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Holly 1 The Beginning

This was our first time getting into this lifestyle, this is also the first time i've written about it so please bear with me.

Holly & I have been married 5 years we are both in our 20's and have a very active sexlife but it had become kinda bland, one day we decided to go to one of the local sexshops to get a few things to introduce into our sexlife.
Later that night Holly & I had been drinking and when she drinks she gets horny, so we went off to bed and started playing with our new toys, I was rubbing her pussy with one of the new vibrators we bought, then I decided to lube her ass up a little and see if she liked the new dildo, much to my surprise she did, she was loving being DP by 2 toys and came like I had never seen her cum before, I mentioned to her it was too bad she could not get DPed for real and see how she'd love it, she just winked like she wished she could be was faithful to me.

So time went on and we had many more playing sessions with her being DP, she was not much into anal before this but loved the feeling of my cock in her pussy and vibrator in her ass or vice versa. She loved it more and more and seemed to become a different person sexually because of it. So I got an idea, but when would the idea be acted upon?

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