both cases our partners were more conservative sexually than both of us. This too reinforced what seemed to be the ingredients for a stellar week (now wishing we had splurged for the two week cruise!).

We arrived without incident and as planned went straight to our cabin once we boarded the ship. We were like two awkward teenagers seeing a naked person for the first time. While it was less the romantic, it certainly was memorable. She had had a few children, and I now carry a less athletic body than my youth, but neither of us seemed to let this distract us. Her closely shaven pussy carried an aroma and taste that I will positively remember forever. This matched with her overwhelming skill at providing oral pleasure was only overshadowed by our mutual rhythm found while having sex. It was hard to believe this was our first time- we quickly became comfortable and it seems we mutually would agree, it was fantastic.

The balance of our first day was fairly normal- great dining, dancing and wine. We retired for a nice evening and some lite casual time in the bed. We also enjoyed a fairly normal day the following day as we stopped at an island and toured around during the day. This provided a great time to catch up on our family memories of childhood (when we lived close) and review all that had transpired since. We realized the next day would be a full day at sea, and one we would use to enjoy one another sexually even more. Little did either of us know what that would eventually mean.

Our next day at sea turned out to be a sexual marathon, not even rivaled when I was a teenager. I?m not sure it was intended, but it certainly was welcomed. We woke up in the morning and enjoyed some casual ?spoon? sex. We both showered and with freshly showered bodies, jumped back into bed. We went to the sun deck for a few hours and returned to get ready for lunch. A quick shower to rinse the sweat only sparked another quickie. Enjoyed a nice lunch and elected to take a nap to become fresh for an evening show. We enjoyed another casual ?spoon? sex time before our nap. We got ready for dinner and fondled one another. Dinner/show and finally a return for the most intimate sex of the day. We both were totally exhausted, and both agreed?never before. Fucked like a pair of post virgin teenagers.

Our age showed the next day. For all of the sex the day prior, we were very tame!

We explored and pushed the envelope with each other in various ways- knowing this was a week that would remain sealed among the two of us. This provided the forum for us to explore. Example- the upcoming day, we would be stopping at the island with Orient Beach- a clothing optional beach. This being far from her comfort zone?prior to this trip. We went to the topless (optional) portion of the ship and enjoyed the sun. I eventually convinced her to take off her top (with her wanting to enjoy the experience, but shy in this arena thus far). She took off her top and remained on her stomach for awhile. Seeing the deck waiter coming, I asked her to move to her side and face me. This providing her the first step to show her bare breasts (beautiful BTW) for her first stranger. He took our drink and by the time he returned with the drink, she was comfortable on her back- bearing her breasts not only for the waiter, but the many gawking men ?cruising? the topless deck.

This served as the pre-curser for the following day at the fully nude (optional) beach. We arrived to a beautiful Caribbean day. We took our place near the end of the beach and proceeded to remove our cloths. Myself- completely. Her, down to her bottoms. Given the fact that just the day before she had never gone topless, I was impressed she so willingly stripped to this degree to begin. After an adjustment time, just like the day before, I asked her to remove her bottoms. She eventually removed her bottoms while remaining on her stomach (not an easy task). I moved her bottoms to her side and we simply enjoyed some time in the sun. I applied some sun lotion to her all over and respectfully (not sexually) applied to her beautiful ass cheeks as well. I?m guessing this must have moved her as she then proceeded to roll over for all to see her beautiful, closely shaven pussy that I have been enjoying privately for the past few days. We spent the next few hours in a mix of watching and walking to be watched. This is one of the most non-bedroom stimulating experiences of my life. Seeing people of all shapes and sizes without the distraction of cloths and possessions permits the opportunity to ?look? at them for just who they are. In reverse, walking up and down the beach knowing people are looking. Knowing some are prettier, more athletic, endowed better?but others in each category are not. The mix provides all. This experience must have been equally stimulating for my cousin as well. We returned to our towels and she became the aggressor. We reapplied our suntan lotions and at her suggestion, assumed somewhat of a gapped spooning position. She reached behind with her oily hands and began to caress my cock. Without a lot of additional encouragement, I was hard. She (later to be understood as a mistake) applied some oil to her pussy and asked me to insert my cock in her from behind- not figuring anyone would actually know we were technically fucking- but knowing we can?t actually ?move? otherwise we would get caught. Anyway, as instructed I gladly inserted my oily stiff cock in her oily and ready pussy. I will say, I believe if she could have moved any at all I would have cum in her in a second. This was so stimulating, knowing I was inside of her with the ?public? surrounding us unknowing.

Our bus ride back to the ship was full of giggles among the two of us as we recounted the private, naughty events we shared on the beach. Just as we were pulling up to the ship, a couple came up and blushed and let us know how much they appreciated the love that we showed (that alone had us giggling), but then?said how much they enjoyed seeing us fuck on the beach! While I admit I was surprised, I was a bit turned on. My cousin on the other hand was mortified for a few hours, before eventually returning to giggling about the ?show? we had providing unknowingly.

While being unknowingly viewed by other beach guests (looking back- not sure why we were surprised), no other major viewings were provided. That said however, this experience must have removed any/all remaining inhibitions that my cousin was holding onto. I?m confident she didn?t wear panties again the balance of the trip. She wore sun dresses and was quick to find hidden and/or dark spots to enjoy a quickie, a quick licking or even a little hand and finger appreciation. Learning from the beach experience (where she found the suntan lotion burned a lot into the evening) she kept a small bottle of KY in the event we could enjoy a quickie and didn?t have the time or location to lubricate her naturally.

The week ended way to quick- but perhaps beyond perfectly for both. We did have a great time personally. Enjoyed fantastic food and wine and as this story indicates, we both worked out a lot of pent up sexual energy together. I think the mutual idea of both of us knowing nothing would happen beyond the cruise let us both let loose and simply have fun.

I will be eventually pursuing someone to enjoy the next phase of my life, but the memories we created will certainly help provide me countless visions to help ?tide me over?.

Thanks Cuz.

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