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I Want You So Bad

We were napping. Both of us were so tired. I lay down next to him
at two in the afternoon, and before five minutes had passed, we were
both unconscious. I was awakened an hour later by a slight, rhythmic
movement of the bed, and the touch of a hand on my breast.
"What are you doing?" I mumbled. My body felt like it was coated
in lead. His hand caressed my breast more firmly. My nipple was so
sensitive, it grew erect. Prying open my eyes just a bit, I could see his
other hand stroking a very stiff penis.
"Please, baby," he moaned, "I want you so bad."
"Oh, sugar," I groaned, "I'm so tired. Can't you wait till later
tonight? Please?"
His hand clasped my bosom. Distantly, as if it were happening to
someone else far away, I became aroused. But I was so sleepy, I just
wanted to roll over and fade back into dream land.
"No, I don't want to wait, he protested. "I'm so horny, and my cock
is so hard. Please, babe, let's do it now." I just love it when they beg.
I offered no resistance as he leaned over and took my erect nipple
into his mouth. Chills went through me as he suckled my tit. I reached
down and felt his cock. It was stiff as a board.
Still, fatigue held me back.
"Let's save it for later, honey. I just need a little more sleep."
"No," he mumbled around my mammary. "I've got to have you
now. I need you." His hand came up between my thighs, spreading my
legs. When he touched my slit he found the beginnings of my
lubrication. His tongue moved up to my neck as he rolled over on top of
me. "You want it," he rasped. "I know you do."
And he was right. My pussy suddenly became soaked as he
positioned himself before me. His tongue stroking my throat made my
whole body tingle. Of their own volition, my legs spread wide as he
rubbed the head of his dick in my now-dripping slit. When it was good
and wet, he poked it inside.
I sucked in air in one long gasp as I felt every inch of his shaft
penetrate my quivering pussy. He buried his meat deep inside me, and I
could feel it stiffen within my womb. "Oh, God," I moaned as he
pushed it in to the hilt.
He pulled it back out, then in again. My loins were on fire, wanting
him. My body still felt like lead, but my insides began screaming with
lust. Every thrust sent wild sensations throughout my body.
"Oh, baby," he grunted as he began to pump harder. "I love you. I
want you. I need you. Take it, baby. Take it in you."
His pelvis began slamming into mine. I pulled my legs up higher
so he could get in deeper. It felt like he was impaling me. In and out,
his rigid cock drove into my belly. With each thrust, incredible
sensations shot through me.
He slowed a little as he began to pant. Sweat started dripping from
his brow, and dampened his chest. I could smell his passionate odor
filling my nostrils. My breasts became slick against him, making his
chest slide over my tits. Our bodies became soaked with his sweat.
I wrapped my legs around his waist. With my feet against his firm
rump, I pushed him down, urging him to exert more force. I wanted him
to pound me, to pile-drive his rod into me.
Sensing my mood, he hooked his arms under my legs, pulling my
ankles up toward my head. Rising up on his arms, he plunged in with
his steel rod. The head of his dick felt like it was slamming against my
spine. With my eyes rolled into the back of my head, hands clawing at
the sheets, I shuddered beneath his pounding. My mouth opened to
moan, to gasp, to call God. But all that came out were incomprehensible
animal sounds.
When I felt him swell up inside me, getting ready to fill me with his
load, I thought I would split in half. Suddenly, he stiffened. Straining
with his cock deep inside me, he was holding back his orgasm. I wanted
to shout, Shoot it! Shoot it in me! but I couldn't speak.
He pulled back and out. His face came down to mine and he kissed
my mouth. I was beginning to breath again, but before I could ask him
to finish me he panted, "I want to eat you, baby. I want to taste your
pussy. Lick your juices. Please, babe. I want you so bad. I've got to eat
you. I want you to cum in my mouth!"
I couldn't object. I couldn't resist. Just lying there shuddering,
I closed my eyes as his tongue once again travelled down to my neck, my
breast. Not gently or tenderly. It was a wild, hungry mouth that moved
over my flesh. It latched onto my tit and sucked it up till I rose off the
bed. A thrill went through me as his tongue diddled my nipple. Then he
was moving down my torso, his tongue slavering my belly, poking into
my navel, then rushing down between my thighs.
As he got to my crotch, he raised his head up. I could feel his hot
breath panting on my bush. His tongue flicked out to touch my thigh.
First one side, then the other. I was ready to go nuts. Grabbing his head,
I shoved his face into my snatch. When his lips embraced my clit, I rose
off the bed gasping. His hands went under my ass to push my groin into
his face. My hands clenched his hair reflexively. With his tongue
rubbing under my clit, his head began to bob up and down. I shuddered
as he opened my pussy lips with his mouth, his hot tongue darting inside
my juicy hole, then moving back up to enfold my button in his loving
I looked down to watch his face buried in my bush. His eyes
smiled and danced as he looked back at me. I could feel his tongue
diddling my clit, then he sucked it inside his mouth. My back arched up
as my loins shrieked in utter ecstasy. As my eyes closed, my mouth
opened to let out a loud, long, scream of utter rapture. Spasms shook my
body as it went on and on. Chills shot up and down my spine. Every
pore of my skin tingled. And deep inside, my heart stopped as I
exploded beyond belief. All I could see was a brilliant white light. All I
could feel was my pussy, wracking my body with the most incredible,
erotic sensations imaginable.
I wanted it to go on forever. It was what heaven must be like. Each
thrill that shot through me became less and less making the passage from
head to toe and back. It was minutes before my vision cleared and I
could feel the outside of my body again. My heart started beating once
more and I took a deep breath, filling my lungs which burned from being
empty so long. I shuddered as I let it out.
Opening my eyes, I saw my lover kneeling at my feet, smiling.
Looking down between his legs, I saw his cock still very hard. The lead
was gone from me as I sat up. Without a word I reached out to grab his
ass and pulled his beautiful member to my face. I gobbled his meat,
sucking my pussy juices off the shaft, and licking it from his balls. His
nutsack was hard around his testicles. I knew he needed to shoot that
load, and I wanted it. I began sucking him off, moving my head back
and forth, slipping his shaft in and out of my mouth.
"Hold it. Hold it," he objected.
He pried my lips from his cock. "What's the matter?" I asked
anxiously. "Don't you want to get off? Come on, honey. I want it."
"No, no, no," he said, backing off. "You just wait until tonight."
I thought he was teasing till he headed for the shower. "Are you
kidding?" I raved. But he ignored me. As I heard the faucets open I fell
back on the bed. Ye gods! What the hell was that? But the more I
thought about it, the more titallated I became.

Part II Later That Night

I showered thinking of how much fun it had been, bringing her to
an explosive orgasm, then stopping before I shot my load. My cock was
so hard, it was almost ten minutes before it softened.

End of Story

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