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Jim and Rebecca discover Seduction (mf, rom)

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Have you ever wondered at God?s sense of humor?

Creating Man with a sex drive that diminishes over time and creating Woman with a sex drive that increases over time.

Jim had been the horniest guy I ever dated when we were in our twenties. I could never keep him satisfied. He literally wanted it morning noon and night. And, when we weren?t playing together, he was often playing alone. Boy, today the thought of watching him stroke that pulsating rod makes me so wet.

But, times do change. Twenty years and three kids later our roles are definitely reversed. I find myself increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of sex. However, I am lucky if Jim ?satisfies? me three times a month.

That?s right, laugh it up God. If I had only known at sixteen what I know today, I?d have gotten a lot more mileage out of this body.

Jenny and I often compare notes. Jenny has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We went to college together. We married guys from the same frat house on campus. She was even present during the birth of our first child. So, naturally, we talk about everything, including our ever diminishing sex lives.

Things had gotten so bad for Jenny, that she had talked Frank into seeing a sex counselor. Jenny was convinced that something was ?wrong? with Frank or with her. Come to find out (according to the counselor) that mismatched sexual libidos are very common. Even more common is the declining male sex drive and increasing female sex drive.

One morning I arrived at Jenny?s house for coffee at the appointed hour. I could tell as I sat down that something was very different with my friend. She had an energy about her that I hadn?t seen for ages.

?So, what?s up?? I asked.

?Well, remember a couple weeks ago I was telling you about a sex game the counselor suggested,? she said.


?Well, it arrived yesterday,? she said with a Cheshire cat grin.

I remembered our prior conversation about the game. ?Seduction? was supposed to be scientifically designed to help couples ignite or re-ignite sexual desire and arousal in their sex play. Jen said that the game was premised upon the human sexual response cycle. According to the counselor, too many couples in committed relationships were forgetting to spend time ?setting the stage? for sex by ?courting? one another.

It is a fallacy that the marriage commitment brings with it an ever present desire and arousal to have sex. Yet, so many married couples hop into bed after the kids are finally asleep, paying no attention to raising lust in their partner. A little foreplay, a little sex, and a little release. According to the counselor, such bad habits would dampen even the most robust sexual relationships.

Jenny had been very excited at the prospect of doing anything to jump start Frank?s libido. So, she immediately ordered the game from the manufacturer?s website.

?Ok, don?t leave me hanging, how was it?? I asked.

?Fantastic!? She exclaimed. ?Frank and I had such a good time. We were talking, playing music, drinking wine, giving massages back and forth?doing all the things we used to do in college.?

?Can I see it??


She left and returned with a shipping box. On the label was the name of the game in big bold letters.

?Is this how it was shipped?? I asked.

?Oh, no. It was shipped in plain brown paper with no markings other than a shipping label.?

Inside the box was a game board, some playing pieces, a couple cards, a blindfold, and a set of rules. I opened the game board. Set out before me were three rings, one marked desire, one marked arousal, and one marked release. Each ring had several spaces marked with different pictures and descriptions, things like ?conversation?, ?set the mood?, ?massage?, ?kiss?, ?strip?, even ?tongue fun.?

?How do you play it?? I asked.

?It?s real easy. First, you write down some fantasies and things that you would like to do. They come into play later. Then you role the die and move around the board. The first ring has you do things like talk, light candles, turn on music, unbutton your blouse?you know, little flirty things. The second ring has you do more provocative acts like remove clothing, give massages, nibble your partner. The third ring directs more sexual contact. There is the chance that you will get to do one of the things that you wrote down or have to do one of the things that your partner wrote down.?

?But all the spaces say are things like ?conversation? or ?dominate,? how do you know exactly what to do.?

?It?s totally up to you. The game comes with some suggestion cards. So, if you aren?t sure what you want to do, you can pick one of their suggestions. So, there is no pressure.?

?Wow, it seems pretty simple. You say it really worked for you??

?Oh yeah. I don?t know what it was for sure, but writing down the sexual activities at first, really got me motivated to play the game. I knew that there was a chance I?d get to do some things that I really wanted to do. I also knew that there was a chance that I?d get to learn some things that Frank wanted to do and act on them. It was really freeing to know that I would get this information directly and not have to guess at it. Also, it gave me permission to put on some lingerie that I haven?t had out for some time. You know, simply being told that it was ok to put on some perfume and dim the lights was somehow freeing. It is very hard to explain.?

?What is the blindfold for??

