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How To Bring Out Your Wifes Hidden Desires

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We are married for 14 yrs and although we are very much still in love are sex life pretty good 1-2 per week I began to desire something more. I would of never thought I would be the kind of husband to be turned on by the thought of another man fucking my wife but thats has such an appeal to me.

Let me describe us before I go any further. I'm Tom, 45, 6'00 tall, 190lbs, low body fat and very muscular, black full hair, brown eyes and 7". Lisa is 42 years young. She is very pretty, brown hair and greenish blue eyes, stands a mere 5' tall, 122lbs, most of it is in her boobs 34DD, after two kids they have a little play to them. She always turns heads where ever we go. Thoughout the years I have become accustomed to men looking down her shirt and checking her out. I guess that all this attention I started to think about these men going home and either fucking their wives while thinking about Lisa or jerking off to her. Well, this thought started to grow on me and it started to grow into thinking about men with big cocks actually fucking her. I had kept these thoughts to myself for a year and then decided on telling my wife.

Lisa has never refused any request for trying different sexual things like anal, strange places but I didn't know how she would react to my request. I decided to purchase a 3 inch penis extender that fits over your penis. This would bring my penis to 10 full inches and very, very thick. I purchased it at a local porn shop and placed it over my hard penis to try it out. Wow! this thing was tight and my penis was an incredible unreal size. Tuesdays we are both off from work and the kids are in school so I decided to try it after we got home from working out at the gym.

When we were getting ready to go to the gym I ask Lisa to wear a low cut tank top. She asked why and I told her because you look so go in it and it will be a treat for other men at the gym. She replied 'Oh, stop'. I thought oh no maybe she will shot me down on my request. She put a very nice low cut tight tank top on and off to the gym we went. Once at the gym men were glued to her. I was starting to get hard and excused myself and went to the treadmill. On the ride home I ask her if she noticed all the men checking her out and she replied 'Oh, they were not". I asked her "do you mean to tell me you didn't notice any men looking at you?" She said "well, yes but I don't want you to think that I'm looking for the attention." I asked "maybe I like the attention that you get". She said "aren't you jealous?" "No, actually turns me on". Lisa quickly ended the conversation by saying "oh, stop".

Upon our arrival home we went to our bedroom and took off our sweaty gym clothes. I gazed at my beautiful sexy wife of 14 years and told her how beautiful she is and began to kiss her. I picked her up and placed her on the bed and we began to passionately kiss. Lisa began begging for my cock. I told her I have a suprised for her and pulled out the 3" extender from my night table and a bottle of KY lotion. She asked "Whats this?" "Its for you" I replied.

She said "You're more than enough". I begged her please for me and she agree. I slipped it on my rock hard cock and she said "Oh my, that is so big I don't know about this". I then began telling her how much it turned me on that men check her out all the time. She said "shut up and just fuck me". She was so wet but I still lubed up this enourmous cock anyway. I rubbed in on the outside of her pussy and she began to moan so much. She requested I lie down and she get ontop because it would be easier to adjust the size into her pussy. I quickly lied down and she mounted me with her big tits dangling in my face. She slowly began to put this cock inside her little pussy inch by inch. She moaned like never before until finally in was completely inside of her. She she "easy, fuck me easy". I began to thurst in a out slowly. She was sooo turned on. I figured this was my chance. I began to asked her how good this big cock feels inside of her little pussy. She said "Oh, soooooo good?" Then I began to fuck her a little harder. I then told her that I love that men look and her and then they go home and fuck their wives thinking about her. I told her that makes me so hard. Then I asked her if that turns her on while I began to fuck harder. She moaned and cried out "Yes, it does". I asked her again if she likes getting fucked with this big cock and she cried out "Yes, I love it". Then I told her I want to see her get fucked with a big cock. And then I asked her would she do that for me. She screamed "Yes!". I began pounding her and licked my finger and stuck inside her ass and asked her would you fuck another man's big cock for me she screamed "Yes, Yes!" "Do you want another man's big cock inside of you?"

She began to cum and cried out "Yes, Yes, I want to fuck another man while you watch, yes , yes". We both came like never before.

Part 2 in on its way........

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