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We are lying side by side, still hot & sticky from our
sex, we are sipping champagne, you refill our glasses as
a bit of ice that was stuck on the bottle drips onto my nipple,
which immediately hardens as i gasp as much as from excitement
as from the reach down and pick up the ice you
put it in your mouth and begin to suck on it...hey...i say,
reach over and grab another piece.....i hold it over my
tits as it melts and drips running down over my nipple(which
is hardened) i than begin to rub the ice over my tit concentrating
on my nipple, ohhh i'm moaning as my nipple is erect....i
tell you to suck on my nipple you bend your head and i can feel
the heat from your breath as u suck on my cold wet nipple....i
tell u to put ice in your mouth and continue to
u do i get a freezing sensation that makes me moan yet again,
i tell u I want you to do the same thing with the ice to my pussy....
you get a
piece of ice and begin dripping it on top of my pussy mound
oh, i gasp ohhhh rub it you take the ice and
begin to rub it on my pussy..ummmmm.....small chill makes
me shudder...don't stop , i say....i spread my legs
wide open for you as you take the ice and begin to rub my clit
the heat from my pussy melts the ice, so you reach for more...i
spread my pussy lips open for continue ohhhh
i'm starting to moan and wiggle i reach over and take
a piece of ice out and put it to my pussy opening ohhh soo cold
soo good!! your ice has melted so u get another piece and
put it up to my pussy and you start to rock it back
and force as you begin to push the ice inside my pussy, ohh
i gasp at the cold, quickly before it starts to melt you insert
2 fingers in my pussy and begin to probe me pushing your fingers
in & out—fingerfucking me and Ohhhh Ohhh i gasp and
begin to squirm the sensation of hot & cold together
is too much... ohhh yes...the ice has melted but i'm
almost too excited to notice u stop and put a piece of ice
in your mouth and go down between my legs and as you lick at
my pussy your mouth is moving the ice over my clit which is
numbly hard & erect....ohhh ohhh yes i'm moaning
and my body is arching to your face ohh more please more my
body begins to tremble as i'm moaning and squirming
and wiggling against your face... ohhh yes yes oh god yes!!
my body is almost out of control i'm thrashing and
pull your face to mine as you insert 3 fingers(which makes
a tight fit in my pussy) kiss me and tell me u
want to watch me as i cum...your 3 fingers are going in &
out....OH!!! I scream faster!! harder! your fingers are
jamming into me now as far as you can get them...ohhhh ohhh
yes yes!!!!! my body is totally out of control its thrusting
up to meet your hand as you feel the first twinge of whats
about to happen....your other hand is rolling my nipple
between your thumb and forefinger.....oh oh i'm gonna
cum!! my body arches my eyes close, the spasms start small
at first....than i let out this scream"OHHHHHH"
and my body loses control it spasms everywhere as i'm
moaning and grabbing at u.....i kiss u as my body begins
to calm and notice your dick is now rock hard and awaiting
attention.......i go down on u and begin to suck.. u gasp
oh, i continue to slide your cock down my throat....sucking
up & down each time taking alittle more cock down my
throat..u put your hand on the back of my head gently pushing
down ohh yea u say it feels soo good to be in your mouth , mmmmmm
I reply as i take you all the way down my throat...your breathing
heavy and thrusting my head on your cock as u thrust with
your hips, mmmm, u tell me your gonna cum to get up if i don't
want it in my mouth.....u hear a garggled reply as i begin
to pump your cock with my mouth.... ohh
I moan hear i cummm!! ummmm!!! you spurt all down my throat
as i try to catch to all and swallow your seed alittle drips
on my chin which I catch with my finger and suck it off......
we both lay entwined waiting for our breathing to return
to kiss me and ask me what do i wanna do now?
as we ponder that thought we both take a short nap to revitalize...............

End of Story

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