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Introduction Ill Meet You Half Way

It was a cool November evening when I called up our friends
Carl and Sue. Sue answered the phone with a cheery hello.
Hi Sue, its Michael. Well I didn't think it would be
you calling. Why is that? Carl is suppose to call this evening from his hunting lodge.
Oh thats right I responded its deer hunting time. Yep and
Carl has been gone since Sunday afternoon Sue said. I'm
happy you called Michael its been awhile since you and I
have chatted. Yes, usually Carl and I chat and just trade
hello greetings to the wives. Since you're waiting
for Carl to call, I'll let you go and talk some other
time. No, don't hang up she pleaded. Carl will call
back if the phone is busy. Ok we can chat I said. Sue and I talked about the weather, our kids, and our spouses. Hey how about I chat with Ann a little while Sue said. That would be ok except that she is in Texas for a training seminar. Oh great she exclaimed, we're both home alone and all these miles between us. Can't even go out for dinner together to pass the time. Oh hey, we can chat as long as we want guess that will have to do.
Sue, did Carl ever show you the story I sent about a weekend get together? No I don't believe he ever did why? Well how long has it been since someone read you a bed time story?
But this would be an adult bedtime story. MMmmm, sounds
good to me Sue said.
But Michael, its only 8:00 in the evening. I'll tell
you what. How about if I call you back around 9:30 and I'll
read the story to you if you don't think Carl would mind.
He's busy with the deer so he will just have to accept
it. Ok, we have a date then. Expect to hear back from me around
9:30 tonight. Ok, Michael I'll be all ready for my bed
time story when you call. Thanks for calling and talk to
you soon. Bye.
After I hung up, the time flew by and I was punching their
number up on the phone before I knew it. Hello Michael, I'm
already for you to tuck me in and read my bedtime story to
me. Cool!!! I thought. Michael would you like to know what
I'm wearing? Sure Sue what do you wear when Carl is gone
for the night? Well this night is special so I am laying on
my down comforter with my black sheer nighty that Carl bought me when we visited last summer with you and Ann. Wow! Sue thats gonna warm things up!. Uh Huh was all she said.
Oh and Michael, I also brought a toy to bed with me is that
ok? Sue, who am I to tell you what you can bring to bed? Michael, its a nub top vibrator. Oh my, you plan on being naughty don't you? Well maybe she said with a sigh.
I started reading the story when Sue piped in with, Michael, are you ready for bed too?
Ah no Sue I'm still dressed. Could you get undressed
before you read any further? Please. How could I refuse,
I'm sitting here talking to a hot lady who is so close
to naked it seemed right to agree to her request. As the story progressed I heard the vibrator start to buzz and Sue started to breath kind of heavy. The vibrator stopped suddenly, Michael I'm taking off the gown. Can you remember how smooth my pussy is from last summer? Oh yeah Sue, I remember. I'm running my finger down my slit and its very wet from you licking it. With a click the vibrator went back to work and I couldn't help but start to stroke myself as I read and listened to that buzzing and heavy breathing coming through the phoneline. Michael, how long would it take for you to get here? Oh about six hours if there is no snow I said.
What if I meet you half way?

To Be Continued

End of Story