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His Return

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His Return…

Today started out as just another day, one that I could take or leave until I opened my email and then a smile came to my face. I have mail from my mandingo lover, I am so excited and yet so nervous to open, just seeing the mail in my inbox I began to get a tingle in my pussy and begin to get wet I close my eyes so I can see his face and remember the fresh sexy smell of him as I reach between my legs and finger my tingling clit and wet pussy. He has been gone now for almost six months and should be coming home real soon, it is not as if I have not chatted with him daily and exchanged email, played on web cam almost daily, so not like I have had no contact but I get that wet and very horny feeling every time I get mail or see his face. I know that I need to read the mail message but the wetness and throbbing in my pussy just won’t let me I am playing with my clit while I am reaching for my favorite toy. As I take my black dildo and begin to stroke my pussy with it, the thought of my lover pounding my pussy are taking me to the point of exploding, thinking how much he would love to be watching me makes the juices flow from pussy down onto the black toy deep in me and to my ass. After the intense orgasm I just experienced I open my mail to discover my lover is coming home. As I read the message thoughts of fantasy’s along with the sexual energy that will be present has my drenched pussy so hungry for that big black dick that I can’t even type my reply. I put my message on hold because I am thinking of how I want to welcome him home, there are so many possibilities I don’t know where to start. As I am looking at pictures of his dick in my pussy I begin to plan in my mind how to make his homecuming a very special time for all.

Today is the day that he will be arriving and I am in Atlanta to greet him at the airport, I already have a room near by, have checked in and I have the room ready for my lover, we will spend the first few hours of his getting home in the room alone exploring every inch of each others body’s with our hands, tongues and eyes as we are both very visual people. I have Hennessey being chilled for later as well as a bottle of champagne along with a tray of fresh strawberries, grapes and some cheeses, chilled shrimp and oysters for my lover to snack on. I am wearing a new short flowing dress v front an back so he can see my tanned skin, nothing on underneath my dress, sexy shoes and I have my hair semi pulled up off my neck. As I stand by the gate waiting the most erotic feelings are running thru my entire body, I am so afraid if he does not get here soon people are going to be able to see the cum running down my legs because my pussy is so drenched just waiting on him to arrive. I want to take his hand and slide it up my dress as soon as I see him so he can feel my wetness and I rub the huge bulge I know that he will have in his pants. I see people starting to come into site the juices from my pussy are trickling down unto my thigh the with sexual anticipation. As my glance meets his I loose my breath at the most sexiest man I have ever seen, he is completely dressed in black , as I scan his body to drink in the site of how sexy he is I can see that he is as sexually charged as I am, not even trying to conceal the throbbing massive hard on that awaits me. As he nears I can sense that he has as much hunger for me as I him, his touch sends electricity through my body as he takes me in his arms, I cannot help touching his throbbing dick as he hungrily kisses me. Lost in each other as if no one else is in this world I with my hand tracing the massive hard on, him with his hand moving over my ass noticing there is nothing on under the dress lost is a kiss that shows the world how much we have missed each other. As he begins to speak to me I’m trying to say his name but I cannot speak I am so hungry for him. As he starts to ask where we are going and saying that he hopes not far I am starting to lead him to baggage claim so we can get to our room…

Upon arriving in the room we begin to touch each other kissing removing each others clothing, stopping to look, touch and feel each other taking in what we have missed for the last six months. Lost in the moment, heading to the shower has I had planned became the farthest thing from our minds, a hot shower is how we usually begin our time together but this time it would have to take second place to the already electrifying foreplay that started in the airport, that continued on to the short ride to hotel and the elevator to the room. As he gently place me on the bed and begin to kiss my trembling body and tracing it with his tongue his hands were doing their own exploring, he had worked his way down to my drenched pussy and began gently playing with me as he kissed my breasts using his tongue to tease my already erect nipples making me scream out in sheer delight.

As he worked his tongue down my body I began to tremble to the point that I could no longer wait for the moment that he would enter my pussy with that hard throbbing black dick, knowing where he was headed I began to beg for him to please wait till later, wanting that black dick to enter me and fuck me like I have been dreaming about for six months and holding in my hand wanting it so bad. As I am begging for my lover to please fuck me he looks at me and asks, can’t you wait babe or do you have to have me now? Knowing that I can’t wait a moment longer I beg him to fuck my pussy with that dick like I been wanting to for so long and could not reach it just could see it on a computer monitor. As he entered me I was completely his to do as he wished, it was the most wonderful feeling, his dick was so hard as he worked his magic in my pussy teasing me with slow long strokes completely taking is dick out of my pussy before slowly entering me again driving me to the point that I start to beg him to give it all to me as I beg him he starts to smile, saying how long he has waited to hear me beg him to fuck me and he so loved to hear those words. To his surprise as he slipped his dick from me this time I rolled from underneath him and began rubbing his body and kissing him ready to tease him the way he has been doing me. As I push his body to the bed I begin to work him over with my tongue not leaving any place of that beautiful black body untouched, working my way down to his throbbing dick , I begin to lick the tip of his dick with my tongue and tease him he relaxes and comes to terms with the fact I was going to use my tongue and my mouth to lick and suck him and tease him until I was ready to slide my pussy down on that dick. I begin to lick him up and down the length of his dick stopping at his balls to lick them before moving back up his dick to the tip teasing the tip before taking him deep into my warm wet mouth. My lover’s dick was ready to explode it was throbbing to the point I knew he could not stand much more of this I slide my pussy onto the hardness and began to ride my mandingo dick giving him his wet pussy as he loved it so much. I fucked my lover with everything that I had as he enjoyed the wetness running out of me onto his dick making is slide in and out of me, making me cum that much more. I could tell by the look on his face that he was about to have the most powerful orgasm, not wanting to miss a moment of this knowing I was about to please him even more I slid from his dick and took him in my mouth just as he was releasing his huge load of cum. This the first orgasm he has had upon his return filled my mouth and ran down my chin as I licked the leftovers from his still throbbing dock as he so hungrily informed me to get on all fours so he could watch his dick go in and out of my pussy as he fucked me. He fucked me with everything he had as I took that thick black dick pounding my pussy from behind until we both exploded together not able to hold back any longer. As the cum was oozing from my pussy we lay in each others arms caressing and kissing each other not having to say a word but knowing how pleased we both were.

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