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It Started With A Kiss

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Well, the title is not absolutely true, but the night it actually happened it did start with a kiss, followed by several more, then they went to the bedroom, and then...

It actually started with discussions about the possibilities of it happening and fantasies which my wife and I both fully enjoyed. Then we found ourselves really making some plans to make it happen if the opportunity presented itself. The anticipation was always fully enjoyable and led to erotic foreplay that led to some mighty good sex.

We both know today that we have no regrets about that night in February of 1984, and that we might even like for it to happen again soon, if conditions become right. I have tried to remember every little detail because it is still erotic and exciting when I think about the fact that it really did happen. I love my wife as much as any man ever loved a woman, and her pleasures have always been foremost on my mind, undeniable, whether it's fantastic food and drink, the excitement of fishing, camping, traveling, or sex. Anyway, here's the complete story the way I remember it. My wife and I were lying in bed naked, kissing, petting and rubbing. We were talking again about one of my (at the time, our) favorite subjects, plain and simple... my wife getting fucked by another man, but not just anybody.

"Baby how would you like it if Tim were lying here with us naked in the bed?" I asked.

"That might be nice," she said, as always in a reserved tone when we first started talking.

"Or, what would you think about just you and Tim together here on the bed?" I said, as I fingered her already wet pussy.

"That might be nice, too," she said.

"Would you be willing to give him some pussy if he wanted it?" I asked, knowing the answer that I wanted to hear.

"I think so, if you really didn't mind and would still love me, but I don't think he would want me," she answered.

"You've got to be kidding," I said, "You are one of the sexiest women anywhere! So you would fuck him if the opportunity arose?"

"But what about you?" she asked.

"I've told you before that I would like it. I get so horny thinking about the two of you together," I told her. "Why don't I try leaving the two of you alone sometime and see just what happens. I'm sure that you would have no trouble seducing him."

"And you're sure you wouldn't mind if I was making love to another man?"

"No, because I know that you love me and it would just be sex with him. Besides, I would love to see you have something different and exciting. So it would be maximum fun for us both. Would you do it?"

"Well, probably, but... oh baby, it makes me so horny to think about it," she said, and I could feel her getting thoroughly wet.

"OK, let's decide that if we get the chance, that we will try to make it happen. It will be great!"


Then we made passionate love. I slid into her sloppy pussy so easily. She was still tight but so very slick after these talks.

"Oh my gosh baby, your pussy feels like you've just been fucked. It is sooooooo good!"

While we were doing it I told her that I had seen Tim's equipment in the men's room as we were taking a leak and that it was really large, quite a bit bigger than mine.

"Oooohhhhh..." she said.

I encouraged her to think about Tim, which she did, and I gave her a delicious orgasm before I finally filled her with my cum.

    Talk such as this during sex actually went on for several months before something finally happened. Tim had been staying with us intermittently as he went through some changes in his own life. We had given him the guest bedroom as his own, any time he wanted it. He probably slept in our home 3-4 nights a week at the time. 

    One night we were all relaxed by the fireplace, enjoying a mixed drink. Angie was sitting beside Tim on the couch and I was in my usual easy chair across from them. We had idle conversation about a few things as we drank and listened to music by Don Williams. We seemed to be becoming more and more mellow and subdued. I laid back and closed my eyes. Not long after that I could hear whispering, and I could barely make out what was being said, but I felt like my wife was making her move. I was getting very excited.  

    I heard her say, "I never paid you for putting the grill together for me and I want to pay you."

Tim said, "That's crazy. You know I wont be paid for that."

    "Well I AM going to pay you. Here..."  

    I didn't look to see what was going on but I found out later that this was the first kiss for them and that about 10 seconds into it, Tim pulled away and said, "Noooooooo," very quietly. Tim thought I was asleep but my wife probably knew better.

    She laid over on him and started to kiss him again, and he whispered, "Nooooooo. We can't do this!"

