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Kentucky Snowstorm

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This is a true event. My wife Becca greeted me at the door after work with a message to immediately call my boss at work. He tried to catch me before I had left for the day. When I returned the call, he advised me I needed to make a trip to Kentucky to resolve some customer issues with new equipment being installed in their factory. Becca began packing my clothes as I took my shower. As I was preparing to leave, I checked the weather, being it we were in the month of December. As figured, a snow system was moving in from the west. It had been 12 years since I left Ohio for the red dirt and sand of Georgia. I was hoping I had not forgotten how to drive in that white stuff. I made my hotel arrangements for Hazard, Kentucky as I left the suburbs of Atlanta. The trip up I-75 was pretty clear all the way through Tennessee. As I approached the southern edge of Kentucky I started to see the old familiar rain pattern begin and the outside temp guage in my car was reading 32. At that point I knew I did not beat the system. The snow started coming down before reaching my turn toward Hazard. The two lane road I had to take was already buried in the snow storm and was closed off. I had to take some detours which led me deeper into the hills. Becca called my cell to check on me and I told her it was worse than I could ever expect. As I ended my call, I drove into a whiteout. Not knowing if I was on the road or not, I got hung up. I stopped, cleared the snow from the tailpipe, and realized I was off the roadway. I looked through the blinding snow falling and noticed that I was in front of a property. I was smart enough to bring a spade shovel just in case, and retrieved it from my trunk. I was digging out snow to put salt down for traction. I slipped and fell flat on my ass a few times, but was successful in making a good clean out. As I got up from the ground the last time, I noticed at the house that two arms were waving. I stopped and then heard in the faint distance ?come up the drive?. I got in the car, backed up to the drive entrance and was able to get it far enough in to be off the road. I shut it off and got out to walk in the knee deep drifts to the front door. As I got closer , I realized it was a woman hollering. As I approached the door, she said ?come in and get warm.?. It was as pretty upscale home for being in the hills. A typical tri-level made from brick. I introduced myself as Dave and she told me her name was Judy. She said come on in but don?t go farther than the foyer. I stood inside the door as she left and came back with a terry cloth robe. She said ?this is my husband John?s and said she would leave the room while I took off all my wet clothes. She stepped into the kitchen and behind the main wall, I took off all my clothes and left them in a pile. I put on the robe and told her I was finished. She came back in and as I looked that direction, I noticed a full mirror on the end wall. I could see into the kitchen. Not wanting to dwell on that thought, I waited to see what she wanted me to do with the clothes. She said let me get those in the washer, and you come to the kitchen for some coffee I just made. It isn?t uncommon for Kentucky folks to be hospitable. So, with little reluctance, I followed her into the kitchen. She went to the lower level to the washer and then returned to sit at the table. She asked, ?so what the hell are you doing driving at 11 pm in this krap??. I explained my situation with the company. She then stated, ?that is ironic. John left this morning to drive to corporate headquarters in Macon. I couldn?t believe it. I told her that when my clothes were done, I would try and continue to the hotel. She replied, ?no way. You are welcome to stay here for the night?. Even though I knew she was sincere for my safety, I still was reluctant till I talked with Becca. I stepped back to the living room and made my call. Becca surprised me by saying ?first I am glad you are safe. Second, I have no problem with you staying there for the night. I then explained that in Kentucky, they have no snow removal equipment like Ohio. They honestly feel that what God puts down, He will melt it in good time. It may be 2 days to get out of here. She replied with ?hey, whatever it takes for you to be safe.?. At this point I must explain that Becca and I have been married for 25 years. We have a great relationship both in life and in sex. Oh, we had met a couple once and played but they had moved and we didn?t persue others. We trust each others decisions, and never once had drama in our relationship. In this situation, I was more concerned with getting the work problems resolved and was really discouraged that I couldn?t get to the factory as we promised. I returned to the kitchen more relaxed and explained all was fine. The next call was to my boss from the kitchen. I explained my dilemma and he had already