?Oh, that?s one of the very best parts of the game. There are a couple spaces marked ?blindfold fun.? When you land on them, you put on the blindfold and your partner gets to tease you with something. Boy, my nipples are getting hard just thinking about it. The anticipation in advance of being touched is really invigorating.?

I tried to imagine Jim wearing a blindfold, but couldn?t.

Jenn continued, ?I came harder last night than I swear I have in several years.?

?Would you mind if I borrowed the game for a night??

?Sure, but you can?t have it tonight. Frank and I want to play it again this evening.?

Two days later, I stopped by Jenn?s house and picked up the box. She was still smiling, and I was now driven. I wasn?t sure how I?d get Jim interested in playing, but I was bound and determined to try. Surprisingly, it was much easier than I thought.

After the kids were finally sent to their rooms, I asked Jim to join me in the bedroom. When we got there, I told him about the game and my conversations with Jenn. Come to find out, Jim had talked to Frank the day before. Accordingly, he was very curious about the game, too.

We took the board out of the box and set it on the bed. I found a couple pieces of paper and we each wrote down three sexual acts and one role playing fantasy that we wanted to explore. I got a little wet just writing this stuff down.

For me, the sex acts were pretty easy. First, I wanted to watch Jim stroke his cock like he had when we were in our twenties. Second, I wanted him to fuck me doggie style. Third, and this one was a little ?off-the-wall,? but I wanted Jim to kiss and suck my toes. It was something he had done a few times when we were younger but had not done in a very long time.

For the role playing fantasy, I was a little stuck. I looked at the suggestion card and took one of their suggestion?Student ? Teacher.

With the preliminaries completed, we started the game. I rolled first and landed on a space marked ?conversation.?

Having no idea what to do, I looked at the suggestion card. One of the suggestions was, ?Describe when you knew that you and your partner belonged together and why you knew it at that moment.?

I looked at Jim. ?Honey, I knew you were the man for me when you took me to that Six Flags amusement park. I loved you so much by then and, despite all the pretty girls around us; your attention was constantly on me. And, I loved you even more for that!?

Jim chuckled. It had been a very hot and sweaty afternoon. I had worn a revealing halter and tight shorts. We?d had sex in the car on the way back to campus (stopping on a deserted country road off the interstate). All told, it was a very erotic memory.

Jim?s turn and he rolled the die. He landed on ?set the mood.? He, too, looked at the suggestion card for a moment, then got up and headed to the master bath. ?I?ll be right back.? I heard the water running and a few minutes later he returned clean shaven and smelling very, very good.

On my next turn, I landed on ?seductive acts.? I again looked at the suggestion card and decided to combine a couple of their ideas in my own way. I leaned over and kissed Jims forehead in a manner that gave him a complete view of my cleavage and nipples. I felt so naughty teasing him in this fashion. I was beginning to understand the attraction of the game.

We continued moving our pieces and playing spaces on the first circle until we each had gone around the circle twice. Now it was time to move on to the second circle, ?Arousal.?

Jim was first to land on a space on this circle?Massage. He reached over with his strong hands and gently massaged my hands and wrists.

On my turn, I landed on the ?Strip.? According to the game instructions, we were to lose roughly a quarter of our clothes each time we landed on this space. So, I removed my socks and my top (leaving my bra, shorts and panties to go).

Jim landed on ?Nibble? and seductively, tongued and nibbled my ear.

I landed on blindfold fun. Since I landed on the space first, I put on the blindfold and waited. I knew that Jim was looking for something exciting and interesting to tease me with. I heard him come back into the room. It was like every nerve on my body was on fire. Suddenly, I felt this light tickling feeling along my thighs and calves. It was a feather! Jim was caressing my tights and calves with a feather and it felt so unbelievably naughty. My pussy was soaking!!

Next, Jim landed on ?Fantasy Discussion.? Jim told me about a fantasy that he had involving me and my friend Jenn. I was surprised to learn that Jim often thought about engaging in a threesome with Jenn.

On one level, I was a bit shocked. On another, I was totally turned on. When we were in college, we had once made out in the same dorm room while Jenn?s roommate was away. But the lights had been out and there had been no participation between the couples. But, Jim recalled this event as a part of his fantasy and suddenly I found myself wondering at what might have been.

I asked Jim about a foursome involving Frank. He thought about it for a moment. Then said, ?You know, I have never really thought about it. But, if everyone was excited and having fun, I think it could be very hot. Of course, guys tend to think only in terms of having two wet and willing pussies ready to slide down their cocks. But, it seems reasonable that you?d want to have a couple hard, pulsating cocks to play with, too.?

