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How A Sensual Woman Changed My View Of Water Sport...

Was reading this woman's profile when out of a random list of things she liked I saw...Deep throating... I blinked read her profile again and nothing that sexual but I thought ok let me contact her. Well she laughed said she was surprised the site let that pass and she just loved to suck cock. Well that week end we got together and I found something else she liked. I said I had to piss she said let me join you and went ahead of me and sat down on the seat saying piss on my tits. Hey I'll try anything once, more if I like it so after a little relaxation and focus or rather unfocus I began to piss on her tits and nipples she moaned and said she loved the warm feeling of here lovers pee spraying onto her nipples running down her tits to her stomach and even down onto her pussy's lips. Sure opened my eyes to what could be a very sensual/sexually exciting feels. Guess I'll be taking that off my profile as a no/no although I won't be promoting it so as not to scare anyone away but can now appreciate it. Ps, I don't think I'm ready to drink it but hey I've been swallowing women's squirt which I don't know how close a cousin that is.

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