talked to the customer as was advised they will be shut down till 150 employees can return to start back up. He said, you aren?t coming back so just make the best of it. I said I would keep checking in and work off the computer for other contacts. Judy and I sat and talked for an hour or so. I kept my mind on business and getting to know about her and John. She was dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. Hey, I am not blind. She was about 5?5. With what I guessed to be about a 36c. She wasn?t real heavy but filled out her jeans nicely with a round butt and thicker thighs. She was a little taller and about the same weight as Becca. I was feeling a bit naked the way I was dressed and told her it had been a long day and I needed to get to bed. She led me downstairs to a large living area. It had a twin bed at the one end already made up. She pointed out that there was a desk on the other side of the room in case I needed to get work done. They had direct tv and used wy-fi for internet. She gave me the passcode to log in their account. It was better than staying at the hotel. She put my clothes in the dryer told me If I wanted to shower, I had to use the main bathroom upstairs. I walked back up and she showed me the directions. I took my shower and dawned my robe. As I left the bathroom, I noticed a door that was not totally closed. I could see some light. I had to walk by it. As I did, I heard some talking and a little moaning. I stopped at the door, and figured she was talking to her husband. I heard, Oh baby I love you so much. Then followed by ?I will hun. Goodnight?. I scurried back down stairs to my made up accommodations. I climbed on the bed and turned out the light. Now I must admit, the noise I heard and the conversation made me somewhat aroused. After the long day, I needed some relief. I grabbed some Kleenex out of the box on the end stand and began to stroke m y cock. It was then , that I began to wonder that when I first come into the house and stripped, if she was looking at me from the kitchen through the mirror. Thinking she may have seen me, excited me even more. I began stroking it like she was watching me. It wasn?t long before I shot my load in the Kleenex. Being tired, I fell right to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I put on my robe and went to the desk with my laptop. On the way there, I turned on the dryer to get wrinkles out of my clothes. Judy came down the stairs, and said ?good morning. Did you sleep ok??. I told her like a baby. She made her way to the bed to make it. I looked down and saw the Kleenex I dropped. I immediately got embarrassed and turned my back hoping she just didn?t bust me. When she was finished, she said breakfast will be done shortly. As she walked away, I noticed the Kleenex was picked up. I went to the waist basket and it wasn?t there. I didn?t know what to think at that point, but was scared to even make eye contact at breakfast. After eating I checked the outside condition. It was still coming down and the wind picked up. At least 8 more inches had fallen and I was trapped. Judy said she was going to take a shower as I was going back down stairs to work. When the dryer was finished I put on my boxers and tshirt and threw the robe in the washer. Just as I was closing the lid, she came down and opened the washer lid and quickly threw something in there. She said ?if you don?t mind I need something washed. When she got upstairs, I lifted the cover. She had put a pair of yellow cotton panties inside. My curiosity peaked, and assuring she was gone, I reached in and picked them out. They were wet. I turned the crotch upward and put them to my nostrils. The scent was strong. It was as though she had cum in them. I began stroking my cock and realized it was wrong. I put them back in and turned on the washer. Later I called Becca. I wanted to let her know how bad it snowed and told her that I would be there another night. I also shared with her about the washer incident. She said ?take this from a woman?s point of view. That was intentional? and started laughing. She said while laughing ?you are in someone?s sights?. I said. ?real funny. What the hell am I supposed to do. I am trapped here. Help me out?. She replied. ?oh baby, I love you but this is for you to deal with. Not me. ? and then she said ?talk later, bye? and hung up. I immediately said outloud to myself ?some help you are.? It was then I realized Judy came back down stairs. She said ?everything ok??, I replied ?well not really?. She said, ?oh , work huh??. I said ?no, it was Becca. I needed some advise and she left me hanging. ? I still was aroused from earlier and Judy noticed it through my boxers. She said ?she didn?t leave you hanging too much?. With that she laughed. I immediately went to sit down. Becca had on a nightgown and robe when she came back downstairs from her shower. That certainly didn?t help the situation. She said ?she must have been talking dirty to cause that reaction?. I said ?no, that