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KATIE This happens to be one of my favorites. It?s true, as all of my stories are true. For those of you whom know me, I probably don?t have to explain why I like this story).

Any names, besides mine, have been changed.

I was on vacation in Amarillo, Texas.

It was the middle of my vacation and I was ?dying? from a pinched nerve in my back. I found a masseuse, and unlike NYC masseuses, this one only charged about seventy five dollars for ninety minutes. She was a 250 pound German woman with fingers as big and thick as White Owl Cigars. She wasn?t really pretty, but she was pleasant.

?Get undressed to your level of comfort,? I remember her saying. She added, ?But, I think it?s better if you are totally naked.?

Being a nudist at heart, I couldn?t resist the opportunity.


For forty-five minutes, I bit into a pillow to keep from screaming. After forty-five minutes, the massage turned sensual, and even though her hands never veered towards my penis, it became totally erect. I remember that she looked down upon my increasingly growing shaft and I said, ?Sorry about that.?

She said, ?No need to be sorry. I just want you to understand that I can?t do anything about it.?

And, of course, I just nodded hiding my disappointment.

At the end of the massage, she handed me a clean towel and before she exited the room, she said, ?Take your time. Come out when you are through.?

(I took my time.)

A couple of days later, I was horny as hell. My back was feeling great, but the warm weather was working on my loins.

I decided to play ?my game.? And, being a realist, I knew what type of challenge I faced in a city the size of Amarillo.

(Here would be a good time to tell you that I haven?t changed Kathy?s name. If I ever try to have this story published, I will.)

I called a few places and finally called ?Katie?s Place.?


?Hi. Is this Katie?s Place??

?Yes it is.? The woman at the other end sounded like she was in her early to mid twenties.

?My name is Ray. I?m from out of town and in desperate need of a relaxing massage.?

She laughed sweetly and said, ?Ok. I charge twenty five dollars for half and hour, forty dollars for and hour, sixty dollars for ninety minutes and seventy-five dollars for two hours.?

?That sounds great,? I said. Those prices definitely beat New York.?

?Is that where ya?ll from? I thought that I recognized the accent.?

?Yes, ma?am,? I said, putting on my best imitation of a Texas drawl. ?Do you have two hours free this afternoon??

?Yes, I do. But, I have to pick up my son at baseball practice at one then drop him off at the sitter. Is One-thirty alright??

?Yes. One thirty?s fine. But can I ask ... do you do soft massages??

?I can do it soft if you like.?

She gave me the address and directions.

I was set. I figured the worse that would happen is that I would get a nice soft massage and have to give myself a happy ending.

At One-thirty, I was walking through the doors of Katie?s Place. Katie?s Place was actually a quaint office where they also did manicures, pedicures, and styled your hair But it looked nothing like the joints in NYC. (Then again, Amarillo, a city of 150,000, looks nothing like NYC).

A very cute brunette who seemed to be in her early twenties took my seventy-five dollars and my information- name, rank and serial number - and asked me to follow her. I was watching her as she walked. She was tall, had a very nice ass, was about a C-cup, and had a small waist. She said, ?Please get undressed to your level of comfort, and lay on the table. Katie will be right with you.?

I asked, ?Is it ok to be naked??

She replied, ?Oh, sure. Just put wrap one of those white sheets around you.?

When she exited the room, I stripped, hung up my clothes, and wrapped myself in a soft white sheet that smelled freshly washed. I sat on the massage table and waited.

A moment later, Katie walked in. I was quite surprised. Katie was rather, er, big. I would say, at 5'6", she was probably about 240 pounds. But she wasn?t like the German woman. For one thing, Katie was pretty -really pretty! And, even though she was big, she did have curves. She was blonde, had nice skin and looked like she was about twenty-eight years old.

She extended her hand and said, ?Hi. I?m Katie. We spoke on the phone today.?

?And, I?m Ray. Nice to meet you.?

She said, ?How would you like this? Hard? Medium??

?I actually like it very soft and very slow.?

?That?s right. I remember.?

I continued, ?You see, I suffer from a pinched nerve in my back. I already had that worked out so I would like something a little softer.?

?Ok. I think I can handle that. ? And she laughed, a soft little laugh.

?Please lie on your stomach.?

As I did as I was asked, Katie turned off the light, lit vanilla candles, closed the shades and she asked me, ?Would you like music or sounds??

?Whatever you like.?

?Ok, ? she said. Moments later, I was listening to the sound of waves hitting rocks.