We continued playing arousal spaces until we had each lost out clothing. At that point we were free to move on to the Release circle of spaces.

I landed on ?Explore.? Accord to the rules, I was to use my hands to touch and explore Jim anywhere I wanted. I told Jim to lay back. I lightly lifted is flaccid cock and looked at his balls. I had never really paid attention to his ball sack of the area between it and his ass.

I had read that this was supposed to be a very sensitive portion of the male anatomy. I began touching various spots asking Jim to tell me what felt good and what did not. I quickly learned that the testicles are very sensitive to pressure. I also learned that applying pressure to the very bottom of the ball sack was very pleasurable to Jim (he got an almost immediate erection).

Jim landed on ?tongue fun.? He had me lay back and nibbled and kissed my legs and thighs stopping immediately short of my pussy several times. I made me very hot.

I next landed on ?toy time.? I got out my friendly vibrating dildo and brought it to bed. ?What are you going to do with that?? Jim asked showing a little concern. Lay back and I?ll show you.

I slowly maneuvered the head of the dildo around Jim?s scrotum and gently brought it in contract with the base near his ass hole. Though Jim began to object, his cock was immediately rigid and leaking pre-cum. I slowly moved the head of the dildo in a circle applying pressure against Jim?s body. It was clear that this was exciting him. Now, my dildo is anatomically correct. I admit that the sight of this plastic penis head against Jim?s scrotum was exciting to me on some level.

On the next roll, Jim landed on ?role play.? I asked him what he had written down.

He said, ?Sports hero and cheerleader,? without much enthusiasm.

I had an idea. ?Wouldn?t you really rather pretend that you were seduced and fucked by another woman, maybe someone like Jenn?? I asked, knowing the answer.

?Well, yes,? Jim replied cautiously.

Interestingly, for whatever reason, I wasn?t at all bothered by this. I was so into the game at that point that all I wanted to do was tease Jim to the point of driving him wild.

I left the room for a couple minutes. I put my hair up like Jenn always wears it and put on some perfume that is like her brand. When I re-entered the room, I pretended that I was Jenn and had come over looking for me. Jim played along. Then, I started talking about how dissatisfied I was with my sex life with Frank and how much I needed a good man to fuck me. Acting as Jenn, I told him that I had given her permission to ask Jim to help her out. Jim was totally into the fantasy.

Soon, I had his head in between my legs licking and sucking my clit. It was fun to play at being Jenn. I kept telling him that his tongue was so much more talented than Frank?s. Every time I said something positive, I was rewarded with more and more aggressive sucking and licking.

Then I decided to use my new found power as Jenn. I told Jim that playing with my feet and toes really turned me on and that Frank never does it for me.

With my eyes as wide as I could make them, I coyly asked, ?Jim, would you please suck and lick my toes for me.?

Jim was all over my feet and toes. I was so aroused, the first time he took my little tow into his mouth, my body shuttered with its first orgasmic release. He lightly outlined each of my toes with his tongue, nibbling the tops of each. I was in heaven. But I was also ready to be fucked and hard.

?Jim,? I said, ?I?ve never been with another man besides Frank. I really want to feel another cock in my pussy. Jim, will you come and fuck me, fuck me hard.?

I didn?t have to ask twice. Jim immediately maneuvered himself up over my open pussy. I took the head of his cock and controlled its entry into my canal. As every inch penetrated me, I writhed in imagined ecstasy, pretending that I had never felt a cock so long or so wide before. My acting only made Jim?s movements more urgent. Finally, I could not control him anymore as he trust himself completely against my body.

He lasted only a few moments, as I felt his release well up inside him. Suddenly, I felt his sperm squirting inside me.

?Oh yes, Jim, cum deep into my pussy. Oh, I want to feel your sperm drip out of me. Cum! Cum hard.?

I felt my own orgasm rise inside me for a second time. The thrill of feeling Jim so excited was exciting me. Also, the image of my best friend being fucked by my husband was unexpectedly erotic in a naughty way that is difficult to describe. As Jim finished unloading against my cervix, I rubbed my clit hard against the base of his penis.

I gave into the release and shuttered for a second and final time against his body.

When it was over, we lay quiet for a couple seconds. Then, Jim got up and went into the other room. I heard him typing on the computer.

?Honey,? he called out, ?what is the manufacture?s website again??

?It?s funlovinggames,? I replied, smiling.

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