wasn?t it.?. She cleared her throat and said ?by the way, I found your Kleenex from last night. It might be a good idea to put those in the trash.?. I was dying with embarrassment. She then said. ?not that it was all that bad.?. I was still speechless. She said ?can I ask a question??. I reluctantly mumbled ?I guess.?. Did you enjoy my panties as much as I did the Kleenex?? Oh fuck. She was as direct as anyone I had ever met. My cock was straining and I had my back to her. When I turned my neck, her robe was undone. She had on a baby blue short nightgown with matching panties. She walked toward me and looked down at my lap. The head of my cock was poking out the leg opening. She said ?hmm. I wondered what that was going to look like hard?. That confirmed her looking in the mirror from the kitchen. It was past stopping at that point. I wanted her as much as she did me. I stood up and took her hand and led her to the bed. I sat her down and she reached forward to my boxers. She said. ?let me get a better look?. She pulled the waistband down over my cockhead. It sprang forward, She pulled them down to my feet and I stepped out of them. She then grabbed my shaft and began to lick the head. I felt the warmth of her lips as she took me in her mouth. She took it in to my balls and began to suck and lick the entire length. I asked her ?what about John??. She said. ?oh , he knows. He told me on the phone last night to enjoy?. With that her pace of sucking picked up speed. I didn?t want to cum so I backed her off. I laid her back and removed her top. I began sucking those hardened nipples and licking and kissing her neck and then her mouth. The tongue battle was strong. Her breathing increased as my hand wondered to the top of her panty waistband. I slipped in under it, and found my way to the beginning of her crack. She was neatly trimmed down there. I could feel the hair was getting wet. I found her clit and messaged it with my middle finger. As she got wetter, I went to her warm and wet opening and inserted my finger inside. She began to pant and moan. I pulled the panties off of her and opened her thick thighs to see her mound. The heated scent of her reached my nostrils as her legs opened. I began licking the inner thighs as her legs opened wider to my advance. Her hips were beginning to buck as she squirmed on the bed. I used two fingers to part her lips and ran my tongue from the top of the crack, across her clit and then to her ass. I licked and sucked the juices from her as she began to moan loader. Her thighs tightened and she said ?oh fuck, I am going to cum?. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it in tighter against her pussy while working her hips up and down. All of a sudden she screamed out and a flood of cum shot in my mouth. She said ?get the cock in me now. I want you to fuck me hard and deep.? I grabbed my shaft, and aimed it to her fuck hole. I slowly inserted my 7 inches. She opened even more to accept me. I felt my balls against her ass and then started to rotate it around. She bucked harder and said ?quit teasing me?. Ram it in there hard?. I lifted back up and began pounding against her. I told her to turn on her knees and I would drive her against the wall. She turned, got on all 4?s and pointed her entire bottom in the air. I spread her ass cheeks and shoved it in her pussy. I pounded so hard you could hear the skin slapping. Her aroma got stronger. I watched my cock go in and out and covered in her juice. She then said while panting ?if you think you are wet enough with my cum and juices, then try putting in my ass?. I backed out and spread her cheeks. I could see the brown eye in front of me. I guided my head to her anal opening and slowly pressed against it. When I felt the pop, she gasped. I held it still to let her adjust. After a minute or two, she said ?go ahead. Fuck my ass. I want to coat your balls with my pussy cum.?. I rammed my cock deep and started thrusting. She immediately started squirting her cum all over my balls. The warmth of her cum was all I could take. I started pounding deeper and stronger. All of a sudden , I felt my cum go up my shaft and with a big grunt, I emptied my cum in her ass. I shot 3 times inside and saw it coming out around my cock. After, we both collapsed. Still panting, she said. ?oh my. What a good fuck you are?. We both laughed as I said. ?it was your talent that caused it?. We both got up and went to the shower. As we dried off, She said. ?looks like you will be here for 2 more days.?. And I said ?the problem with that is??. She said ?oh damn, Nothing?.

I called Becca and told her what had happened. She said ?darling, I knew you would do the right thing?. And then laughed. I told her that John knew as well. I told her that I was giving him her number. He was coming back from Macon in 2 days. She said. ?I will make him feel at home?.

The next story will be on Becca and John and their first experience together.

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