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Husband Out Of Town, Slutty Wife At Home

We are by all accounts new to swinging. We have had a few couples and a few MFM. I (the husband) had to be out of town on buisness for over a month. Every
night the wife and I would talk and mutual masterbation on a webcam and discuss diffrent fantasys. One in preticual I have had for a long time. The fantasy involved watching on the webcam my wife fuck another man at our house while im out of town.

We have played with this one man a few times and felt contable with him. I brought up to my wife about having this guy (john well call him) over to the
house to preform oral on each, we talked about it and Sue really enjoyed the idea. She added that she would like me to dirrect what they would do on instance messenger as i watched on the web cam.

By this time after talking about it, I got to tell you I was extreamly turned on by this. My wife screwing another guy with me not there. Sue also told me how horny she was thinking about this, and later admited on her way home from work she was so horny she was playing with her self on the drive home.

Around 8pm was the schedueled time for John to arive, the web cam was setup everything was ready. Sue had gone and got dressed in her nighty I LOVE and she looked like a total slut.

Then the door bell rang, I knew it was show time. Sue turned on the video recorder and webcam and invited him in. THe moment they got into view she droped to her knee's and striped John's pants off fast. I could tell after a month of no real sex she was going to enjoy this. She took him into her mouth and could see her head going up and down his long cock. She looked so sexy as she started playing with her nipples as she knelt infront of this guy sucking

I could see how excited she was getting sucking on him, she was rubing her breast and running her hand down to her pussy. Once in a while she would bring her fingers up and taste her own juices. I could not stand it any more I typed into the computer for her to lay back on the couch and have him start licking her clit..

Her face became a instant smile as she was enjoying her self a lot. You see my wife has a very slutty side when she gets extreamly turned on. The look of her and her face I knew she was going to want to fuck this guy hard.

As she laid back, he moved between my wifes legs and touched his tounge to her clit for the first time. I saw her body arch as i heard a moan. I began stroking my self, knowing over 2000 miles away my wife was going to fuck
another guy while I was watching. Its a fantasy (sick one yes but still a fantasy) come true.

Oh back to the story.. A few minutes passed and her moaning became louder as she was rubing her huge breasts and twisting her nipples so hard they where turning red. She was getting close to cumming. As her body arched she opened her eyes and stared into the cam almost looking at me, almost like shes looking for my aproval to cum. She then closed her eyes and started to cum, It was very exciting to watch, knowing my wife was cuming to another
guy with out me there.

When she was done she came over to the computer to see if i liked the show so far. I was loving it and told her I would like to see him sucking on her huge tits biting them while he fingers her bottom. You should have seen the smile on her face.. it was pure plesure in her eyes as she laid back down on the couch and told John what I would like to see.

Her eyes closed and she laid her hands above her head as she took her nipples into his mouth.. I could see his hand slid down her body towards betwen her legs. I could see she enjoyed his hands exploring her body as he came to her
clit. Slowly rubbing it while not missing a beat sucking her nipples. She laid there with her legs spread wide with this smile on her face.. It was a sight to see. As he put some lub on his finger he slowly worked it into her bottom and that was all it took she exploded into orgasom as he was fingering her bottom and sucking hard on her nipples. The two things my wife loves the most to have

After she recovered from her mind blowing orgasom she came over to the computer and asked what she would like to do next. I knew what she wanted to do, and was not sure I was ok with her fucking him. You see for me this was about pushing limits, the excitment, thrill, the jelious of it was my turn on. So i asked her what she wanted to do. Then the words come across the computer "I want to fuck
him" I felt the blood rush, my face got heated. I wanted to say No, but I knew my wife wanted too and once again this is about pushing limits. So i told her to lay on the couch with her legs pulled up and have him fuck her.. but I wanted him to cum on her. You could see the happyness in her face, it has been over a month and she wanted to fuck him, she also knew why we where doing this .. to fulfill my fantasy. We have both been very good abot doing each others fantasys. I think she liked this one a lot :)

I phoned the house because I wanted to hear her being fucked. So I phoned her just as he was about to enter her, I heard her moan a small amount as i saw him enter her on the camra. Watching this guy fuck my wife and listening to her enjoy it. I asked her if he felt good, and she said "oh god yes" as he was pumped in and out of her. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I think she felt nervious cumming with me on the phone but I could still hear her moaning as he was now pounding in and out of her. On the phone I could hear how wet she was and knew she was enjoying her self.. by this time I could not hold
back and longer from rubing my self as I cam, I could see him pulling out of her and cuming all over her. She began to rub it in as John got dressed to leave (pre planed). She laid there rubing it in as we talked for a few minutes
she told me how much she enjoyed fucking him. I told her how much I enjoyed it as well.

Later that night she sent me the hour long video so i could see it better and have watched it about 5 times in one day.
I have to say, Guys if you trust your wife 100% and are conftable with a guy you have played with. And very have had a fantasy like this, Try it.

Was mind blowing.

End of Story