Katie was a true professional. She left the sheet on me. And only uncovered the part of the body that she was massaging. But, what a massage! By nature I am very ticklish, but this woman was giving me long, soft strokes, and I didn?t even flinch. And, she didn?t talk. Many of my massage sessions have been hampered by endless chit chat when all I want to do is feel physical pleasure.

She started at my feet. Soft strokes. Sensual strokes. She was using a lotion that had a sweet aroma I couldn?t quite place, right away. I knew it was some type of fruit but couldn?t quite guess what it was.

I can?t explain why, but all of a sudden, I felt the need to talk.

?Did you get your son, ok??

?Mm hmmm.?

?How old is he??


?Really? You look too young to have a twelve year old.? Actually, at 28, she would have been plenty old enough.

?I?m 42,? she said with no hesitation.

?No kidding? I would have said, 28, tops.?

?Thank you. Most people say that. Nope. 42, almost 43. And a single mom.?

As she talked, she didn?t miss a stroke. She didn?t talk unless I spoke first.

I said, ?I guess I am just nosy. Does my talking bother you??

?No. Not at all.?

?But, this feels so good. Is it ok if I just lay here and enjoy.?

?That is perfectly ok.? And we both stopped talking.

She finished with my right foot and leg them covered them. She uncovered my left and continued. Her touch was more than fantastic. It was mesmerizing. I felt like I was by the ocean in the Carribean.

She finished that leg and massage my back -lower, middle, upper. I had no semblance of time. It could have been 20 minutes; or my time could have been almost up. But judging by which body part she was working on, I believed it had been about 30 minutes.

I heard her say, ?Turn over, please.?

When I did so, I had to be careful- I had a raging hard on and I didn?t want to be disrespectful and let the sheet slip away.

Now, I was on my back. My cock was sticking straight up.(I apologize for the salty language, but sometimes only certain words fit. And at this point, my penis was no longer a penis. It was a cock. And it was angry.) I am somewhat endowed - 8 ½ inches- and because of my stature, my penis often appears to be larger.

It was right there; RIGHT THERE! There was no mistaking that erection. And, I said my usual, ?Sorry about that.?

She said nothing. She just shrugged, and continued working on me.

But, the mood changed. Obviously, I couldn?t tell how she was looking at me when I was lying on my stomach. But, now, she looked at my covered cock as she massaged my leg, then looked me in the eye, then my cock, then my eyes...

As she massaged my inner thigh, I realized I was at full mast. Occasionally, her forearm brushed my cock but it was so subtle that I thought that it was by accident.

Then, the inevitable happened. I felt the sheet slipping away. I love being nude and have no shame. So I didn?t stop the sheet from falling. But, neither did she. And when it fell completely away and I was totally exposed, she didn?t flinch, didn?t bat an eye. And now, she could take a good look. And the ?accidental? brushing of the forearm was happening ever few seconds. Her skin was so soft.

She looked down into my eyes and let her hand rest on my stomach. Neither of us said a word. Then, she started softly, sensually, massaging my stomach; then her hand moved down to the lowest region of my stomach; then the base of my cock, all the while looking at me, my eyes.

I was looking up into her eyes so what happened next took me by surprise. She began slowly stroking the shaft of my cock. That was when In almost went into a coma. Her touch was so soft and sensual that to this day I can?t believe that I didn?t cum right then and there. She did that for a long time before finally saying, ?I don?t know why I am doing this. I can?t even believe that I?m doing this. I don?t do this.?

I believed her. I still believe her to this day.

I sat up, and I looked right into her eyes and said, ?It?s ok. I understand.? In reality, I understand today. I didn?t back then. I just thought that it was a cool thing to say. I began stroking her face, then her hair. Our foreheads touched. Then I kissed her softly on the lips. And she kissed me back. After that first kiss, she asked me a question, for the first time, but she would ask that question over and over again over the course of the next hour: ?Who are you??

I didn?t answer. I didn?t need to.

I began to unbutton her blouse. That was the moment of truth. I thought, ?If she stops me, I?ll just apologize and leave.?

She didn?t stop me.

Now I have been with heavy women before, and they have always been self conscious about their weight. But, she let me undo all of her buttons, take her blouse off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.

?Are you sure you sure you want to do that? I am so fat.?

I said, ?Fat? Where?? then she looked away and lowered her head. I took her chin in my hand and brought her eyes up to meet mine. I kissed her, again, and again, and, again. Now, as she kissed me back, her mouth was eager, hungry. As her tongue softly swished inside my mouth, my hands found their way to the hooks of her bra. I backed away just enough to let her bra fall to the floor. Her breasts were very large but surprisingly firm. Sure, they hung down, somewhat, but they were smooth and round. I began to lick her nipples, her cleavage, her entire breast area and I could feel her nipples swell in my mouth. I did that for a very long time before sticking my thumbs in her sweat pants. As I started to remove them her body froze for a moment but she didn?t stop me.