    Then she said, "Well let's go someplace else." That's when she took him by the hand and led him through the door, closing it behind her. They had gone into the kitchen.

    I remained quiet and didn't leave the room. About 15 minutes later curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out. I got up, opened the door and walked into the kitchen. My cock immediately sprang to attention when I realized that something might be getting ready to happen that we both had been hoping would happen for a long time. She had Tim backed up against the stove and they were kissing like only lovers do.  

    It shocked Tim a little that I had walked in on them though, and he immediately raised his hands above his head and said, "It's not me."

    I was only amused. I stood by the snack bar looking at them. His hands were up in the air and she was hugging him tightly as she pressed against him. She stepped to the side a little and I immediately saw the effect that she was having on him. The bulge in his pants was big, straight up and looked like it might emerge from the top of his pants any moment. He was excited!

    My wife said to me, "Honey tell him it's alright, pleeeeease."

    "What's alright baby? What do you want?"

    "I just want to cuddle with him. Tell him it's OK, pleeeeeeease!"

    "Well, I'm certainly not going to deprive you... I'm going to bed." I walked past them and went to our bedroom, pulled my clothes off and got in bed, totally shaking with excitement. I felt like it was finally probably going to happen!

    Naturally I could not sleep but I had left my door partially open, hoping to catch some sounds of kissing or conversation. They were only whispering again, so I did not hear what was said, but I could occasionally hear the sounds of some very sloppy tongue kisses. My hard on was constant and seemed to be growing. This went on for almost half an hour before I saw them walk by my door and into the guest bedroom, She was leading him by the hand. I heard the door shut and I was disappointed because now I could hear nothing nor see nothing and I had hoped to be involved, at least from a distance. I was beside myself, imagining what they were doing and saying. I wondered if anything, in fact, was going on. I remained patient for as long as I could stand it, which I estimated to be about an hour. Then I got up and went to the bathroom and intentionally made a lot of noise, brushing my teeth, flushing the commode, etc. I found out later that he had been startled and had risen up in bed and asked, "What's he doing?!?"

I went back to our bed and nervously laid still, anticipating the return of my wife to our marriage bed. It was probably at least a half hour before she came and it was surely worth the wait. I heard the other bedroom door open. She stepped out and closed it back and came to our room. She stood beside the bed. The smell was captivating! I smelled alcohol, mixed body sweat, semen, her perfume, and his cologne. 

It was like a dream, and I knew before I even asked her... "What happened in there, baby?"

She answered quickly without hesitation, "He fucked me."

Suddenly I was tingling all over, "Was it good, baby?"

"Oh honey, it was glorious!!!"

"And his cock is big like I told you, right?"

"Oh, it's reeeeeal big!" she said as she laid down beside me.

"Did you cum?" I said as I placed my hand between her opened thighs.

"Several times," she told me as I realized my whole hand and wrist were getting soaked with their cum and mixed love juices.

"Wow! He must have cum in you a quart!"

"He told me he wants me to come back to him tonight."

"OK, maybe a little later, but I've got to have you NOW."

I kissed my woman, thinking about what just happened, absorbing the moment, the eroticism, the smells. I played with the mess in her freshly fucked pussy, loving getting it on me, rubbing it up on her titties and belly. The smells, oh the smells I'll never forget! It was incredible.

Then I fucked her with abandon, sliding my hard on into her delicious used pussy. She was stretched so much that I could barely feel the walls of her vagina, but it felt so wonderful that the fuck and everything else totally overwhelmed me and I added gobs of cum into her vagina to mix with Tim's and hers. It was wonderful beyond anything that had ever happened to me sexually. How could anyone not absolutely love something so erotic and hot??? I went to sleep and dreamed about it some more. I woke up just wanting more. She had, after all, slept in our bed that night. I fucked her again that morning and several times in the next couple of days. I could not get enough of her. I loved her so much and still do. Sometimes I would like to just lick her pussy all day long and make her have one orgasm after another. After the pleasures we have given each other, I feel like we both deserve it!

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