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Is This A Dream?

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You were busy working as usual, trying to meet a deadline when the phone rang. You hesitated to answer it, thinking it could be someone wanting to make yet another change just when you are so close to completing the job. Two more hours and it would be all wrapped up and then you could rest and sleep, something desperately missing in the past few days. Almost as if by remote control you reach over and picked up the phone: Hello: Hi, this is C.J. are you busy? Yes, can I call you back later. Better than that, why don't you come over later when you finish, I've planned something special for you. Don't see why not you say, couple more pages and I'll be done, just have to print it out in the morning and it'll be done. God, I need sleep, smoke & pussy, not necessarily in that order either. I think I can handle all that, just come over when you're finished.

I answered the door about 8 o'clock and handed you a Jack & Coke as you announced you could stay all night. You took a long hot shower while I found a good station on the radio and finished dinner. We ate, talked, laughed, had a bit to smoke, a couple of drinks??I suggested you get in the bed and I would give you a #10 all over body rub. I positioned you face down, poured oil on my hands and then began at your toes, slowly inching my way up to your inner thighs, applying hard pressure and then just barely touching your skin in places, making you shiver with pain and pleasure all at the same time. I could feel the tension float away from your body as I manipulated your muscles and caressed your body. I suggested you turn over on your back, but before you do that I want you to let me put a blindfold on you so all you have to think about are the physical sensations, not the visual. You agree somewhat hesitant, saying you love to look at me, you love to see the desire in my eyes when I look at you, but I insist on the blindfold, saying it's just to help you relax, help you to focus on the physical sensation only. . We can play later??..After I place the blindfold on you, I begin massaging your arms, stretching them up over your head, you feel something strange happening??as if someone were slipping a soft cloth around your wrists and then pulling gently, but you dismissed it thinking, how could that be happening? Both my hands are busy sending little electrical shivers all over your body?down your legs, up your arms?..arms that you at once realize you can't move. They were tied to the bed above your head??how did that happen???surely I'm sleeping and dreaming all this??no sleep in over 36 hours?.too relaxed to really be concerned?.nothing feels threatening?..remember asking '"what's going on?" and hearing my reply, just relax and enjoy??.. and at the same time feeling hands on your legs, feet, chest, arms, all at the same time, how could that be, but it felt so good, and I had asked that you not say anything, just relax and enjoy??? could hear sounds that you recognized but couldn't quite place??sucking sounds?..not wanting to break the wonderful trance you were in you didn't question??just enjoyed??I was on your right?but then why did you feel a presence on your left side????You could almost feel the heat of our bodies as we leaned over you to kiss, as we did our breasts brushed your face??.almost taking your breath away?.still caressing you we leaned over farther??at once you recognized the sound you'd heard earlier, the sound of suckling tits??but who was this????.Who's hands were touching you all over making you quiver?wanting to reach out and touch?but not able to??wanting to see?but not able to??.I whispered that you should relax and enjoy as I bent down to kiss your lips as another pair of lips took your dick into their hold???my tongue probing your mouth?.her tongue gently licking your balls ?..everything stops for a moment and you tried to anticipate what would happen next?? felt something above your face, movement and smell that was familiar??..realizing that she was kneeling on one side and I on the other just above your face??..someone places a finger in your mouth and instantly you understood what?s happening???the taste on the finger??.I'm eating her pussy right there ??inches from your face??. you can smell it??hear it??.our attention wonders from each other back to you when we see how excited you've become?..we both slide down and begin licking your balls our tongues touching at times??..taking turns pulling your dick into our mouths?.sucking and licking??kissing each other??.one of us slips down to your ass and gently probes with our tongue??the other still sucking dick and licking balls??.this is more than you can control??..your body arches upward trying to get closer?trying to get more of your dick into my mouth, trying to pull her tongue farther into your ass?? explode shooting your cum into my mouth?but I pull off and let it shoot onto my face ??at the same time I reach up and pull off the blindfold??.you see me with cum dripping from my mouth?.. the two of us kissing ?. sucking ?. licking cum off each other????.Is this a dream?????????

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