She asked, ?Who are you??

Again, I didn?t answer. I didn?t need to.

Instead, I removed her sweats. I reached down and picked up her bra and blouse and put all of her clothing onto the massage table.

Now, as she stood before me, in just her panties, I could see that even big, she was sexy. She had smooth, soft, alabaster skin. And her legs were shapely.

?You are one beautiful lady,? I told her.

?You don?t have to say that.?

?I know that. But, I never lie about things like that.?

She seemed to blush as I looked at her. Then she picked up her clothing from the table.. For a moment I thought that she was going to get dressed. Instead, she tossed her clothing toward the door, and gently pushed me until I was lying on my back on the massage table.

Kathy kissed me again, and again. Her mouth found her way from my mouth to my neck; my chest, my stomach; ultimately, my cock. She had a mouth so soft and wet and warm that I couldn?t move. Her mouth made love to my cock. Eventually, she stopped and asked if it felt good. Instead of answering her, I just smiled, raised myself off of the massage table, and had her lie down. And, of course, I reciprocated.

Immediately, I noticed two things: the hair around Katie?s pussy was so blonde that it was almost undetectable; secondly, she had that ?natural?, yet clean, pussy taste and smell that I love. It was so fresh, so clean, that I reveled in what I was doing. Katie moaned throughout the whole ordeal. She moaned softly, at first, then she actually whimpered.

?Oh, Ray... who are you??

I didn?t answer. I didn?t need to.

She came and her body stiffened. It occurred to me that we might be heard so I simply asked her, ?Are there any other customers here??

She said no, and that she had sent the other girl home because I was to be the last appointment; she planned on closing early because it was Friday.

I continued licking and she came again. This time louder, but her voice was still gentle.

My pants were hanging nearby. I took a condom from the pocket and continued licking. I covertly opened the wrapper and removed the condom. I concealed it in my palm. I climbed onto the massaged table and lay on top of her. We kissed for a long time. The head of my cock was pressed against her moist pussy. It would take only the slightest movement and I would be inside her. Without warning, that movement came and the head of my cock was inside.

?Oooooh,? came from her lips, almost a whisper. I lay on top of her, slightly pushing, but not allowing more than just the head inside. And then, I did the impossible. As excited as I was, I slowly withdrew. She opened her eyes and said, ?It?s ok. I understand. You don?t have to if you don?t want to.?

?Oh, I want to, believe me, I want to.? Give me a second. I got up and she watched me put the condom on.

?You don?t need that. I can?t get pregnant; and I?m ok.?

?I know,? I said. ?And, I believe you. But, you don?t know me and I don?t want you to sweat this year out wondering if you made a mistake.?

And, as she was asking me, ?Who are you??, I slowly slipped my cock inside her pussy.

And, she never finished the question.

I started out by making love to her, with soft, even, deep strokes. But, when my cock was all the way inside of her, I began to wildly fuck her. And she fucked me back.. She moved her body like she was half the weight. She thrust upward until she screamed, ?Don?t stop; I?m gonna cum.? I didn?t; she did. She came in a long, thunderous rush. She said, ?Oh, Ray,? - and I came; I came long and hard.

My penis was still hard and I continued fucking her until it got soft again. We lay there, me on top, her holding me tight. We talked and laughed and for he life of me I don?t remember what we talked about. I do remember she said, ?I didn?t expect that. I have never done that. I swear.?

?I know,? I said, ?I know.?

We talked, and talked, and talked... then I asked her, ?What time do you have to pick up your son??

?Well, my sitter is actually my mother. And she doesn?t know I closed early. Why??

?Just curious,? I lied.

She smiled, then kissed me. She kissed me softly. Then long and hard.

I told her, ?I hope you don?t take this as an insult. I want to give you something. I?ve been here a long time and...? She put a finger to my lips ?I?m not insulted, but I?m also not hooker. You paid for the massage. The rest I wanted to do. I don?t know how I got so excited. I guess it?s been a long time.?

?Well, I am going to give you something anyway. Buy something for your son. Ok??

She didn?t answer.

?Ok,? I repeated.? She just nodded yes.

Then she asked me, ?Do you have more condoms? I mean, if you don?t, I really am not afraid to...?

I smiled and said, ?Yes. I have more condoms.?

A slight pause...

?Ray, would you like to make love to me again??

I didn?t answer. I didn?t have to.


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