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Hoochie Goochie Show

Hello everyone!!
now we all know how we get at times,and how we can just imagine how hot things will be.Well this story is a funny one,but pretty damn hot too.me and my lady had talked for awhile about going to the estate in charlotte.We had read a good bit about it,and decided that we would go.it seems that everything has gotten in our way till now.This was the day.We would go and do a meet and greet,and then more than likely go back the following weekend.We got a late start,but that was ok.We were still finally going.The both of us very excited we set out.We always talk about this and that anywhere we go ,and the 2.5 hour trip would let us talk about everything in mind.An hour and a half into our little escapade,we passed a drive-in movie.Wow what a trip.We had not been to one of those in a long time,not to mention even knowing that there were any stil out there.We looked at each other and smiled.We decided to take a detour,and go back to the drive -in.Like always we do not even remember what the movie was about,but the sex was outrageous.The killer blowjob was only the beginning.She climbed on top and rode me like no tommorrow.good thing we had a towel,because multiple orgasms can indeed wet a seat.none the less it was intense,and loads,and I do mean loads of fun.She was so hot,and so wet.. the car was rolling back and forth and bouncing around with the top down fucking like porn stars.We hope one day to make it to the estate,but till then we have our little drive-in ,that we will no time soon forget.And now you know what the hoochie goochie show as all about

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