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Just How I Want It

Kiss me. Stick your tongue deeply into my mouth. Run your tongue across my lips before you bite them, almost drawing pain. Trace our tongue down center of my throat down toward my breasts. Gently suck them, run your tongue in tiny circles around the nipple. Bite, pull, just enough till they sting, and become rock hard and ache. Nibble at the stomach. Moving towards my thighs. Tongue the inside just close enuf to my pussy, then draw away. When u feel your ready,, play with my clit. Lick it, nibble at it, rock it back and forth as it swells. Run ur tongue along each lips to the very end. Stick your tongue inside me. Lower baby, bite my ass cheeks. I want to feel your mouth against my ass. Keep licking me as I grind against your face. Bring those lips back to my pussy while your fingers move from my pussy to my ass. when i'm ready to be fucked, i want it deep and hard. let your cock fine every spot it can to feel good. The head inside thrusting against the upper walls. The head swelling against the sides. Don't stop until your tired and ready to break. When i cum, make sure I feel u deeper..when u cum for me, shoot it all over my back and rub it all into me. Wrap around me and relax until we do it all again.


End of Story